15 April 2019

We had an Easter Egg Hunt for our dog.. and this is what happened

We had an Easter Egg hunt for our Dog Matty! http://instagram.com/djminimatt ▻ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ...

- Should we set up the Easter egg lights?

Welcome to quality content with Justine and Jenna. We're gonna have a egg hunt today for our dog. And what's gonna happen is, I don't think he's gonna be so interested in the treats that are inside. So I think we're gonna have to like cover it in peanut butter. We're also going to put a little dog harness on him. Another problem is he doesn't like when he has a harness on. We did this to him once before. This is the Insta 360 camera. So this is basically going to get a 360 view of everything that Matty is seeing. - Oh my gosh. He's probably not gonna move. He's just gonna be standing there. - Did we put the stick on him last time? - No, we did not have the stick on him. - Okay. So I'll probably take the stick off cause that might be a little aggressive. Like he's gonna be like (making sounds) - He fell over. It's like when you have the baby, we put his harness on, he just tumbled. - I'm Matty. - He's not gonna do that. He's gonna look like those google cars

that like they'll drive around. - He is. Oh my gosh, Matty google car. I love it. Alright, let's get this started. Let's put some treats in here. I don't know. Easter's one of my favorite holidays. - [Jenna] But he's not gonna be able to open those. He's too gentle. He's such a gentle baby. - My mum always plays this game with him. - [Jenna] I forgot to bring over the Easter egg basket. I have one. - No! - Shoot. - [Justine] That's a big one. - So what should we put in the golden one? - Money. - [Jenna] He's a dog. - He has money. He's had like two sponsored posts. - That's true. - Two guys, two. - He needs more. - He does need more cause he's gotta pay for himself. He has expensive food and expensive taste. - Oops I already put one in there. - He's gonna absolutely hate this. - I don't even know.

- Okay, don't let him see. Oh no. Well he's gonna be able to see us. - There's a reflection. - He won't be able to see us. Okay we've got our eggs in here. - I forgot the basket. - I think the key thing that we're gonna do here is we need to cover them in peanut butter because he's not gonna be that interested. He's so gentle. - I feel like that's wrong. - What's wrong? - Well I don't know. I feel like if we put peanut butter on the inside so that when he cracks it open. - Lets do both. - Alright. - We'll see who's right. - I'm gonna be right. - This is an Easter egg hunt for Matty. We just put it on the outside. - Its just really messy. We already have a fly problem. - Do flies like peanut butter? Well we'll find out won't we? - Go stick em in that swarm. - [Jenna] Did you know it's warm in Los Angeles today? - [Justine] It's really warm. You're right.

- [Jenna] I'm wearing UGG boots. - [Justine] Do you think he'll find it? - [Jenna] Or he'll pee on it. - [Justine] Well he's cheating. - [Jenna] He's cheating. - [Justine] Matty no peeking in the egg hunt. I don't know what you're thinking. - I don't know what you're thinking. Put the peanut butter on the inside. - [Justine] Inside? - [Jenna] He can still smell it and that way he has to break it open. You're just making a mess. - [Justine] I am making a mess. You think he's gonna find it? - Yeah, well, it's a hunt. If he can't find this, (mumbles) Is that puke? - That's the peanut butter from the first egg hunt because we had to re-shoot this. We don't wanna talk about it. Where shall I hide this, maybe right here? - [Jenna] Maybe actually hide it. Put it like in there. - He's not gonna find it. - [Jenna] I've tried the port, it's not gonna stay. I mean I've never tried that before. This is the first time. - [Justine] There we go.

- [Jenna] Seriously, what's that smell? - I don't know. Its probably the bodies. That I have not hidden anywhere around here. - The bodies came with the house. - Okay. - The eggs are hidden. - Okay. - Eggs are hidden. - Now, we have to put the harness on Matty. I don't think he's gonna like this very much. - [Justine] No! - [Jenna] Wait, what! - [Justine] We're not ready yet! (laughing) He found an egg! He's loose! - [Jenna] Okay, let's wait. Let me pet. - [Justine] Well we gotta get the harness on. Matty! There we go. Okay, you can't hunt eggs without putting this on. So hold on a second. - [Jenna] Get this leggy up. Yay, lift up, come on. Lift it up. Good boy. Can you lift that back leg up? - [Justine] Okay, back leg up.

- [Jenna] Okay, good boy. - [Justine] Is it touching his, - [Jenna] His undercarriage? (laughing) Is that even a word? Is that touching your undercarriage? - His special - Carriage? - [Justine] Oh yeah, wow. - [Jenna] Just tie this together. - So this is the Insta 360 one x camera. Its one of my favorite cameras. Its great because it does shoot 360. And we've got 20 minutes left on this card Matty, so make it count. - [Jenna] Let the games begin. Let's go Matty! - [Justine] Come on, go get the egg. But, you were having so much fun when the camera wasn't on you. Come on Matty! So maybe like, here, come on. - [Jenna] Yeah! Good boy! - [Justine] You made a step. Okay here you go. Come on. Here you go. Wow this is pathetic.

Wow this is something. Get it Maddie! - [Jenna] You look cool. He's moving, he's moving. - [Justine] Wow. - [Justine] He's hunting. - [Jenna] Barely. - [Justine] He's hunting. This is the most uneventful egg hunt that I've ever witnessed in my life. - [Jenna] Matty, can you look for the eggs. Like they're right here, look. - [Justine] Look, peanut butter's on that egg. Give that a lick. So I guess maybe we take the harness off of him cause he's not into this at all. - He's not having a good time. He took like 20 steps. - [Justine] He did. He did something. - [Jenna] Much better than if we would've ever done this before. - If we would've ever done this before then he would've done much better this time. If you guys haven't got the joke by now. Had a corrupted SD card so I lost all the footage that we shot. So this is like a (mumbles). He still hates it. We were much quicker though to put this harness on

the first time. - It took us like 40 minutes. - It really did. How do I get this off of him? Can I take it this way? There you go. Okay, Matty, go! Find the eggies! - [Jenna] What's that? Get that egg. Get it, knock it off. So there's an eggy up here. I'm so proud. Get it. He's performing. Get it. He hunted one. - [Justine] He is hunting. Oh my god. Oh my gosh, he's laying down with it. (laughing) Oh my gosh, he's hunting. This is really great. It feels a little less exciting than I thought it was gonna be. - [Jenna] I thought he was gonna be running all over the place. Really just pumped. - His tail's wagging. - [Jenna] He's having fun.

Its just very slow fun. - [Justine] He's really getting that peanut butter out of there. He's gonna be so thirsty after this. - [Jenna] I know, its so hot too. - Come here. (rattling) Why are you walking so slow? - [Jenna] That's what I say to you on a hike. - I don't need it. Okay Matty, ready? Sit. Here you go. Look at that sad egg hunt. (laughing) It's so pathetic. Good boy! - [Jenna] Yeah! Now it looks like he hatched one. Don't chew that. - [Justine] He's trying to get that peanut butter. Now he has peanut butter on his tail. - [Jenna] He doesn't have hands. - [Justine] Well he has forelegs. He can use them. Well that's something that we did. If you guys wanna follow Matty on Instagram, his Instagram is djminimatt. That's because he's a DJ. Like he actually can DJ.

- I'm also on Instagram. - Where's his DJ (mumbles)? - It doesn't matter. He's not a professional egg hunter. - No, definitely not. But thank you guys for watching. I hope you guys have an awesome Easter. If you guys enjoyed this video, let us know. If you didn't enjoy it, just give it a like for the sake of Matty being a sweet boy. Look at him. He has peanut butter all over his lips. - [Jenna] Maybe we can have an Easter egg hunt. We used to do our traditional Ezarik sister egg hunts but. - If you guys remember or if you've been around for a long time, we used to do them all the time, like every single year. They were. One year I had a drone. I was actually doing some recon previous to starting the egg hunts. But I could know where they were. I think maybe if we just like left him alone, to do his own thing-- - [Jenna] There's a treat in here. Matty look! You forgot one.

- [Justine] I think he's having fun. - [Jenna] I think he needs water. You thirsty? Yeah. - [Justine] He's thirsty. We'll get you a drink. - Okay guys, thank you for watching. We didn't do this twice or anything. First time. First try. - My nails are a completely different color. - They are. That's incredible. - First try. - We'll see you guys in the next video. Happy Easter and go say hi to Matty on Instagram. I guess you could go say hi to Jenna too. - I type back to you. - He types back. - He does. - With his little paws. Bye! You're an angel Matty. - [Jenna] You are an angel. - [Justine] He has peanut butter all over his lips. What a hog. - Okay Matty, we have 29 minutes in our SD card, okay? - I love you. Are we ready? - Yup.

- [Jenna} Go Matty! - [Justine] Go find the eggies Matty! Come on, lets go. Lets go find them. (laughing) Come on, go ahead. Matty, come get the egg. - [Jenna] There's a treat. You want this treat? - [Justine] Come on Matty, come on baby. (laughing) You can do it! - [Jenna] We might have to take it off of him. This is the saddest Easter I've kinda ever seen in my entire life. - [Justine] This is super sad. Alright. - [Jenna] Do you wanna go for a run? You know, slow walk? - [Justine] Go ahead, lets maybe move your body. - [Jenna] Lets go see who's here. Who's over here, Matty? - [Justine] He's moving, he's moving. - [Jenna] I can't believe that there's someone over here. - [Justine] There's no one over there. - [Jenna] I'm gonna break his trust. Wait, his little harness is too loose. Hi sweetie. Your little harness is too loose. What's going on here, buster?

- [Justine] You can get it. Good boy, yes. - This is so sad. This is really sad. If we take it off of him, he might move. Now I'm covered in pee and peanut butter.