13 August 2019

What's in my backpack?| Service Dog edition

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[Music] My Mind's all wandering this is my backpack and I carry this backpack almost everywhere I go and it's useful okay yeah um no what I carry in my bag is stuff that it's useful though is why why would it be there wallet I don't know what I have in my wallet I think I have business cards I train dogs I've got a wall cards some oh I have a mokey school ID don't know if you guys can see it out or not well not sliding you know like the cutout if your child's missing tape things this is what you do yeah they cut her face off because it's they have they zoom in hand sanitizer if you haven't notice I just jumped right in chopstick a button broke in quarters and there's a penny in here you don't yeah here no one wants it I also very and now empty water well it's usually full carry water bottom also carry a collapsible bowl cuz you never know when you're done so maybe that's why a raincoat because it does randomly rain here raincoat for her not for me oh I carry boots because it's hot it's like not hot enough to make the ground that hot but I carry these just

in case just you know I carry one of these things I sometimes use this because it has like these or being feed things that when it's dry they get hard but when you've soaked in water it like expands that we can hold the water and the VA and a longer to do it like this but what I usually keep this in here for is in case mochi it's injured I can muzzle her with this I know of a program that has all of their students when they're training dogs carry the certain ribbon type thing with them so that way if the dog gets injured they can muzzle them because dogs become unpredictable when injured so I carry one of these even though I've never had use it I carry extra dog treats even though they don't use much dog treats in a batch of this drugs I have allergies so I have allergy meds ibuprofen and I also think I put some eye drops for my allergies and then I carry an assortment of like a Roma therapy natural essential oils I just see natural essential oils these help you block out my senses so that way I can calm down quicker so I use there's quite a few in there there's like green tea stuff that smells like green tea

that I carry laws and a list of mokey Mokey's full title is and all her tasks and little notes to the EMT such first responders and to the person found me giving like kind instructions because I'm not always able to give them instructions I also have an ice shaped ice in case of emergency she which has my information emergency contacts milkie's and what I'm allergic to etc and then down here just says I authorized whatever you need to do to keep either of us alive I also have letters from mental health professionals because even though I should not have to carry things it is good to carry them just in case this is all my symptoms oh so I carry those suggesting Me's which I've never had to use this folder I also carried a