09 September 2019

Why You Shouldn't Take Your Dog For A Walk

We show you five reasons why it's not a good idea to take your dog on neighbourhood walks. And we give you a list of other activities you can enjoy with your ...

not take my dog for a walk that's crazy

not really we're gonna talk about five reasons why it's not a good idea to take your dog for a neighborhood walk reason number one bad social learning what tends to happen when you take your dog for a neighborhood walk is every single property you walk past the dogs that live with that property come rushing up to the gate they rush up to the fence they bark which is the canine equivalent of shouting at your dog this is not good for your dog it's kind of the equivalent of taking a young child to a shopping mall and every single shop that you walk past that people rush up to the entrance of the shop and they scream and shout at the child you can imagine that child's gonna think that everyone else out there in the world is a bit weird I've had lots of clients who bring their dogs to me because the dogs have got dog aggression and I say then what do you do with your dog and they say what you're not I take him for a walk every single day and I ask them tell me something are there a couple of dogs on this walk that you take that often rush up to the fence and or the gates and bark at your dog and they say yes how did you know well in effect every single day they're

teaching their dog that other dogs are dangerous and it's quite normal for those dogs living in those properties to rush up at the fence and bark at this dog that suddenly intrudes upon their visual territory and then quickly departs these dogs often think that they barking has called this intruder to go away so they barking gets reinforced lo and behold the next day they're back so the dogs behind the fence are thinking that this chap that walks past if he dares Looney the poor dog let's walking pass every day since his owners Looney to put him in that situation reason number two lead pulling when we take our dog for these neighborhood walks we always tend to follow the same route which is the dogs learn really quickly they know where they're going so they to forge ahead the lead girls tight and what happens the dog moves forward so in effect we are rewarding the dog for pulling on his lead taking a dog for neighbourhood walks is one of the biggest contributors to lead pulling in dogs the irony of it is that people say you know I take my dog for a walk every single day you would think that he would get better about not pulling on his lead

the problem here is that in effect the dog is being taught every single day to pull on his lead this dog seems to be enjoying us walk but I don't think the owner is look how tight that leaders if you really know what your dog's backside looks like officer walk and your arms outstretched the whole time your dog is pulling on the lead neighborhood walks are to patent the dogs know where they're going they take the lead and they just really cement those bad habits reason number three it's not actually fine for the dog as human beings tend to think about these walks in terms of a distance goal so in other words we'll think okay our goal for today's walk is to walk around the block once or twice we're thinking of it in terms of distance and not in terms of duration or quality and because the walk is generally unpleasant because the dogs are barking at us our dogs freaking out our dogs pulling on the lead we tend to kind of get it over as quickly as possible so we've done a lot of dog time to literally stop and smell the roses the whole point of taking your dog for a walk is that the dog should be getting

some mental and physical exercise not allowing the dog to sniff to explore his surroundings is really denying him the ability to get that mental stimulation reason number five causing physical imbalances because we are creatures of habit and we tend to follow the same routes all of the time the dogs I'm not really getting good physical exercise if there are any imbalances in the dog they're pretty much just rehashing those imbalances every time we take them for that same walk a much better idea for a dog in terms of physical exercise is to give them a walk where there's gonna be random changes of directions so the dog is not patterned into exactly the same physical movements every single time reason number five it teaches the dog to run out of the gate think about it there you are physically King over the threshold with your dog you're basically saying to your dog this is okay to do this so the dog is getting practice of doing this virtually every single day how can we get cross with him then when they run out of the gate a much better option there is to actually put your dog in the car and drive somewhere and take him for a walk I've

had many situations before where my gates has been left open and I've had seven dogs standing behind the threshold of that gate not daring to step over it purely because they've never set foot over their threshold every single time they've left the property they've been in my car so what are you supposed to do with your dogs never take them for a walk never take them off the property they're gonna be bored stuff I agree there's a bunch of things you can do that's so much better than your neighborhood walk go for a grip walk organize a bunch of friends of your family to meet us you in a dog friendly park where you all take your dogs along obviously make sure all the dogs are sociable and used to that kind of environment and you can see how these dogs will really enjoy that activity a lot more than a neighborhood walk in that situation the dogs are getting good beneficial social contact and they're also not limited to that habitual physical movement they're really moving around they exercising their brain they're exercising their body it's superb activity for them if you're

worried about your dog not coming back to you if you take his little watch I recall video and to be on the safe side while your dogs still learning you can use a long line just be sure not to let the dog get into a situation where you're back to hit the end of that long line because that that can hurt him and a convert you enroll in some training classes most times and cities have got tons of dog training options for you doesn't always have to be some kind of formal obedience it's lovely to see tricks classes and sort of parkour classes and all kinds of weird and wonderful things taking off nowadays and those kinds of activities for you and your dog can be a lot of fun and provide that mental and physical stimulation if you're in situation where you can't frequent a dog park you can't take your dog to a friend's house for your dog to play with their dogs try to find a neighborhood route that doesn't have dogs that are gonna rush up to the fence and bark at your dog and when you do take your dog on one of those walks lead enjoy the walk don't be so hung up on the distance that you cover let him just enjoy the experience brain games don't

forget about those there's a ton of different ones that you can do with your dog that really do exercise their brain in their body beautifully loads of ideas aren't there all you have to do is a quick google search on that and you'll find a bunch of them next video is actually going to be on some brain games that you can do with your dog at home just using average everyday article so it's not going to cost you a lot of money it's not going to be a huge amount of setup but it should give your dog a really good mental workout and the physical side of that's gonna go along with the tooth so there you have it five reasons not to take your dog on a neighborhood walk and what you can do instead to make sure that the time you spend with your dog is going to be beneficial productive and enjoyable so until next time happy non neighborhood walking don't forget to subscribe and hit the bowl icon so that you know whenever we have a new upload but more importantly than that please drop us a comment I'd love to know if you're enjoying the videos and also if there's a topic that you would like me to cover let me know in the comments and I'll do

my utmost to do that a big shout out to our friends 80 a talking dog Kim at just 4 paws and Peter and understanding dog thanks guys for sharing your footage with us and thank you to your wonderful clients and their amazing dogs for featuring in our video [Music]