19 December 2011

We're Moving Austin Animal Shelter - First Day New Shelter

PART 3: A series about the Animal shelter moving from Town Lake to the new Austin Animal Shelter and the challenges faced in doing so.

okay so what do you need considering

where the building was at it was not finished this has gone really well I mean despite the fact i'm running around fixing all kinds of little things right now it's gone really well yeah let's do that so Kelly if you can get an assessment of what that situation looks like fires on day one I know the computer system is up and running I believe now printer but but we're getting there we're getting there I haven't found that yet the copy room coffee yes you and Jenna you need to make sure your kindle staff has access to computer caution sides on that inside area okay speaking which we need to get was helping it because the power is not working I know that we had you know last-minute things like why is this a phone ring and get everything organized and i think i can get some more books on pack why isn't this working got to figure out where all the controls are hmm i can't find them for this end of the room but there are some changes in the software that we use and so we're going to need to become familiar with that there's two in this building ones in the copy room the other ones somewhere because i put a bunch of

supplies down there I don't know if you did that would be done oh you've got somebody over and intake right a shelf we're back good final in hindsight it just it was just all normal stuff for being in a brand new place I think it's stuck under there the very first day we're in the shelter we had spent the whole day before moving where did you go there were boxes everywhere our equipment wasn't set up I saw four of them what do you need extra large as they might be outside I don't think our med vac system worked yet everything is here somewhere it's just a matter of where is it believe people would do this to a dog and we had a dog come in but we got in a dog with a noose around its neck that had a noose tied around its neck ready manor it's all adhered all the way around do you think I should I guess I'm gonna try to loosen all of it up there's not one victim of animal cruelty that's picked up the phone and said hey you know I'm tied to a tree or I'm being beaten or they're making me fight with other dogs they don't have a voice there and so their victims that are difficult to identify and ideally we would have

our surgery lights so that we could kind of angle down here and get a little better view of what we're doing but not quite set up and surgery yet so we're making do the texts have managed to find everything that we need pull out all the tools and we've gotten our photos taken in case this turns into a cruelty case neglect can be animal cruelty if it gets severe enough it's not okay not to feed your pet it's not okay not to provide veterinary care for your pet there are laws on the books that protect animals and in the most egregious cases they're felonies and this staff ribbon there we go now I got a good chunk loose at this point we're just trying to kind of disrupt what the body has already started to do because the body is kind of trying to heal the skin back under like this and it'll never heal that way because their fur will grow down here in the wound so we're trying to kind of loosen this edge up and pull it back up like this but i'm not going to totally try to repair the whole thing right now i'm going to let the body do a little bit more healing on its own and then see what we need to go back in and repair afterwards i want to flush deep and that

gap as power it as hard as you can maybe by the next time we go in on this dog we will be able to use our lights what Austin has that lots of other communities don't have is the resources to be able to do that one of the most important components of being a successful no kill shelter or no kill community is being able to save animals that come in with issues to be solved in order to to get ninety percent of them out there's there's probably thirty or forty percent that are going to need medical care traditional shelters are our shelters they're not state-of-the-art veterinary hospitals or clinics or triage even and so Austin now has that component and that's because the people here asked for it they worked really hard to get here and so it's it's our job just to us to steward that commitment and to provide the veterinary care for every animal that we can so that we can save their lives so now we're pretty much finished with him we're just going to get him moved over to a kennel where he's going to stay on his fluids and we're going to let him wake up in the kennel yes I do not have a syringe I'll grab one on the way that

dog need an emergency surgery so dr. Hayes just looked around found the tool she needed and it made it happen she saved that dog's life that day even without our new suite even set up now we're preparing to take the endotracheal tube out all right there's where I'd pull it off he thinks he's in the middle of a very bad dream black he's a little worried she doesn't know what's going on next door look at her face says why is that dog making that noise so now I am going to pull the photos that we took of that dog off the camera and some other cruelty cases that we've been working on and get them onto the computer so that we can use in that we're going to investigate any of these cases never looks his bottom film as it didn't realize this is what he looked like when he came in he wouldn't put his head up he would not get out of this position because the Rope is still around his neck there the noose you can see this is the end hanging off that's the worst yeah I mean he would not lift his head up like you could not make him move his head all that position if we could find an owner we would definitely go after

this one for cruelty the hard thing is we don't know the owner and a lot of times the owner wouldn't come forward in something like this so probably never find the owner but just in case we do we want to be ready