19 July 2018

Why Your Dog will Love John Paul Pet Botanical Shampoo

June was National Wash your Dog month! And what better way to wash your dogs than with botanicals? These botanicals contain natural insect (flea & tick) ...

hey guys kristan living here for pet

living at super zoo with my good friend Gina dial from John Paul pet and we're here to tell you that it is June is National washer dog month and why is that and why did you create the events we created it because there was no celebration of shampoos at all and we celebrate everything so we got a celebration shampoo and it's so much fun to go outside with your dog and the hose and shampoo and shampoo them outside they can shake they can have fun they can roll in the grass and so we decided we needed to make June national washer dog mud I love it I love it and it's also a way to educate people about really great products for your pets right when you run a badger pet so we're gonna talk about some botanical products that John Paul Pat has now and they're amazing and they have incredible benefits so let's let's show them what we've got over here okay all right now so first of all do you know tell me why our botanicals important botanicals are important because they have so many benefits and they're also natural yeah and botanicals are plant based and they grow in the ground and when plants are in the ground

they have to have some sort of defense against the insects or they wouldn't live very long right so they all contain natural insect repellant compounds and with that when we extract the oils from these plants they take that property with them so when you're talking about botanicals that actually grow in the ground in these shampoos and preparations for pets they have their own natural flea and tick and is a repelling properties gotcha that's fantastic good to know so walk us through the different formulas with starting with the white the white ginger or wild ginger sorry well ginger while ginger is a product and it's it's wild ginger is from the Ala pooi compliant it comes from the root of the wild ginger plant which is called a Lapua okay grown in Hawaii I remember I used to buy our Kui shampoo from Alice you did and it smells amazing like ginger yes it is and because of that particular plant is a succulent because it draws water from the air yeah it's a moisturizer it's gonna bring water but for the scaring coat okay great exactly a pleasant smells great okay and by the way they're okay so we

have the shampoo and the shine spray - we have the shine spray were to leave in conditioner okay good and we found that when your baby your cat in the tub sometimes it's all you can do listen get them rinsed one right so you're gonna do a conditioner it's better to do it later get them out of the tub dry them out a little bit it's easier to just spray and I love that aunt while they're wet comb it through or you can use it when they're dry as well and it's going to just in between she and possession above a little bit more moisture yeah it helps them a little bit okay alright so how about the tea tree tea tree is a great product everybody knows about tea tree it's an antifungal and it's also in bacterial it's used a lot for soothing hot spots and our particular shampoo has eucalyptus in it as well and you guys this is another insect repelling fragrance it's very sharp it's very pungent and they don't like it so again you're working with something that can help soothe the skin but also prevent to repel the bugs okay and then the most popular is the lavender mint and lavender mint has a great story because lavender on its own is a soother it also

is an insect repellent if you remember the lavender sachets that your grandmother used to have in the closets and in the drawers to keep those moms and the bugs right and I always thought it was just to make the closet smell good what do I know mom okay okay and so it is a number one it's an insect repellent number two it's an inhalant and we pair it with mint and mint it's about a dilator and what that means is it dilates the blood vessels most are in the nose and the ears of a dog knows here so that the vasodilator and you were just telling me earlier that it's kind of like when you have an Altoid mint you get that sudden rush of and it helps you like you can breathe better exactly it helps you breathe better because it's a vasodilator it doesn't constrict it open right gotcha and so for a pet especially an anxious pet you've got the mint and the lavender so the mint is going to enable the lavender to get right into their blood system as faster right and so we have that but lavender also then is a topical soother so it's something you can use on the

skin as well so this is an inside-out type of benefit inside the shore and outside I love that I love because all of our products are tested on humans but pH balance for pets they are milder than human products so yes I always say if you want to buy only one thing you can use it on you and your pets yeah it's the pet product right and explain why you wouldn't want to use the human product on your pet because the pets have 50 times more olfactory receptors in their nose which and we don't which means that it has to be stronger to be effective for us but very very mild for them and you can actually poison your pet on Anniston toys make them sick yeah if you use too much on them and we get a lot of this just overwhelming it to their senses for them because remember 50 times more right when they inhale something right that's us so you have to be very very careful yeah everything has to be very mild but Peggy Gina was telling me that there is a companion product on the human side correct yes okay all of these products wild ginger tea tree and lavender mint from the Paul Mitchell line because the gal who uses Paul Mitchell is the same

demographic who buys pet grooming products I would go into my whole thing about guys and what they choose but let's women want the best and they want with their use out of their pets and so I've done is we've taken these products from the Paul Mitchell line and we've pH balance their pet so now you can buy one for you your pet but it's safe for your pet right awesome and it's going by one by the one for your pet you can use it on both at night about same oniel of it now tell us where we can find these amazing products products are available on amazon.com there yep so easy to find check them out and definitely wash your dog this week with the patina khals and all the benefits