27 March 2019

WE ARE FATHER JOHN'S - Animal Shelter Documentary

Donate, Adopt, Volunteer. All of these save animals lives and change the lives of the people involved forever. Make a difference in an animal's life today.


[Music] welcome to father John's we're bringing as many people together as we can and saving lives by bringing people and animals together when I think of father John's of the first word I think of his family and that would be the team members and the volunteers and the board of directors and just the general public who make up who you are and what it is we do the two words that come to mind when I think of father John's are loving family just warm and loving I think of community and family when I think of father John's what does it mean to adopt it means to make the right decision there are so many other ways to acquire an animal but that's what the animals here at father John's are animals who need a second chance when you choose to adopt you're choosing to save a life you're choosing to give that second chance the decision should be easy open your home open your heart to a rescued animal and they're gonna give you unconditional love and guess what you're gonna find that you're giving them unconditional hi I'm Tammy and this is Russ and we're

here to adopt a new life I was actually online and I found Nayla was in Mississippi so then I contacted father John's and I'm like we're interested in the store I emailed him again in his cycle okay well we have a few people interested in they look and I'm like oh wait a minute only want nila I got this crazy idea that I'd I was watching videos on Facebook about kids getting puppies for Christmas and I'm like I never did that so we were on a mission being it was coming from Mississippi and it was coming here to father John's of all shelters I kind of felt like it was a sign and that's all Sonny goes oh well we do Christmas deliveries and I'm like get out that would be so awesome [Music] pick up seven puppies from Mississippi and what we do is we pull into the parking lot they have like a big almost like horse trailer [Music] Debbie hood and I'm from angry Mississippi they're actually dropped off in a box at a one of our foster homes and she was full so I took them

[Music] hey luck is the sweetest one she was the runt of the litter and her siblings would pick on her she would come running to me to saber she has caught up to their size now and loves to play that's my favorite [Music] when an animal arrives at father John's regardless of where it's from the process is essentially the same and treat everybody the exact same we have a certain quality of care that we hold ourselves to and we hold ourselves to the highest of standards right away that animal is going to receive a bath in case there's any sort of debris fleas anything like that sitting on their surface we're gonna try to get those off of them before they go into their new environment keep them as clean as possible to keep their environment as clean as possible at that point we're gonna microchip them as well so that we know that that chip is implanted but we're also going to transfer that microchip into their potential and new adoptive family day 3 they're going to be seen by our veterinarian and she's gonna give them their full wellness exam

look them over and our veterinarian is absolutely fantastic she's been with us for a decade her name is dr. Michelle you it so day one we get them clean day two and three all we're doing is keeping them healthy and happy and stress-free day three they're being seen by the vet day four we're conducting this behavioral evaluation and hopefully by day five we know enough about them that we can list them online and have them seen by the public and by day six or seven if everything goes according to plan we're sending them off to their forever home and that's what we always look forward to on day one is thinking about day seven did you have any idea I really have no idea like I was a little shocked we're opening presents my sister they called me out there's a dog and like my first reaction I was like oh is that my puppy there was the dog there was Santa Claus there was two or three elves they were all dressed up it just made it all the better it you know again no hassle great people and that's why I just highly recommend father John's [Music] we get to provide families with the

opportunity to not only save a life but have their life be saved as well everybody deserves to know what it's like to have a pet to know the unconditional love that they bring to our lives and that father John's all we do is make connections adoption has changed my life it's given me the opportunity to help animals find a new permanent loving home that they otherwise wouldn't have had it gives me the opportunity to see the joy that people have with welcoming a new companion into their family and it allows me to live vicariously through them so I get to experience that joy on a daily basis here volunteering donating adopting all of which saves the lives of animals but change the lives of people