23 April 2019

Welcome to our YouTube we walking our dog


we also video so I'm gonna do a part two [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so basically they lost at all [Music] [Music] [Music] so we're not gonna show you the dog right now cuz it's a surprise so that's your new special guest [Music] [Music] just to give some urgency you have it you can't see Kimmy I know and is all right take her scooter if you are gonna have to hold the camera on the dog so so basically yeah so you guys want to see the dog already should these should I see the dog or shut away so this is beautiful so yeah see this is a little bit it's a girl it's a girl yeah I don't know how she looks like let's crush this another hang she's a babe

bond represent big baby so yeah we stay walking me down okay Danielle are you all the way yeah yeah this is so so when we get over there to spawn so when we get to spots we're gonna show you Wow and she'll be taught the dog's name the dice naming know the dog name is Jessica we don't that our name is Jessica so the dog name is Jessica Luna yeah my name is Jessica Luna and this is like special to all of us cut it's a baby obviously was gonna walk smokers with eternal and she's we're almost there so we got y'all do not I mean yeah last middle name but but her about her middle name is Luna so I just be confusing with her moaning with her with me and Jessica is all far away but little names funny so my colleague nothing to me that I thought Jessica that's a company so yes here we have a leash hi we hear response I saw you together to see Jessica Betty dr. Dominic yeah she's a girl how many told him that it's a dead girl dog and it's special to all of us because she's actually she's actually she's nine

months but we think he's she's 10 months cousin birthday past but she's not much actually and I thought we got her wish was one month so she's so we had a girl for like couple moments and her birthday's coming out July July 25th [Music] you never know English actually we're ready to show you Jessica but we have to go to the shades weren't we pass by okay that's the spot where we show justify the most all the cameras we had to delete two of our cows cut and we be hitting like 1 million hey Jessica [Music] hey guys yeah uh this is um jennyline's and Emma's channel Housley Netanyahu is a special guest obviously Jessica so we're gonna get back to the house guys supposably that boy retired a little bit but you know I'm the oldest oh yeah so she don't understand you Jessica language her name is Jessica Jessica we're a show about a show Jessica because we're almost there just others Potter will be shown like to dog I mean just wait they're gonna go that feeling

Jessica's a [Music] rightly so Michigan we're going to talk to money my real name is yeah that's something Elmo's name is actually Jay Lee Danielle's name is actually Kaylee but we don't really like showing off or knew how much yeah we're gonna try to get what like I suggested by hates people does Ferraris so we here in this class we're gonna go and find our orange house right we're going to Emma we're going instead of D s house our house is the other side so we're going to learn tell Venus no bunch of our authors cuz we can show off on Jessica so we here in our house one so we're gonna show just the cut no Jenny hey so I'm ready to show Jessica - anything but we're gonna show Jessica Danielle what get out [Music] okay why I did it but you so annoying oh my go hey come on so so proof okay so