22 February 2017

What Goes Up Must Come Down | Benson's Kennel

Benson's Kennel is located in Alabama. We breed & train beagles (rabbit hunt) & mountain curs (squirrel hunt) that have smarts, honest mouths, drive, speed, ...


here day after Christmas ready deuces rattle hon she's being actual running about man golf today play whether you guys people today type in a got my dolly Molly Molly lacy golly Molly quickly CCB you know gay people oh man I got this one up just bumping over things all around got on down movie we are doing the bank because we just want to type [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] right [Applause] [Music] [Applause] mmm her dog cometh and know if you've heard the dog come in thank you later [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Applause] Here Come a dc50 good ha ha ha ha stop good job good job quit let it go let it go let it go give it good job good job touch the dark mouth uh uh don't let it off good job doc hey quick quick quick sit down what ball whoo that's one box on to this one yes what are y'all put smack down on there now what I'm talk about super race yeah we'll talk about to the race and we don't sell buy to the race that's good a date ring get ready get ready get rough hey man quit now quick quick quick oscillation what boy oh man - bitch waffle for neighbors right here whoo man he was - I'm talking about probably here 15 yards behind he was scrambling trying to get away from that's a big strong book right there oh that's the big swamp oh oh I'm sweating cuz I gonna get my camera they be so close on it I had to run get my camera oh that's a big spot you can't leave old dogs in the pan you got to have them in these void I'm telling my that's where all running on some ado you can talk about what doll to

do you got to put them out here and let them do it and I'm come out let them do it come in Sugar Ray let me get this coming down some of the other doll Suites off to a lower end I want to get these dogs until the race he's gonna give that Tebow quit buddy there's a few very I'm talking about running off some this is what you do it for people say how do you have good dogs you just run you just run it so doli doli super female man she is going her and her sister really the only outside dogs I have in my kin Kali ma the only outside dog everything guilt is mr. Clark we're free court breathing Oh Darla Darla don't eat Oh dolly dolly stop quick yeah okay anyhow to do my video quick quick get the camera but Manny don't use on some rabid dog come at people come in both this just you can see man this is a big swamp book this is a big swamp maybe here to sell my smart right uh-huh guess what we be going for these are big swamp back you could tell that ain't no content right there play that thing it's huge

I'm talking about huge I'll get my gun lay my gun back come here Bo you want to jump this rabbit er coming off Kibo watch back darling Dalek watch back come here Bo t-ball and mother dogs down that field rest the Tebow see the world people Tyson and Mayweather day he's the last dogs I have that I got from mr. Cole I rarely running my running masculine summertime now trying to lift him her mother Thomas run but he to one jump this rabitor Tebow father at nine years old old his father him and died the oldest daughter i'ma kill you can tell he still saw that nine years old he was still running with him dog solid me he's built like I want all of my dogs be built there and kicking the check so he the one jumped in slunk off big this is why we do don't tell me what your dog is doing the killing put him out here runner time until man he was on there and I seen the rabbit stroking around me and coughs that Lane again but he came across so fast I couldn't shoot I didn't get a good shot but I always follow them through the wood and guys damn young dog who gunned down be running down they going to him now

so we got hopefully we'll have another enough