21 January 2014

♡ What's In My Makeup Bag? ♡ Housesitting Edition!

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hey guys so this past weekend me and my

boyfriend had to house-sit for his parents while they were out of town and since I worked all weekend I had to throw together a bag of my like toiletries my makeup my hair products everything like that so I decided that I would film it for you guys a lot of the products you will see our products I have featured in my like yearly favorites and my everyday makeup routine I thought this would be a cool video to film just to kind of show you guys what I use on a daily or like every second day kind of basis and I know it probably seems like a lot of products for just a few days it seems excessive to me too when I packed everything up I was like this is a lot of stuff but I just went through it and I was like this is the stuff i actually use regularly so i need to bring all of this but before i get started with those of my makeup bag I want to apologize if I sound kind of like really monotone kind of sleepy during the footage I filmed it one night after I just finished work and I wasn't feeling that good so I feel like I sound kind of boring almost died oh so I decided to film this on my iphone instead just so you guys could hopefully

see everything a little bit better and the quality would be a little bit better this is my first time doing this so I have no idea how it's really going to turn out but let me know in the comments below if you like that kind of style or if you prefer me like holding up the products and showing them as I talk about them instead yeah let's just jump in and get started with what I brought in my makeup bag so the case I decided to bring is this lancome makeup case that I featured in my last haul it's really big really roomy i knew i would love it for small trips like this well not trips but just four occasions when i only needed a small amount of makeup but i also wanted to pack all of my life skincare it has a smaller compartment on the top that's really flat that's why i kept all my makeup and in the bigger one that's where i kept all my skin care hair care things like that that i needed to bring so i'm going to start off with the bottom compartment okay so the first thing I have in here is just a ziplock bag with cotton rounds and q-tips in it it's pretty boring but it's a necessity and then I have these simple sensitive skin experts cleansing facial wipes I

think pretty much everyone has tried these by now a lot of people talk about them they're pretty decent I've never tried them before this weekend I try not to use makeup wipes I definitely prefer just like taking off my face makeup with something that will actually benefit my skin but they're really nice for long days when you're really tired and you just want something fast and this weekend it saved me from having to bring I make up remover and my face makeup remover and everything like that and the next thing is my cake satin sugar dry shampoo and body powder for lighter hues I also mentioned this in my hall it's just a really nice powder dry shampoo then I just have my toothbrush it's in ass Terry pod but I like to keep it in a plastic bag to just make sure it's extra protected the I green is my favorite color that's why it's all green and then in this little black bottle here this is actually just an old lush toner container that I had lying around for those of you who don't know I recently got my ears repierced so I needed something to bring my ear cleaning solution and so I just put it in here the container that it actually came in

is really big and it kind of leak so I figured I'd just pour a little bit of it in here just for the weekend just make it easy then I have my Nivea dry confidence deodorant I really like this one it's not scented and it doesn't irritate my skin it's pretty much empty though I really need a new one and of course I just have my toothpaste it's just the crest 3d white radiant mint toothpaste I really like this keeps my teeth nice and white in between whitening next I just have a small hair brush this usually goes in my purse but I just didn't want to bring my full-size hairbrush just for a couple days and then I have a boar bristle brush which I use just for smoothing out my hair and also teasing sometimes I got this at Sally's forever goes like six or seven bucks next I just have what's left of a 60 pack of bobby pins who knows where the rest of them are and then I just have my two little tweezer Minh tweezers I'm really crazy when it comes to plucking my brows I do it all the time every time there's a little stray hair it just has to go yeah i really recommend these if you're into keeping your brows really nice and filling in

your brows as well they're kind of expensive but they're definitely worth the money and then I just have my little philosophy purity made simple facial cleanser this is the one my boyfriend got me in my stocking this is the perfect size to throw in a makeup bag like this then I have the mini lancome genifique serum I've just been trying this out and not totally sure if I like it yet but yeah just testing that out still and then i have the lush vanishing cream facial moisturizer i usually just use this kind of as a day cream now but i figured for the sake of saving space i would just use this night and day over the weekend and then the last kind of skincare item i have is my mini of the baasha Tsubaki beauty oil I got this in a 500-point perk back in november and i've been using it ever since i'm almost out of it they have really been loving that I'm going to be talking more about that though in my January favorites so I'm not going to talk about it too much right now then I just have my cello brow treatment that I'm using I'm still just trying this out I've been using it for a little over two weeks now and I am noticing a difference

in the thickness of my brows be out I'll probably have a full review coming up on that at some point for perfume i just bought the taylor swift wonderstruck enchanted rollerball i love this fragrance actually loved all of Taylor Swift's perfumes and then I just brought this before a daily makeup brush cleaner I just bought this randomly one time when I was ordering online because I was just a little bit short for a free shipping so I just picked this up because it was like 8 bucks but yeah it's pretty good it's just a brush cleaner I just brought in case I needed to spot clean any of my brushes and then the last thing in this big pouch aside from a couple straight bobby pins is my huge can of Aussie mega hairspray I definitely wouldn't bring this if I was going on a longer trip or anything like that I'd probably find a smaller travel sized can of hairspray since it is just for the weekend i figured i'd bring this because it is my new favorite so yeah that is everything in the bottom part of my makeup bag now moving on to the top section of my makeup bag where I store all of my actual makeup alright so here is what the top section of my makeup bag

looks like I really like this case because even though the top is really flat and sin it fits a lot of makeup and you can see everything laid out really easily so it's really easy to find things so the first thing I have over here is just my urban decay naked skin foundation I talked about this more in my yearly favorites video and I do really like it but then I also brought these two foundation samples that I've been trying out and this one is the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and I think I actually like this one better than the naked skin foundation it's a bit more full coverage but I really love the finish of it and I love how it wears throughout the day so I'm thinking I might purchase that one instead of my naked skin foundation next this one's just a lancome one this one it's the lightest shade but it's actually too dark for me some kind of sad it made me look kind of orange and then I just have my favorite concealer it's just the NARS radiant creamy concealer in chantilly and then I brought my laura mercier translucent loose setting powder and then this one single eyeshadow i brought is the line

home kitten heel eyeshadow that i talked about in my last haul i'm going to see if my iphone will actually do it a bit of just because you couldn't tell what it looked like at all on my macbook yeah it's this really beautiful pink eyeshadow that has this golden Sheen to it and so in love with it I think it's stunning then for eyeshadow I also brought my two faced natural eye palette just looks like this as you can probably tell i really love all of the matte shades in this eyeshadow palette i'm pretty sad that i'm almost running out of all of them this light cream shade here is pretty much my favorite brow bone highlighter ever i'm thinking of picking up the Naked basics palette soon when I run out just to replace all of these I do like the other eyeshadows in here too but they just get kind of neglected then back here I just have my hourglass ambient lighting palette and then for blush I was going to pack my NARS gady bluff but I was like no siree you have too many blushes you need to mix it up and pack something else instead of despairing Nora's gaiety every day so I decided on these two Tarte Amazonian clay blushes the first

one is in the shade buff it is just this gorgeous kind of peachy nude it's loaded with silver shimmer and the second one is in the shade frisky and this one is a really bright pink that has a ton of gold shimmer in it I'm honestly not too crazy about this one it's really pigmented and once you have it on it's really hard to blend but i still use it anyways it's still a really pretty color you just have to make sure you kind of apply it with a light hand and then over here I just have a small Anastasia clear brow gel I have my buxom eyeliner and onyx and then I just have the Lancome definicils mascara I also brought my dior diorshow lash primer as well I really like that if I want more dramatic lashes underneath I have this really old Mac liquid last eyeliner seriously so old I need to throw that out but I just can't find a liquid eyeliner i like better and then I just have my Urban Decay primer potion and my Revlon eyelash curler and then I also just have my NYX auto eyebrow pencil oh and i forgot i also brought my benefit hoola bronzer but i didn't actually end up using it i don't know why i just didn't feel like using bronzer now moving on to

lip products the first thing I brought was my lush mint juleps lip scrub and my jack black lip balm this is seriously my favorite combination for super soft lips and then I brought my NARS lipstick in the shade Roman holiday this is just a really nice Barbie pink lipstick I like it because it's not too bright it's still a nice pop of color but it's not too bright for every day and I absolutely love Nora's but one thing I can't stand is the smell of their lip products they always smell so bad like they've just expired or something like that I just can't stand it but they're really good quality I just wish they would change the scent and to go with that I brought one of my Chanel lip glosses this is in 10 for a stroll I believe it's probably a fancy French way to pronounce that but I'm just going to say a stroll yeah I've been loving that combination lately and the last thing I brought is just my Chanel Jersey rose lipstick i'm not going to show that because i've talked about it so many times see how that wraps up everything that I brought in my makeup bag so yeah that wraps everything up I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forgive it a

thumbs up if you did don't forget to comment down below and subscribe as well for future videos if you have any requests for videos you want to see me film leave them in the comments down below I love hearing your guys suggestions thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you in my next video bye