07 October 2019

Weekly Vlog | Dog Walking, Speed Cleaning And Bangers!

hello good morning so I'm out on a dog

walk got my gimbal um so hopefully it's a bit steady yeah and it won't be perfect because of course I am with nasca who as we all know likes to hold on her walks and yeah so I said in last week's vlog I wanted to UM you know kind of start doing a bit more walking that I haven't placed I haven't been before so today was going to be the day that I started to do that only I set off to go somewhere oh hang on this goes in a tangle with a leaf and a drunkard just a bit past has been missing so yesterday was gonna be the day that I set off on a new adventure only the place where to go to I was pretty sure knew it was and a Google Maps to Google Maps are telling me go somewhere totally different I was like no I don't think so so I went with my own instincts and it wasn't there I thought it was turning around and basically coming here which is somewhere I've been a thousand times before but I am taking a different route I don't normally do this route so that's a bit different I'm exhausted already religious set off do you know what I just don't really have anything to do today that sounds

really odd doesn't it but it's five to three and I dig most in my house work yesterday morning to be honest and so yeah I just don't really have a great deal to do so I've just had a bath as you can probably tell those feeling a bit cold and whenever I'm cold I just fancy having a bath so that is what he did and so I'll just put got my honey back on buffed it got my pyjama bottoms on and I'm gonna put some fluffy socks on and just I think chill out watch a bit TV I'm gonna put my eyebrows and so I've just gotten got the little mirror and put my eyebrows watch bit TV might do my nails just chill out and I see that's just chill you like chilling don't ya yeah she's pretty good at you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hello good morning so me just morning it's 5 to 12 and excuse me I'm a greasy sweaty mess I know I just been doing

housework this one as you have seen it's been a horrible horrible day out there today it's clearing up now actually what you didn't think I didn't think it was going to today and so I've got a sorry I don't even had a shower or anything just crap time doing the housework and ironed Matt's work uniforms which is good he's finally got enough uniform now he's he got given at first am just two t-shirts which was really hard so like wash and dry them you know so he had a clean t-shirt every day but and he's now gone for every day of the week so that mixed life much easier and yes I spent 12 I'm just gonna have some dinner now all I feel like doing today it's eating that's all I want to do I'm totally honest mess cook probably feels the same here she is surely now everybody's chilling out even the birds of chilling out and now after they're noisy morning they've been still noise of this morning and Matt thinks he's got something arriving in the post today so I said that I'd try and wait in until that's been but he's not entirely sure that it's coming today but I'll wait until probably about two o'clock ish nothing tends to come after two

o'clock really here um and then this Hertzog but I think right now I'm just gonna have some dinner I think I'm gonna watch Shane Dawson's part one of his new service because I think part two is out tonight and so I think I might just watch that and yeah that's it very much do my nails I never did them yesterday so that was going to but I didn't so let me do that if I can't be bothered that's it really so I'm out with the doc now as you can tell I've got a woolly hat on to just hide me grease the hair actually it's not that cold so I'm already I'm already quite hot nASA has completely chosen the route today she was flat-out refusing to go in the direction I wait to go Serge you know I just thought let her lead the way so that's what we're doing we're going where she wants to go good evening just got home from work straighten my pages lipstick off I'm chillin and Sparky is here why you looking so skirts back again Dexter's over here I don't know why he's not joining us where is it on the back of the chair he caught me Dexter come on good Dexter come on say hello hello Dexter

come on come here come say hello come here I mean no he's not he's not playing and yeah I've just got myself a cup of coffee I'm gonna have that right now and then I'm going to well while I'm having my coffee I'm gonna watch the second part of Shane Dawson because I watch the first part yesterday and I did my nails yesterday as well I think I just caught off yesterday I don't think I mm-hmm yeah I don't think I really film last night did I but that's cuz I didn't do anything I did my nails and then yo just went for a bath and chilled out matter needs mate came home for a little bit but then they went again and yeah that was it really matter needs may have a different bit have now gone to onside chippy for their tea so I said I might not invited a midget laughter presume that was a no so just me for tea again my kitties every Saturday or so it seems to be that's all right I don't care along having a nice time eh um yes I'm just gonna watch Shane Dawson then I'll clean the birds cages as I always do love you too and I'll probably just have then early night no love somewhat for teeth in an early night I didn't

consider quite out tonight because the pub at the bottom of the road is their second birthday today so they having like some bands and stuff on and I did consider going Daniel well asking my friends I go but when it comes to a kind of bothered I'm just dead lazy if I'm honest and I like being at home and chill you know that's my favorite thing to do ever started night possibly ever beer what do you reckon Sparky girl hueso on edge what's the matter with you I had to cool down in the middle of the night because and the birds are flopping about and desk was like looking at the cage and I think cuz all talking about it so I presume one of them must have had birds have done I don't know if his bird thing I'll just a cockatiel thing but they have something called nitrites and which is exactly as it sounds like little kids of them nitrites and so I think one of them I doubt a night fry and so the other one off and they'll both flopping about the Cajun and then cuz I think that interested let's go off just built the coffee daddy else and I think cuz that frightened that got no his attention

then it was freaking them out because she was at the kid you know it's alright anyway I'm blabbering I'm I'm going do you think I could have a kiss and Lord that cousin knows he was so cover didn't you tell that sounds like it comes from me sometimes when I watch it back that's him making those crazy noises because he's so clever yeah he says and you know don't you I say kisses you say kisses you wish you're clever I love you I know you know I love you probably give me kiss I would give me kiss this is hello good afternoon so it's actually quite past 12 I've been quite busy this morning I got Anna Wintour actually went and did my shopping I was gonna do a food haul but when I got a match he offered to help put you shopping away and you know those of you who have children will know that if you child especially a teenager makes nothing like that you have to take them up on it then and there if I had have said oh I just need to film a hole first he'd have been like it had been off and that's it the offer was would have been over and so I just had to tear that that opportunity well I had it and although

actually still wandered off anyway they put a few bits away though he turned it off you know and anyway so that was that and then I know to him a bear come booty and then me my dad and George got a stock college now and sorry I've just failed then and yeah so me my dad and George and I've got a got a stock cars we didn't know who were going to because the weather's pretty horrible and but George absolutely loves it and so we decided that we would but I wasn't prepared so I had stuff to do first so we are going a little bit like then you know it would have started let's type I'd Albert doesn't matter over will stay all day because the weather it's meant to be pretty horrendous it's gonna walk the dog of the strength yeah right I'm gonna go on get ready cuz my dad is on his way we're here and stop cars it's a cold and wet and windy world isn't it yes granddad's got into the car to get your clubs doesn't he [Music] program so what's our next judge think it's stop cars isn't it just what minis yeah it gets stopped yeah nothing I don't know

[Music] [Music] that's one that you like [Music] know what katakana is huh ford ford focus as a squash that one isn't it huh squish dinner [Music] yeah I don't think that tries anymore [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] oh it's a double again you can see it better actually on film and I'm home I'm looking filthy cuz I am filthy and it's now twenty past seven and I'm feeling pretty exhausted to be honest been how about been home about half an hour now and so I've just prepped tea for tomorrow which is still getting used to my gimbal which is in the slow cooker here and I've just

prepped all that I'm gonna wait for that to cool down cuz I just um like cook some stuff and I'm gonna put that in the fridge once that's cool down and then tomorrow I'll just pop it in the slow cooker so that'll be ready when we get home from work tomorrow which is lovely and right now I'm just going to I just need to Hoover down here mop the kitchen floor and Hoover in my bedroom because Niska has had a bone today afterward shopping and has made a mess with it so I should tidy that up she's down here first to sleep can I get the hand hang of this why can I not figure this stupid thing out there noski it's fast to sleep here because and Matt took her on a big walk today they were not about I don't know but a couple of hours they were out for apparently so she is worn out which is really good and yes I'm gonna do them little jobs about the house now and then I'm gonna go for a bath or a shower occurred aside cuz I'm absolutely oh just feel like so lucky and my hairs all craggy and horrible so but first I should get the house organized and then I can properly good morning folks so it's Monday it's quite past 9:00 I'm just on my way to work I don't have

anybody until 10:00 this morning so I thought a good on about well about now um so yeah I just came on to say goodbye that is the end of the weekly vlog and whatever just come upstairs for earphones um right anyway so I'm gonna sign off now so hope you've all had a lovely weekend thank you for watching and I shall see you next week