11 February 2018

What's the difference in Service Dogs and Therapy dogs!?

Here I talk about the difference in service dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support dogs. Check at our Instagrams at Service_Dog_Sammy Anya_Alexandra.

hey everyone so I thought I'd make a

quick video well I have a few minutes so basically I wanted to do a kind of a brief description on what the difference between a service dog an emotional support dog and a therapy dog are they have all different laws regarding them now I live in Canada so all the laws that I am gonna be speaking about today only apply to Canada some of them may be the same as the United States in other countries but I am not aware of them and I don't know the differences so without further ado let's get started so we'll start with the service dog a service dog has the most access rights of any of the three classification so a service dog is task trained to migrate your disability so let's say you cannot walk your dog can be a bracing dog for you if your unstable a service dog can alert to low blood sugar seizures diabetes I guess that goes under blood sugar but also blood pressure so that would go under that there you can also be used for people without sight so as seeing-eye dogs I'm sure many of you have heard about service dogs can also be for people who are deaf who if they drop something their dog will alert them and other types of tasks work involved with

that and psychiatric so mental disorders depression anxiety mood swings irritability all those things a service dog can be task trained to help you with now my dog one of the tests I have trained her to do used to turn the lights on and off for me I get severe migraines where I cannot move or walk a lot of the time I'm when I'm in a really bad migraine so I've trained her to turn a light on and off this is slightly different than a regular like a medical alert task but it's kind of an example of something that she does to assist me when I'm incapable of doing it myself now service dogs are allowed to go on a plane with you they are allowed in restaurants grocery stores any place that dogs are allowed except I believe burn wards in Canada anyway and they're not allowed in a kitchen in a restaurant or any food prep area because of a contamination risk so another thing that service dogs don't need is any registration yet in Canada they don't need a registration they do not need ideas IDs but what you do need if you're living in Ontario Canada like where I am is you do need a doctor's

note to say that yes you have a service dog it has been medically approved by your doctor and that you need it for a disability now the only two things people can ask for when they see of a service dog as they ask is that a service dog either yes or no usually all this be yes unless you're faking it which that can be a whole other video and what tasks is that dog trained to perform to migrate your disability something along that line so those are the two basic straightforward things they can ask you anything else is actually against the law but if you want to know more about that I can link um the Ontario government website about service dogs under the comments below now the next animal we're going to talk about is an emotional support animal or some people refer to them as ESA is now an emotional support and I'm like an animal I can't talk today an emotional support animal can go into a plane with you it can live in non pet friendly housing with you and it can help you with a disability let's say you have an emotional usually like emotional disability it's a mood disorder anxiety depression um those are things that dog

can be task trained to help you with but not to the extent of a service dog that is a different more intensive are training that you need to put that type of dog through you are not allowed to go into restaurants you're not allowed to go on to buses you are not allowed to go into hospitals let's say with an emotional support animal it is a pet that can do a little bit more it is trained more specifically but it doesn't have the same rights as an actual full-fledged service dog and the third one we're going to talk about is a therapy dog now if there dog you can actually train your dog through a lot of organizations I've seen it through st. Johns Ambulance and Petsmart training they do uh therapy dog training I believe and that's for if you want your dog to let's say go into a Cancer award or an old-age home and have that dog kind of interact with people and kind of brighten their spirits they can help many people they're wonderful um to have for bringing life and uplift people when they're not feeling so great emotionally or physically or whatever that case may be for them now you do I believe in Ontario need to have a

certificate saying your dog is a therapy dog usually I believe it's just for like liability reasons if you're going into a hospital with them but all of that is has to be arranged by the hospital you can't just bring a therapy dog get into a hospital and it be just kind of like a dog that I don't believe you can do that you do need a certification to classify them and that is everything I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know if you guys have any service dogs or emotional support dogs or therapy dogs or whatever down below and I will try to upload more videos as my health hasn't been the greatest the last couple weeks it's been kind of hard for me to UM make content but I'm gonna try yeah okay thanks guys bye