13 March 2019

What To Pack For a SERVICE DOG/PET DOG🐠🐠

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hey guys it's Miley and today I'm going

to be showing basically what you can pack for your dog basically your pet or service animal just because it makes things a little bit easier when you actually have plan things ahead before you take a road trip or a vacation or something like that so first of all you need to have a bag so I'm gonna show you four different things so mainly I'm going to first show you well I'm going to the beach with Teddy so that's number one this is the back of the beach by the way but I'm also going to a catfish farm which is a big fishing place it's huge and Teddy's gonna be coming with me I'm gonna share a little bit what I'm going to be bringing when we go there as well so first we're gonna share what to bring to the dog beach not the dog breeds what to bring to a normal each because we're going to a normal public beach I I find this the best way beaches can have fleas or Tex just a lot of things in the ground so we use the groomers just this shampoo for that reason and then ocean breeze scent and the reason like Miley you can't wash them in the ocean no you cannot so we what we will wash him and the little cleaning stations like that you wash

yourself body off with we find it the best that that will work in the best for us when cleaning him we also use a little Jesus kits that we have maize I will probably make a video of them these are just um kids for vomit like it's me or your dog this has a little throw up because if they drink the water and you can get sick I have some waste bags some paper towels um see these are Kleenex wet wipes and some germ X and some dermis and last maybe some spray if this happens in a public area if your if your dog let's say you go on a public place your dog can be trained they use the bathroom outside but let's say he didn't use the bathroom fully outside and he still needed to use the bathroom at that time and he has an X and inside we use cleaning spray I got this hack from susan cuz she's like my she's a self trainer to me as well and she kind of helps a lot of things and give some great tips if you don't know that's TNM which is trying to maintain so those are the things that you want in the bag and you also want some toys for him to play with this also worked this is also I'm going to be using at a catfish farm and

also a water bowl for food and water and I'm going to be using this for both places as well so at the catfish farm well this is we're bringing this to the beach as well but make sure you pack a harness for your dog naughty vest you can bring a vest and a harness basically when getting out the car on the land I will have his vest on him at the beach at the beach walking out there but once it's time from the plane be off duty and things like that he's going to be wearing this harness but not with the not with this this is just for land rise he's going to wear his this is a harness you can buy it programmer Walmart Walmart I think I got this at one run actually I put some velcro so you can add a patch there and this is like having you need velcro and if it's so nicely or if I just like when I use this on land or I can easily just take the pull strap off so it's easy about that you will also need an extra collar Teddy come see bring show everyone your collar okay Teddy come over here he doesn't want to come see me play with the toys all you bring an extra collar we bring two collars well

he has one on no this can so let's say this can be your beach collar or whatever you're going we use basically we can use the extra collar as a normal collar at the beach but I'm going to be wearing his Mickey Cutler instead because his ass ID tag and stuff like this so it's gonna be an extra if that collar gets lost or in general if it breaks or something or the clip gets messed up I can easily switch to a different color and it also goes to every brass but I didn't mean this a beach this goes to the catfish farm and the beach whatever anything you want I lose this leash about every single place I go so we can it's a leather thick leather leash we've got off line don't forget to comment where I got the leash I like the leash a lot I use it every single time I go it's a good clip I love it it's good quality I and it has a big handle as well which I love big handles so this probably gonna be good for land wise not in the beach because I don't want to get this leash dirty anyway All Hands or dog handlers or service dog handlers will understand this bring boots bring boots I'm telling you you will regret not bringing boots

because it's so it's so important Happy's if you can't walk barefoot on the hot ground then your dog can't either all SD handlers know this are normal dog handlers normal dog handlers should know this do not bring your dog on hot pavement because they can burn their paws and you will your melt your dog spots in it's not good for them so before you bring your dog outside to a hot if it's hot outside fill your ground not just one place because I can just leave that fil everywhere under cement and everywhere even where the most Sun is the most Sun fill your hot if the pavement is our ground is warm or not even hot at all you can bring them and it's it's really hot bring boots it's really good on you can use ruff where I have these um baby they con what is it okay I always forget the bread mutt luxe mutt luxe is a really good brand I like them but it's not as good as other ones but they are really good it's a simple velcro as you can see we use them quite a lot it's really good if you can't walk on the hot pavement your dog can't either so

remember bring these so not only have a little flat collar you can bring a chain collar as well all sizes this is another train collar that I have that's new make sure you bring that as well then you can use waste bags like I said if your dog is in general using the bathroom like you have to bring them to use the bathroom item each pick up after your dog do not leave that on the ground it's disgusting I see people do it I've seen vloggers with pets they leave their dogs crap on the ground pick it up pick up after yourself if you can't pick the dogs on poop up you shouldn't have a dog bring these everywhere you go just in case I bring them everywhere every public access we do even on this normal fun outings even the parks do this do bring waste bags they're not that hard they're just a few bucks they're not expensive bring them and pick up after your dog even if they're you're purposely using the bathroom for them make sure you bring it so this is awesome for the catfish farm this is $12 hydrate your dog you can use normal ones I find the ones that will not really cheap and bad quality because

the rubber bins so that's why I use the plastic round ones that's pet rules like that from petals that's a website this is about twelve thirty dollars at Walmart things about 13 bucks it's heavy duty a little hard to push open that means it's good quality it's called exes and that's this bowl you can get at Walmart for water and food it's perfectly fine I can hook it to my backpack or hook it to anything I can hook it to mail in my backpack umm what else is there these are really good as well let's see and I think that's about it so guys I hope you enjoyed my video like and subscribe bye