12 August 2019

We found a dog l the walking dead #2

Published on 12 August 2019.

right so hey guys and today I'm gonna be

playing the walk inside the game let's go No ok so as you can say Kent I'm gonna be fucked up let's move this bitch around and try out this poor little girl look at camp fire was a good to grow without really go bloody cap life or what if we gonna send a but bloody do it's quite early in it say twelve I don't wake up about I don't know four o'clock that's been the sauce it was on his bone in the goddamn fiber for runs out you sweat you motherfuck [Music] get bigger flames by the way you're probably wondering about this on my arm it was on in my last video it's all of what a festival badass me still around me arm that's fine in it right I think we need some well shit don't worry yeah I don't feel sort of that fuck if you said where's a log where my log in there sound log I don't need that we don't need that you mother you like a big bloody cook every fucking fire in the bloody thing you dead fire acanthus put my log in there where's the Lord well well I can't see you look world I'm gonna let me have a look at it so it'll okay there's gonna

be a lot around eh all right well this has to be it this is one guff that you have to pay right now I really don't want to burn it but I'm gonna have to burn it great just shit there has to be a log around actually quite a big fire yourself Oh wait and so one run run run run scowl yeah no go look this right no no no no no that is ruddy saying Ren well look at this not I'm dead I've just I have none stopping did you even hear me [Music] Hey circuit day be free - as I said go by me I'm recently said O'Kane 3 in here with our cousins income I have to go oh boy why some halftime oh wait what no okay Mikey when I get to the word bitch it's on my dick you're nothing imagine of our house alright well it's not families goddamn fucking food I don't want some to again hey I've done it no no for fuck's sake though I've done it now like then ask bloody go just hold on over fuck's sake cut off your fucking daughter panel let's get it on high

okay fit that person was wrong go go go go go now get you now [Music] [Music] absolutely plate it and while I'm comedy such so bloody long well Michaels ways absolute one time I'm going on hey come on time like I'm doing those annoyed okay what are we reading game going down right Diane you all right by like 12 now this is a sign I'm the one that went when she was younger than me look at me seafood today Oh yesterday get it get up that do it and you now up so this video gets uploaded might not should not blow down about not times 3 9 but I always app let's go to the poll don't have to waste and you talk all of the music in the first season it was amazing it's more to hit me I don't know why I said that there's an ice cream eyeliner look at me smile yeah but anyway one of his anything like decade well I'll color the goddamn thing unless you know anything just cool underneath it no that's very just jump ready idea my sock it's quite cold over the old loving is called a lever baked

beans [Music] yeah she just bucket now the other two people and English shop brought these 16 months later you lose enough of bloody one but I want to know happening that six months it wasn't Rebecca where crystal wasn't like crystal pregnant or something yeah where's the baby them baby dying Jesus Christ look I slow Oh Oh dog hey don't touch the hot dogs fucking hello oh yeah if you say that put the dog oh so he found out bloody dog what's he doing take a shit what do you think and I was running say no way you gonna sell you things like wait going [Music] for SARS loud to die [Music] bugger off from a clothing oh my dinner hey dinner good nice come Obama's tongue oh thanks mum get help you know mention is Anja Longman me mingling shit you know he mentioned me me lasagna in the other thing well now I'm at sheeting is Anja sigh so

is what I put in the video but not yet such this shithole a little minute guys somebody can just crap open it you hate what that Bing got SMO look at him well not know flying dish you mean first beef fuck right so I'm gonna have to anything you know so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and I'll see you guys next time bye