10 February 2019

What is in my dog walking pack?

Walking with the dog in the Pine Barrens.

a little sheltered spot from the wind

it's about 34 degrees Fahrenheit and there's a good 20 mile an hour wind blown around here so we're just taking a little bit of shelter down here from the walk hey doggie and I'm just gonna show you what's in my pack actually I usually walk the dog with so let's just dump this down on the ground it's quite difficult in this Sun actually so this is so this is my pack and it's it's a 5.11 tactical 24-hour bag and to be quite honest it's very very well-made it's heavy duty definitely it's a bit too heavy duty in fact it the bag itself weighs probably two to three pounds without anything in it so that's the big downside to this bag looking the dog it just weighs a lot without anything in it and and I've got quite a few things in it all right what are you going wait up the other thing too is and you can see here on the back you know where you but constantly rubs against the back of the bag there the rubber tabs are starting to wear off a little bit on this but overall it's it's a good bag um I'm happy with it you will need to spray it with some sort of waterproof ER because it definitely

isn't waterproof and the zips itself do let water in another example of that is here this sunglasses pocket on the top Ashley actually had fill it with water it was a little pool in there but anyway let's get back to see what's inside this bag I don't have a lot when I'm walking the dog to be equalized if there would make some hold in the phone here to show us so what do I have in the bag well there you go two water bottles one for me one for the dog why two different water bottles well I quickly learned that I was pulling out her water bottle and taking a drink from it and it just tasted tasted like puppy lips and I gotta say you know hey tastes like puppy lips and very much slobbery so quickly realized I'm drinking her water and she's drinking my water so trying to change bottles so she has an old vitamin water bottle bot and I have a Fiji water bottle so I have a little bit more than her because she takes drinks in that whereas I really don't good thing I carry is a cold steel cookery now this thing please please everything out of the way I wouldn't be without this I've pushed wax through many green briar patches with this thing it's razor sharp

I do have a dent in actually from when I hit a big old nail in a pine bough well you can see that right on the on the belly of the knife right about there there's a a break alright shouldn't say break there's a ding in the metal you know whether you can see it like there maybe not I don't know but so I carry a cold steel cookery I use this quite a lot when I'm bushwhacking to get through bramble patches and trees and all sorts of stuff back away trash bags I have to 40 gallon trash bags he's a great foot sitting down when it's wet I can carry things in it too and if I really need to come up with a shelter of some sort I can actually use the trash bags who's over there you watching something it's gross hey good girl just hang for a bit so I've got a large knife this stays in the back here an angle in here have a first-aid kit just an American Red Cross first-aid kit but what I do have in there it's mainly dog-related actually but always carry pair tweezers because I'm constantly getting ticks and things offer as well as pulling bits of glass

out of a feet from campfires look around here where folks throw their bottles in insides the basics tweezers and things in their space blankets should I need it and then band-aids wipes that kind of stuff and you know some bandages you know I've had dogs in the past cut their legs open and I was able to wrap them up from pieces of glass and things you know my old dog Molly had 26 stitches in her leg from stepping on an old oil lantern globe that had broken and it was in the water and I didn't know it until she'd cut her leg open so you know carrying a first-aid kit is quite important I think some in the top here some chocolate coin bars [Applause] sugary stuff I've got a lighter I don't carry a bloody fire steel I've got a cheap lighter and this lighter action I found on the trail and it was full of fuel so I just chucked it in my bag and if I need to light a fire there it is so I'll keep that in there I've also got a little sock tour which comes in quite handy for you know little pliers and things and if you've got some negative things like a broken zip it works out quite well for that too of

course I've got a carabiner just in case I need to hang something up or I find a an umbrella I did find an umbrella once I found a camp chair and I think I don't know what happened but the owners obviously just left it in the middle of the woods so I decided I'm gonna carry it back so the carabiners actually very handy for attaching things to your bag like deck chairs that you find in the woods so I still use that chair by the way the reason I'm using carrying kind bars and chocolate bars is with a friend of mine who is diabetic so I keep my options open up [Music] well what's in the front of my bag it's in the front headlights of the dog I put this around her neck and it's a it's an ebow rebel is 600 lumens and it's quite powerful and so I'll keep that charge up there about 25 feet of bloody paracord couldn't think of the name there for a second and the ends are knotted I don't melt the ends they're just knotted to keep it together because often I might find myself using a strand that I might pull out for some reason so I don't know I don't promote the ends of these

together I carry my Nantucket spider insect repellent spray and bug spray for the summer packet here and wipes toilet paper for when you are taking short in the woods extra ziplock bag usually is some dog treats in that empty today and then my own headlight which is eight to say it but crap compared to the dogs often it doesn't work now I won't turn off there you go it's just a Coast one it was like 15 bucks so that's all all in all and my bag to the pod on it not a lot going on in here today and then what I'll do is I'll fit it out depending on where I'm going if I'm out for a longer time the most part I can get away with pretty much a day there with dog treats and everything else so overall only pack depending on where I'm going if I'm out longer I carry more things but the other reason I like to carry a bag is if I'm like today covered in clothing because it's cold and it does get warmer I can shed those clothes shove them in the bag and I'm not having to tie them on or wrap around my waist which is a pain in the ass so other than that everything is fairly rudimentary and straight falls over now