03 September 2019

We Got A NEW Dog! (vlog)

Today's video we are going to be following the journey of getting biscuit! Sorry its late, moving has been insane I hope you enjoy the video! Please be sure to ...


now I'm assuming you guys know by the title and thumb what today is we're going to get Willie's little sister biscuit yes I've already named her now if you followed Lenin and I for a while now you'd know that we got really about two years ago and he is severely anxious and attached to me aren't you mate so I thought the solution to this was getting another dog not sure if this is going to work out not sure if they're gonna get along but I thought I'd bring you guys along for the ride Marlon's gonna film it else is coming because it's a new puppy and you know why wouldn't she and we're gonna surprise I mean he's aware of the dog but we're gonna surprise Lennon with biscuit and Willie with biscuit surprising laser beams dog with new dog [Music] oh my god I'm actually good fry oh my god when we got in from Sun and Isles so she's gotta be pepper and salt you look into this darkest yeah oh my god it's so weird like cuz these have been our dog for so long it's weird seeing another dog with a different personality that's gonna be yeah she'll be the boss she'll be the boss I said I wouldn't cry oh my

god she's shaking I'm shaking too see I I saw the photos I thought she looks like Willy a little bit and Lennon's like no she doesn't she doesn't look the same but now I say alright they don't look alike at all well guys this is biscuit biscuit ECOT the new family member that we just picked up she is gorgeous I think she's a little bit shocked at the moment but she's cute as hell now the whole point of this video is the interaction between Willy and biscuit for the first time ever I'm a little bit worried ah gee Mel why no yeah not Lily's gonna be Willy's gonna be yeah let's be real we've we've all seen Willy he's a he's a let's just put it like that we've got a deuce savage look at it little baby the savage look at each look at her baby inside I'm just excited she's so cute it's actually so weird having another dog that's not Willy like it's a weird feeling cheating on him I know this is mrs. wrong like am I gonna love her more than I love him but we just stopped to get McDonald's let her have a little bit of a drink we've got a two hour drive ahead of us full we have the first ever interaction

of Willy with another dog really he doesn't really hang out with other dogs so I'm keen to see how it all turns out also Lannon isn't here so this is gonna be the first time land and Cesar as well just I'm scared she's gonna shit on me number line it's a genuine worry she's eight weeks old currently so she's a little bit sicker than what will he once was that's what the breeder said she's like yeah she's quite um chubby I was like I know you can tell show me worried I could have a fat dog she's also available for sponsorships of brand deal so let me know Oh beautiful not happening [Music] yes hi [Music] all she beat me here sick girl on huh yeah oh oh oh you can't you're biting me now [Music] we're dude you dropped as well really he may or may not have been dropped at birth no no no no no no no we're not eating the grass darling [Music] well we reckon biscuit you ready to meet you big brother you ready to meet you

big brother the time has come ha ha finally man it is scary you're home a Viking nervous I'm like shaking a little bit I will really like her the question is will she like Willy will let it like uh well let him like Willy wait I think she's a little bit scared a little bit I'm sure my god big-city living quite possibly might be her first ride in an elevator [Music] it's true rolled out when he to it we need to calm him down of the whole thing really terrified her mother was like very sad it's okay Willie forgot you'll forget - you'll forget about your mother just like really big it's so confused we did emotions don't know what is happening dude she's almost B then she because she is so much bigger than Willie was I'm just saying she's so much bigger than Willie was I would say she's almost three times the size really you aren't going to be king to walk by her bro she's a big girl okay no I'm saying but that's a normal sized puppy Willie was like this beat Willie was a run no this isn't funny

same one face before she's honestly so much bigger than Willie Willis it's factually insane to me it's like I'm trying to talk for the video girl also like this interaction is just alright I'm high right now devil when she's here to stay we mean it's just insane this size difference compared to when he was a puppy did she she is what three times so it really was have up like the go puppy and then Willie and the so a super Supino's dude that's the sausage me what do you think of her Lana I'm just visiting do you know what what do we think of biscuit she's all right I've been editing don't fry what do you want what do you think what do you think if he knew they'd lose his skill you're doing such a good job really you doing such a good job do you good job darling good job good girl this is your farm the next week good job Willie boy good job yay I don't know if things are going good if things going good how do you introduce dogs to each other I don't know I sniff each others butts she'll be crying to her like oh that is very how

much Willie go back you know he switched to a lucky what a nine week old puppy you're such he's going to be the bully she's good he's going to believe I have no gentleman Willie what Willie was a rut so she's gonna be so much bigger than he was it's just like oh the size difference we use this oh my god okay like both you were an embarrassment William now and I had my daddy he was gettin a good killed we were worried about the wrong talk if he was in the wall Willie would have died and then grunts doh I'm the weak ones for a reason how are you scared of a puppy oh my God he's gonna be stammen ated by and probably a 12 week old puppies gonna be completely dominate what is this my house for well she's here forever nasty you better get used to it [Music] so we had this kids first night here and she woke up every Ella crying to go to the toilet and then i trapped her on the bed because I thought what she might be feeling sick she's a little bit you know confused she doesn't know where she is and Willie smelled her on the bed and

then peed everywhere so that's how my first night with the new puppy is going I look like because I feel like holy crap but I think she's settling in okay this is a little cage a little crate just so that if I put her in here I know that she's safe she can't run down the stairs she's not going anywhere that is dangerous what do you want Willie yes I'll give you just as much attention as I give her biscuit hi she's so cute look at my little family right here Willie look at me say I didn't mean to pee on the bed I think they both want out by being terrified by each other I can literally already tell that she's going to be the boss of the house like she is already scaring him he's 2 years old she's 8 weeks Willie what the hell see we move houses next week so that's gonna be the real issue why did I get a dog just as we moving houses you asked because I sent me a photo and she was just too cute I'll keep you guys updated in the next few days as a part of this vlog look like how we go with a new puppy I still dead inside day 2 really still petrified Willie come on mate you're here man you meant to be a man oh now you go for us it's the interaction

is hilarious hey Willie it's fine dude and here we have Willie being a pee go this little pen here and it's got a little bitty in it it's I've been a god-sent that we have this because she wants to run rampant through the entire goddamn house it's also good for our little man here who is uh not quite coping with the fact that he has a new sister see can you see the sadness in his eyes he's really struggling okay he's like is she leaving is she honestly leaving I'm just gonna let you guys know that we have combined the Instagram pages it's now at Willie and biscuit make sure you do follow their famous is Willie's not too happy about having to share his Instagram and me but you know he'll get by to him goodbye yeah I know it's hard alright now let's get the beautiful little pickier oh she's so flimsy tiny cheese makes me realize how fat Willie is when I pick her up so small she's settling in alright she had explosive diarrhea on the first night so that was fun really enjoyed that second night she slept through which was okay so we're doing alright one night out of three four how long has she been here I don't

even know at this point look at her she's beautiful but she's biting everything she's teething she's very cute though but you'll be seeing a lot of her because she'll you know we did bio for life not just for this vlog what what isn't she going back to the pen after we post this oh yeah no I only used it for the adverb man when you talk about I'll stop it somebody's a little bit jealous [Music] oh come as you can see the best friends really pleased wrong camera time she was legitimately humping him before like she was humping him she's more of a man than Willie's yeah there's some slight jealousy just a little bit just a little bit of jealousy it's better than the first initial interaction yeah face the camera sweetheart you're the moneymaker what's the liking all right you can do the outro a bit skip you're gonna say thank you for watching the video make sure you like and subscribe tweet me at david dobrik wait what no but you'll see her in a lot more videos because you know she's ours forever now so what about you really gonna get in

now kiss goodbye two little babies seriously thank you for watching [Music] you [Music]