22 January 2018

What Type of Dogs do People have in Florida? Are There Chihuahuas in Florida?

People have a lot of Chihuahuas in Florida! There are all types of dogs too. Chihuahuas may have a bad wrap for being yappy. However, I have found they are ...

these are the world's cutest dogs it's

true Q's dogs in Florida definitely hey hey hey you guys are being so cute look at princess that's whimper in the front Gino in the middle and Princess in the back Gia's probably max I mean his son okay you guys just so cute so a lot of people have Chihuahuas in Florida and I noticed that as soon as I moved down here even though I moved to st. Augustine and where I'm from is in Maryland and I never really saw chihuahuas the most exposure that I got to a chihuahua when I was in Maryland was the Taco Bell Chihuahua which funny story Milo did you know that PETA feed Taco Bell yes they said feeding a Chihuahua Taco Bell is an ethical side note back before I stopped eating dead animals Gino and I who's the black 1 p.m. poor little Gino you would only eat Taco Bell after I moved because I think he was sad they're so cute what is it so yeah you'll find if you want to adopt a chihuahua here in st. Pete there's a really good rescues called polishes Poochie Pet Rescue there's another one called Susie's senior Chihuahuas and but they'll have younger chihuahuas too like 4 or 5 years old and them you can also

get them from the pound the animal rescue from the SPCA and another good way to adopt a Chihuahua here in Florida is you can actually call the pet rescues or you can call the SPCA or the the county or local animal place and say hey I'm looking to adopt a chihuahua and they'll let you know and one comes in because people that work in all sorts of animal organizations they really want dogs to get homes and they do not want see any dog's life go away so Gino I got him when he was 4 or 5 years old and that was 7 years ago but he still runs around like crazy princess she's formerly like a backyard bitch like she was a breeding dog and we got both her Gino and then eventually we both got her from Craigslist and I was really worried about princess being used as like some sort of weird little dogfighting bait dog but she's me what is it Gina you're amazing too you they did keep you safe and whimpers she's a chihuahua mix who I got off singing it also because she looked really weird and I was worried about her becoming like kind of like a dogfighting bait dog too which is a disgusting and cruel practice and so I don't really agree with breeders so much

obviously as like a dog rescue person because she um she was the product of like an unwanted dog breeding pregnancy and they're just um people always think of chihuahuas as being like really yappy dogs and that was definitely the stairs had you're so cute being out of from out of sound but I mean they're really not any more yappy than any other dog I've ever had in my life my friend Brittany had a Chihuahua mix named Delia she still has her but she had her when we were in college together and Julia was amazing and after I started like walking Delia and stuff for my friend Brittany I like knew that that's the type of dog I wanted then I eventually got gene oh he's a good boy Dino he was such a good boy and then princess and Princess did not photograph well we got her but she's doing great she um she was like trying to attack us when we got her now she's like the coolest dog ever so you know like they're really good it's easy to work with you have to peel first look at that look at that protection skills you guys are amazing so yeah a lot of people in Florida have chihuahuas and Chihuahua mix is like one player and

that's something I would say is unique to the area that I'm you don't see everywhere else so you definitely don't see this type of Chihuahuas in Maryland where I'm from they be more of an exotic pet are you gonna PG no and I'm in Pennsylvania she's the same thing you don't see him a lot of people have like labs and retrievers Chesapeake Bay retrievers and then you don't see as many little dogs that there either and if you do see little girl little dog it's gonna be like a Yorkshire Terrier or something like that there's just more information about just Florida and the culture of Florida and what type of dogs we have here other dogs just see I mean you see people with all different dogs like don't get me wrong okay people have Huskies hey Blaire you're a good girl like a couple of my customers have Huskies you see a lot of people with pit bulls pit bulls are generally very friendly down here unless they've been grazed to be an attack dog I know someone that has a Brittany Spaniel and I even know what type of dog that was so even though I'm saying like you see a lodge who I was down here might see it not see everywhere else you definitely

because it's a big state you see people with all different types of dogs I was really excited we were at the Arts & Crafts Festival in Dunedin like our previous video and I saw someone with a show low which is like the Mexican hairless dog and there are an ancient breed like chihuahuas and the xolo is so cool because they can trace their roots back to this very ancient breed they have they're very smart and they have a lot of longevity and I would say princess is the small smartest wrong.i but she's gonna poop soon hey guys thank you so much for walking for watching this is Stephanie from Stephanie and Milo to Florida or Milo and Stephanie to Florida we're gonna be your your guide and your source for everything Florida also subscribe for more videos right one player right one blue subscribe she says friend me