12 September 2016

We Dog Sitting Olive/DogVacay

We Dog Sitting Olive/DogVacay https://www.patreon.com/Midnightskywolf ...

hi everybody night sky wolf here and i

want to show you guys a new dog that's I'm up and I here at doggy daycare up through dogvacay that I'm doing this is a olive and she is a cute she's she's cute she just doesn't like the older dogs in her face which that's how she is she she's okay with them but she just doesn't like them in her face which I mean it's you know she's a good girl she's really really cute that um um then I'm currently she's only here for doggy daycare she's not gonna be be imported so I just wanted to actually show you guys and get this video out to you you know so that's basically it and Nova is still here with us she still she's going to be here all the way until the 28 so i'm gonna be uploading videos with her and i hope you guys enjoyed my videos to wolf Mountain sanctuary the pictures and videos everything Nova Nova don't bother olive Nova Nova Nova give me a girl they mud dogs are very surprised over a little small dogs harder right well thank you for watching this video please comment please ray please subscribe as always minute spirit will be with you until we meeting in next time in Curt accent Oh everyone please please go support wolf Mountain sanctuary go

donate and please go donate so they go fund me and to help them get there wolves out of California okay so they can move their wolf to a better place the link will be in the description below to the GoFundMe page um I will be telling you that in every single last video to help them move I will be visiting wolf Mountain sanctuary again next year so thank you for watching this video of this confer a push subscribe minute spirit will be with you to meet again next time in paradise on I'm sorry if I ever repeat that twice okay bye