14 March 2017

Why You Should Board Your Dog at All American Pet Resorts Fort Myers

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customers have lots of choices and when

it comes to their pet they think of their pet like children and we think they are as well that's why we call them fur babies and so the number one thing is that they have to feel confident and have peace of mind that we are going to take care of their pet like they do at home part of a normal daily routine here is that when we say we're going to do something for a pet we do it we each pet receives a boarding card when they come in that is our way of making sure that we're accountable to do those pet services that we say we're going to do so an example might be special food medication private walk time playing with other dogs but more important to us are the daily body checks and that's when the staff actually feels the pet goes into the pets we make sure that nothing is changed on a physical level that the pet is happy and healthy a healthy pet comes in a healthy pet goes home we can teach staff the procedures and the protocol but at the heart of every staff member is the love we're a very high top eyesight facility so it's just constant interaction with the dogs and you can tell if someone loves

animals or doesn't all you have to do is watch their reaction to a dog coming in the door or one that is already here in the courting or the playgroup and your we are able to discern this that person has the heart it's that person has the love of the animals and then and only then can they work here we have 24/7 access to webcams so you can always check in on your result on your pets no matter the time we don't turn those off at night like some of our competitors do having video cameras is very important to the brand it's also standard of the brand people like to look in at their fur babies they like to see their dog at play they like to see how their dog is doing with other dogs and unlike other places we are actually open 24 hours a day and that's because of our philosophy this is the philosophy that I personally have when I come home from a trip I don't care if it's 2:00 a.m. I want my baby I don't want to wait another day I don't want to drop up early I don't want to come back the next day I want my baby and so that's the convenience that we offer to our customers we send pictures and sometimes video always text messages to say this is how Fifi is doing today

it makes you feel at ease that that they care enough to keep you informed and gives you that that peace of mind and relaxation that they're being cared for you know very loving and high-quality and safe environment I believe that once you experience our brand that no other concept measures up and I think that's what I mean by the gold standard because it is about having a peace of mind it's about coming into a place of business and feeling comfortable and at home and everything's gonna be alright I can actually go on vacation and I know that my baby is gonna be just fine