28 October 2017

WBRC's Good Day Alabama: Ask the Pet Doctor: Aired 25 October 2017

Dr. Jerome Williams from the Red Mountain Animal Clinic answers viewer questions about their pet's health. Visit the clinic at 2148 Green Springs Hwy Ste, ...

Vlasic our pet doctor dr. Jerome

Williams yes proud sport of Alabama A&M University go Bulldogs you alright Goodman Gillian she's also rooting for the Bulldog yes yes she's a Jack Russell but she really is a at heart a bulldog I understand alright we're gonna take some answer some questions now that many of you submitted through our social media pages so let's jump into that Lester Vica saying I have a stray dog that had puppies last week how long until I could get her should get her spray what we can do the Spang anytime that the she's don't want to produces milk we don't like to do it as as long as there's milk there so generally four to five weeks would be a time the pup should be weaned between five and six weeks okay so that she began pushing way around four or five weeks so that's between four and six weeks all right Jen Leatherman says my 9 year old Cavaliers aren't able to jump on the counts very well do dogs take a daily medicine for or can they take a daily medicine for arthritis or joint yes they can just as we do I like to start with aspirin Cavalier weight size would get the baby

size aspirin use it coated other buffett you can give that a couple of times a day you need some natural products new health food store vitamin E and selenium in the combination works very very well and the congruent try those first and if they're not doing the job see a veterinarian but some natural products should have an awful lot to do okay alright now Bonnie Polk Powell she writes in says why does her pet skin get so red and it just like crazy matches allergies of some sort the most the first thing we think of when we have scratching and itching is fleas we got to rule that out and then depending on the location and the time whether it's a grass whether it's an elation there are so many things that could be involved in this but using benadryl at the dose of 10 to 12 milligrams per pound to three times that they will help that some did you get a diagnosis okay but so many things can cause it that is a common question so it does take something getting looked at by a veterinarian so Becky Russell and it's kind of similar question my dog bites on her feet and itches all the time yeah that that really requires a

more in-depth conversation but minute I'm did I bite their feet because of a grass allergy when they go out in the grass and get a reaction to the spores and the mold and the grass I'll do it but if there are other locations that also get seen bigger point or allergies specific allergies like food avatar so Becky maybe uh maybe keep them off the grass well you know that's possible but just see if that works especially when the grass is damp yeah yeah are you certain - Cole is called writing in and Nicole Griffin says he's got a shepherd mix dog and bring him in he wants to potty in the house how can I stop him from doing it he won't even let me know when he needs to go buddy I'm not sure how old of us see that's where how old yeah that seemed to be a serious disconnect on that one of the things that help in training dogs is keep it confined in a carrier cage crate training yes then take him out now Jill was was trained using the click nut but you can go online and look up the click method of dog training and that's the way she was training so if that doesn't work then give our office a call I get contacted behaviors that may

be able to give you more information all right these Christie grey Miller my Schulte has what I believe is a large fat deposit not on the right side of his neck should I be concerned enough to not wait until his yearly checkup in January to take him in now I would have it examined now you don't know what it is if it's a malignant type growth that can be removed in its entirety you want to get that done as soon as possible are the most common type of tumor though that we have in dollars a fatty tumor which are normally benign this is sort of space-occupying they create a unsightly appearance but do take it in get it examined the doctor may wanna do a biopsy okay what kind of tumor it is all right all right and I believe we have Sarah Thrasher massage flasher I apologize has a four month old Chihuahua kids seemed to house-train to get that question again I take him out constantly every hour or so please help yeah again crate training yes and be consistent sometimes it takes if you're working every to give that kind of attention on a weekend when you can really really

concentrate if you're gonna be gone during the day it's much more difficult but you get them trained in a week in it too if you're really consistent right all right Teresa Matthews black writing in our there they have a rescue dog Kubota going on two years old not sick she does dig dig some deep holes there for rocks brings them back to the door and of course you know it gets lots of loving from her but also scolding from a husband I didn't like that apparently yeah so I mean it depends on the breed some dogs are just that's what it's right changes big there's some compounds out there that you can actually they go into the same hole it's a new hole it's a bigger challenge I don't have an answer for it I don't have I don't have a solution for it maybe get a stretcher I don't know I don't know I because like I had a retriever yeah and that's just kind of what they do they dig holes they retrieve things all right last one yeah he didn't say anything about eating rocks I've had dogs and he ate the rocks and having to do surgery to remove them so that's good good thing they're not there last one a mealy cornea says I've

got a lot of cats in my life but my cat now does not / is that normal yes and no not all cats purr it's apparently is a vibration of the larynx part of the windpipe apparatus and it is common but not if we can't does not do it I would not be concerned about it okay I do not think there's anything wrong if they don't dr. Williams reading out in the animal Cory thanks so much sir good all right