08 September 2019

Where I Am After 3 Weeks of Training My Puppy! (Dog Training Experience Ep. 10)

I've been training my puppy for 3 weeks! Let's see where things are with leash walking, puppy biting, potty training, come, and more! Thanks PupBox for ...

look at that fighting look she's still

kind of bite stirring see that look at that ouch I did that for you guys that hurt I'm Zack George I trained dogs and this is my new dog inertia I'm taking you along as I train her from day one you can start from the beginning or pick up anywhere and start learning welcome to the dog training experience guess what guys I've had an Ursa now for three weeks so we're gonna see where she is on her training specifically I'll be covering leash walking a couple of tricks we've been working on come when called I'll go over how she's doing on her puppy biting and her potty training and I'm sure we'll cover some other stuff too no pressure inertia and look at her say you got your you got your new pup box today let's see what's in it pup box sends you age specific items that'll help you train your dog I know I know you love to toys don't you puppies are obviously still teething so it's important that you have a variety of different textures this is a neat toy right here because check it out it's a little milk carton but look what's inside there's little cookies so your dog has to try to learn how to get these

out it really challenges them to figure something out and stick with it you solve the puzzle love these well bites I use them all the time when I train dogs all of you can get 50% off of your first pup box when you sign up for a 3 6 or 12 month subscription by going to pup box com slashes Zac and using discount code Zac I'll have that link in the description so let's start with leash walking more specifically indoor leash walking with her being right at 11 weeks of age she's still not ready to deal with all the distractions that the outdoors have to offer so we've been working on our indoor leash training still and honestly one of the big roadblocks that we've had to encounter is constant biting at my shoelaces I think we're just now getting past that and I'm gonna show you what I did to get past it my goal here is to be able to walk back and forth on this carpet right here without her biting my shoelaces and just kind of paying attention to me in general are you ready okay come on yes so literally on one step I've been giving her a treat just to let her know I appreciate that you're not biting my shoelaces those of you who've had really

rambunctious puppy biters you just go at your shoes constantly well know what I'm talking about here that's how you get around this you acknowledge just that microsecond where they're not going for your shoelace because it's a very predictable behavior at least in a nurse's case okay come on yes good job I'm saying yes if you were using a clicker you could click and follow up with a reward same deal okay this way come on yes and all I'm really focused on is getting her to walk with no tension on the leash right now while paying attention to me yes good job good work inertia see how she's thinking about going for my shoelaces right there it's just on the tail end I hope of getting resolved yes right there she thought better of it she went into a sit and decided not to go for my laces okay let's go yes I love the eye contact here's your treat look at that biting look all right so see she's still going for the laces occasionally that's why I've got a redirector but more importantly since I know that behavior is coming I just need to go ahead and acknowledge the half a step of good progress like this okay yes good job

this way inertia wait yes good she gave me her attention I'm gonna follow it up with a reward this way come on yeah and let's see if we can do it uh-huh right there she thought better of it I'm gonna go ahead and give her a treat when it does happen I'll redirect her and do a sit have her hold that for a second say okay good job come on yes good work nice job girl so that's kind of a synopsis as to where we are on leash walking right now let's see where she is with play dead so give me a Down good job and I still have to kind of lure her she's still kind of bite stirring see that look at that ouch that was I did that for you guys that hurt play dead I'm gonna reward the position cuz she's kind of got it in her head that play dad means bite and bite and then lay on your back so I'm trying to work through that right now let's see if we can get a little bit of a better version of play dead can you play dead play dead okay come alive nice job hey that play dead looks awesome it's a very convincing so play dead it's going all right I'm very happy with where it is we still have to polish it up

eventually I want to be able to stand up and tell her to play dead without having to do any type of law at all but hey for 11 weeks old I'm happy we've also been working on leave it and look at me quite a bit I've been doing so many different variations of this and I'll be honest it's still really bumpy and has a long way to go so let's get her warmed up with a basic leave it and see how that's going and then we'll combine that with look at me okay good job ready leave it okay so leave it is looking quite well she did that on the first attempt I didn't really set her up too much for it now let me see if I can get her attention on me inertia oh boy see I pushed it right there it even happens to me guys but what did I do when she did go forward I didn't pull her back I just covered up the tree let's see if we can get that right and sit good give me a lie down I'm gonna go with the lie down because she's a little more stable when she's into it down yes good girl and see this big treat right here leave it good look at me yes good see she's still like a little reluctant to look at me but that's okay I want to see if I can get that a little

bit better leave it and inertia look at me yes good job very good I'm gonna give her a big reward I love that remember the huge value of this exercise it's one of the most magical things you can do with your dog is communicating to them look even though you want to go after that and you want to get that you need to listen to me instead because the treat is just a metaphor right that's only one thing there gonna be times when you don't want them to run across a busy road or run after another dog and apart so they need to have that experience with holding their position and resisting impulses inertia yes good job so in that case I said her name I don't really care if you say their name look at me whatever you just want to get your dog's attention not trying to get too technical yes look at me she offered without asking that time look at me kind of where we need to be I'm happy with this with an 11 week old dog how about come when called come when called life-saving skill every dog needs to know that we've been making it a huge priority indoors she's fairly reliable but you have to have a really valuable

currency with her she doesn't just come to you for the heck of it I've been really hyper focused over the last few weeks on reinforcing come when called so every time she comes to me as much as possible I'm trying to give her something for coming to me and that something is either a treat or a toy let's see how she's doing I've been doing a lot of the come win called game where we throw a treat and she goes and gets the treat and then I say inertia come here yes and she comes back and gets another treat good inertia come when I'm very certain that she's gonna come to me I'll say something like inertia come or come here or let's go whatever it is because I want to be liberated to speak with a broad vocabulary to her and I think as long as I'm saying those things in context she's probably gonna get what I mean while there might be some initial confusion most dogs will tend to work out what those words mean in pretty short order but that's up to you go get it inertia come on yes good job so that was come on instead of calm a nurse come here girl yes here you go oh and I love that automatic sit you're

doing well let's distract her right here I'm gonna put that there inertia come here girl yes and I love that pep I like when she runs a lot so come on girl let's go getting your dog to chase after you is a good way to get them to come to you - yes keeps you in shape - oh no okay good job I also love a dog that comes to me for a toy she has a fair amount of toy drive meaning she's very excited by toys so that's another way to get your dog interested in coming to you a nurse huh come here what is this what is that yes good girl so you can see sometimes a toy will encourage many dogs to more emphatically and enthusiastically come running to you a huge part of our training has really been centered around making her very comfortable with being touched so I've really been prioritizing getting her comfortable with being touched like her feet her nails her years touching her teeth brushing her teeth and everything so she's been doing really wonderfully with that so with a puppy like this I mean every day just spend a lot of time giving them a massage and of course it makes it a lot easier when you let them nibble on a

tasty treat like this too it keeps them occupied and it also conditions them to enjoy the actual touching play biting has been going well I haven't been trying to get her to stop biting completely but rather how to bite with the appropriate force when she does make contact with my skin my arms are pretty healed up from those initial couple of weeks so the biting is definitely being reduced because I'm consistently redirecting her when she bites too hard or getting her too engaged in a play session or she's really rambunctious just giving her a brief timeout to calm down I say this because even at 3 weeks in I still have a dog that is puppy biting it does go on for an extended period of time what you're looking for is slow steady reduction over that period of time but we probably still have another few weeks of puppy biting in store how about potty training I mean we still have a ways to go with potty training many people learned that the impression that potty training can be done in like a week but not really you really can't let your guard down with potty training for a solid year I don't know exactly how many

accidents she's had in the house it would be probably in the single digits I would assume right now I'm just letting her out every hour or two or escorting or to her pads right at the three week mark I think it's easy to let your guard down on potty training especially if you are having a lot of success as we are but I think it's more important than ever to really double down on your efforts and keep it top of mind make sure that you get your dog out on a regular schedule even when you think they probably don't have to go it's a good idea to take them out more rather than less our socialization efforts with people dogs places are in full bloom right now we're in the process of doing that we've been taking or somewhere new virtually every day we're continuing to do that to get her really used to being around anyone everyone everything and everywhere if you're enjoying seeing an arsenal learn all these things we're covering so much of this on Instagram as well so be sure join us over there I'll have a link below and add Zach George get 50% off of your first pup Fox 2 when you sign up for a 3 6 or 12 month subscription go to

pup box comm slash Zach and use discount code Zach if you're really trying to train your dog right now whether you've got a new dog or you're just motivated to train your existing dog to behave better I've got 2 books available I recommend that you get them both make sure you're subscribed to my channel so you don't miss a single lesson there you can jump in anytime and hit the belt you want to be notified every time we upload a video and we have to give a huge thanks to all of our patrons on patreon who make voluntary contributions to help us make this content check out our patreon campaign as well in the next episode I'm going to attempt to introduce inertia to our older sometimes reactive dog indeed we'll go back to puppy class will continue doing socializing in public I'm going to try to teach an inertia how to do a somersault and I'll start teaching her how to stand which is more important than you might realize we'll see you in the next episode