17 December 2018

We Got Paid 500$ To House Sit😱


hey y'all welcome back to module mondays so for the next two weeks we are going to be house-sitting and they have two dogs that's me he's 13 thank you yeah so am I giving you guys a to where Alex is sleeping upstairs right now it's 9:30 in the morning and we're going to be going to see if we can get me the iPhone excess max today so I am in the living room and um yeah it's all giving you the tour so we have some so I'm barely videoing this morning so this is like this I forgot what this stuff is called it's actually really good it smells really nice have some raisins and stuff it's so organized it's because they're chefs like they're professional chefs that's their jobs a little doggie door left us actually really sorry I'm sorry Nick so we actually took their TV upstairs into the bedroom that was provided for us because you know he likes to play the game up all night you know never game asleep sorry guys these like coconut ones are so a good mother chefs so they have like all this like extra foods oven we have instructions for them like she have instructions for everything so I'll go show you guys

yeah I know how long instructions can I just say these lamps are like the best thing I've ever seen so they're like I'm just like oh my just tells me I like next size to me any like I'm sorry I'm just looking so sorry now because it's early so you just like to press the button with your freakin butt and I'm like that's amazing because give it a lot of lighting and you know know am I gonna take you guys up to her backyard is pretty nice there's Alex's car they'll have one in their cars behind they're going overseas I guess somewhere for their knees who's two years old today where she's suddenly pop or she's being born now I'm upstairs [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so I might be doing yeah this is what we were gonna be where I'm gonna be filming out for the next two weeks to go Alex let's go see if we can get no we need an upgrade we gotta stay updated with life [Music] because actually want to know something

um we're house-sitting I have school this week so there's supposed to be school to seek but I got in their past absence oh I just told my was going to Vegas but I'm a I'm actually going in Vegas December 27 right after Christmas we gotta get ready and go we're pretty excited you know I'm excited for the president's I'll probably do like that what I already like okay so the way my Christmas works is that my dad gives us money we all go shopping and then so we know what we got because you know like we bought it and but then when I'm wrapping now and then it's like I'm surprised [Music] so we woke up like really early today actually and I was like so like I'm gonna make him food you know so I made him like four eggs so I cooked in the eggs then we also walk really want like kind of shopping for us yesterday I've got some chips and like so the god they left us like chips and salsa and stuff with them we're just started trippin cuz we're gonna be here for a while but we went side curtain when taking

supers we bomb he's like pancake because we're like well what do we want like for breakfast cereal welcome here and so I was like oh I'll make them and I made them in the oven because that's like the place you're supposed to make them on I remember you cut microwave on button it tastes the same but um so I made the pancakes and they were just like kind of dry like it is it fake really fake it was so we got two boxes - oh I really like this house and I like that we're house-sitting because we kind of like get to feel what's his like what it's like just like have our own house anyway we're gonna be here for two weeks got to do what we gotta do this I gotta go to work YouTube is my job but like we have work today because I've been wanting shoes for Vegas I'm gonna have to just get the shoes stick with it for a little longer so yeah and then we went to a party Saturday it was so much fun like we were just chillin they stood up so late they stood up to 5:00 in the morning it was it was just a mess but [Music]

yeah I kind of have honestly I just want to say like who sleeps on Fridays because that's I slept over there like for hours on the couch it was great there's our friend John's and Alex's House or whatever I would never oh yeah this is where I'm we're gonna be out for the next two weeks I will keep posting thank you guys updated on whatever we do because there's a lot of storm tomorrow we're probably gonna go to the dog park and take them they gave us they have so they have two cars I show you guys the black car and then ours is the white card and then on in the out like outside in the front they left us their wife and just for the dogs so we can take them in there go the dog for and stuff so we're probably gonna do that they're pretty excited yes so thanks for watching when she is like subscribe share with your friends and keep watching my days so thank you guys so much for watching make sure you just like subscribe and share to friends