01 October 2014

What to feed your chickens so they lay eggs year round.

http://beckyshomestead.com/what-to-feed-chickens Becky shows you what she feeds her chickens so they lay eggs all year long. She talks about what laying ...

today I'm going to show you how to feed

your hens so you get eggs year-round and also for years and years to come let's go I'm Becky I used to live in the consumer rat race just like you but one day I had enough so I sold it all move to the country and built my own log cabin with my own two hands now I spend my time discovering new ways to live a simple healthy lifestyle with more free time and way less stress then sharing what I've learned with you welcome to Becky's homestead I want to talk about how to keep your hands laying for several years after you know their initial first egg where everybody's so excited I agree that's a very very exciting time when you see your first eggs laid from your chickens it's so much fun and everybody's well jumping for joy so happy but really the key and the trick is to keep your hens happy and laying for years to come otherwise what'll happen is they'll start out laying good when they're young and they'll just Peter right out and you'll be feeding them and you won't have any egg production whatsoever or very spotty what I want to tell everybody is how I do it I have all year long egg production every day my hands

never stop laying so some people will use the excuse it's the heat of the summer some people will use the excuse that it's that cold winter or the short days not true mine lay all year and I think the key is in the food you feed them you have to feed them like I feed them and I think you'll have success like I do this feed right here is a laying mash it looks like cornmeal always try to buy one that's not medicated and you have to offer this to the hens 24/7 I have an automatic feeder this is available to them all the time that's very important all the time all the time they never run out of this and in addition to this and I think the key to keeping them laying all you're wrong yes feed them oats they love oats in the summer time and in addition to the oats I feed bread oats and bread in the summertime and then in the wintertime for six months in the winter the cold months whole corn summer months lame-ass 24/7 crimped oats and bread twice a day and then in the winter months six of the cold weather it's one cup I measure it again of whole corn in the

morning one cup of whole corn in the evening in addition to the laying mash it's the beginning of October so I'm going to start feeding the cold corn the point I want to make about the whole corn is people will say but I'm already feeding cracked corn you might as well feed your chickens gravel there's nothing in cracked corn whole corn has all the nutrients in it it has the little bit of oil it has everything in the whole corn so then you're gonna be giving your chickens the calories the nutrients they need to lay through the cold weather not only do you want them to keep laying through the winter but as of now starting in October they will be growing an extra down under their feathers and that takes a lot of calories so they need this whole corn with a little bit of oil in the nutrients in it to grow them down and continue to lay eggs so you have to make sure you feed them good so don't don't waste your money on crack corn just go straight to the whole corn and a lot of people ask me oh but can they eat it can they swallow it I'm gonna show you they have absolutely no problems and they love whole corn that's look they can't

wait they love whole corn they gobble it up they have no problem eating the whole corn another really really important feature of having your hens lay for years and years and years is to always always keep the water clean chicken diseases are spread through their water so you want to make sure you clean your chicken waterer often I clean my chicken water or twice a week I dump that bad thing over and spray it out I don't use any chemicals or bleach to clean it I simply dump it over blast it out with the hose get it clean let it rinse for a minute and then I tip it back up and I fill it up with water I get a lot of emails asking questions different chicken diseases and problems they're having I don't have any problems with my chickens ever so you want to make sure you keep your waters clean and feed them like I'm telling you and there you go you'll have delicious eggs for a long long time sign up for Becky's homestead newsletter go to Becky's homestead comm and sign up on the right you'll get articles news and specials from Becky every month

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