21 March 2015

WEN by Chaz Dean 32 oz Pets Cleansing Conditioner & Treatment Mist with Jacque Gonzales

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there is a picture at the very end of my

grace grace Ella who just got cleansed in the brand new we're launching it right now brand-new when pets cleansing conditioner and treatment mists you're getting it with the mixing bottle and what is it it is lavender mint eucalyptus 5778 it is new today this is vans advanced order it will ship out on March 31st just about the perfect time when you know you can go outside and take and cleanse them you know to be able to do it yourself but take it to them if they're going to the groomers this has made such a huge difference on Gracie's hair her coat everything this is amazing and what's unique about this guys is number one I did switch it to the 32 ounce bottle because no I didn't need to half gallon again this is lavender mint eucalyptus it is heavenly lavender mint eucalyptus we debut this at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show this year we were a very proud sponsor and also what's unique about this is I am piss-up and the reason I amped this up is we used to haze our assistants when we came to down to PA and we used to head tell them that they had to remoisten dogs those of you that know of me and my Rheem waste treatment

it's my deep treatment that we do at this salon and it's also we sell it on QVC the remote stream n't so we tell them they need to realize the dogs because they're going on air it did start out as a joke but after we did the first three mice on the dogs were like whoa wait a minute they're really shiny they're even shiny I've never even said that during real always things because I thought you were still doing I incorporated the remoisten greedy n't in this cleansing conditioner so this is not only a pets cleansing conditioner its pets cleansing conditioner taken to a complete another level what do we did it has that's your mixer bottle taking it to a whole nother level because your remoisten gradients in there so you're gonna follow the directions on the back for pets that are up to 25 pounds you're gonna follow the 2 ounce line and then fill it with water that medium pets up to 50 pounds you're gonna do 4 ounces and fill the rest with water for large dogs you're gonna see it 6 ounces here and I'm gonna ask you for large dogs only fill it to the medium-size pet with water until you shake it and get it smooth and creamy if

you fill it all the way with water it's gonna be too hard to mix just like a shake would be at your take it and then add the rest of it went to water and that's it if you cleanse them just as you would your you know with your cleansing conditioner their coats will be so soft so silky so shiny what against have you I mean besides the dog from Westminster Kennel Club dog show it was amazing walk down the aisles and how people say thank you for it and they were able to use it by the time we went back over the weekend and the I have things as opposed I think will have not just dogs this was a commercial that we launched at Westminster Kennel Club dog show so my point is would you use pet shampoo on yourself absolutely not why because all the harsh chemicals in it what it's doing to your pets is potentially generally drying out their coats trying out their skin they get itchy all the pets that you saw at the end are follow us on social media hashtag when pets because that's what you saw at the end of the commercial was all those people that have used when pets and they ended up in the wind

commercial so the my angels get groomed every single Friday they just got room today and with this wind pets it's the lavender mint eucalyptus they're gonna come out and go crazy it has the lavender oil eucalyptus oil peppermint oil oak kernel flour oat kernel extracts amino acids not one not two not three but eleven amino acids peptides it has the pro vitamin b5 vitamin E AB sibian seed oil rosemary leaf oil neem seed oil which is a lot of these are in our remoisten remember guys the pomegranate seed oil tea tree leaf oil you're swaying with the replenishing this as well guys the first time we've ever had the pets replenishing mist and look at the tree smell them I would just grace with their traditional replenishing treatment mist anyway I used to always do that too and now I'm the crazy one that I use and I'm not kidding I use the wind pets on my face cuz I love the smell of it so can you absolutely it is for your pets but now I'm reversed and I use to win pets on me because I love the smell of it it's lavender mint eucalyptus so again organics evening primrose oil organic star flower seed oil linseed oil sage

oil aloe vera extract nano extract rice syrup extract goji berry here she comes marshmallow extract and it is there is no wheat no gluten sand no nuts every single week every single Friday their coats mikkel silky they can zoom in on dispenser look how soft look how silky look how shiny his coat is girls are a year and a half they are so soft so silky if your pets are dry if they're itchy if they're flaky if they do have those hot spots I'm just asking you yeah please try when pets can it make a difference in your hair any of their hair and coats absolutely do we have the pictures of the from the Westminster Kennel Club okay look at these guys we're in the West Minister show these guys and they send me these pictures look at them with their when pets and I think there's one where they have the loofah with them there's three of them these are Westminister Kennel Club dogs from the show they sent these to us at the salon I absolutely love it there's one more with the Rufus watch what the loop is because people ask us how do you do it if you have these nylon loofas all you have to do is apply it to the loofah

here it comes see the loofas it's this the nylon loop lasagna you're gonna tell me to start carrying them using my finger these guys give us you know westminster hello you can find those what a great idea I love that the boys are so like I'll let the girls have their limelight the boys are seven they just turned seven and the reason we're doing this configuration for you is an honor hunter Spencer's birthday they just turned seven on March second so it's an honor their birthday but the lavender mint eucalyptus they smell it ridiculously healthy natural it's beautiful oh my gosh it's so refreshing a beautiful I noticed that with grace she wasn't she didn't sneeze she wasn't like what are you doing and she loves to get cleansed she does not like water she does not like taking a bath and when I started using one pets on Grace Gracie just absolutely frozen and I have to tell you I would use one pets and I would actually add in a little bamboo green tea on my god I love it she was so pampered this is what you're going to get these are our angels these are our best friends

this is unconditional love and you have 30 days absolutely and we sold out of it just by airing the commercial at Westminster Kennel Club dog show we sold out of this and we just have it that's the reason you'd only have it to another 31st yeah we're just getting it back in stock it is incredible and when you cleanse your pets with when pets hashtag when pets follow us on social media and you potentially honestly could be in our next pet commercial everyone that wasn't in it said how come I'm not a mime like you forgot to hashtag when pets on your post oh okay so that's all you have to do follow us on social media especially