19 March 2017


Some Heartbreaking news today my Dog is dying. The vet wanted to make the decision to put my dog to sleep. I keep putting off them putting him to sleep ...

*Intro Song*

Oh I got you, there's no reason to Chasing pavement on my own Cause you're here to stay every night and day I'm delighted cause I got you *Instrumental* I'm just right because I got you Good morning everyone, how are you? Sad day today really, I don't know what's going to happen But I've been a bit selfish with it I keep pulling it off Basically shadow, as you can see here. Say hey Shads. Shad, Shadow Look how poorly Shadow is Look all his hair is falling off He's always being sick It's really sad, I've had him since I was little His head was too big for his body because he was that cute when he was little so I had him like 11 years now he's a old boy and I love him, he's part of the fam. but he keeps vomiting all the time, he's got all these infections, his hair is falling out and he keeps chewing himself. he's just generally an unhappy boy I don't know what to do, it's like that fine line between the vet wanted me to put him down last time, but I didn't want to do it cause of a selfish reason, because I wanted to keep him as a fam, as long as I can but what can I do? what can I do? what should I do? sad one, sorry for starting off with a sad one today, I just wanted to

unfortunately this is the Monday blues that we've got for shadow today, so we're going to the vet now see what they say I'm good at putting it off, but I just need to be real with them, really. Don't I Shads? Shads? Hello Shad, this is Shads by the way poor shad at least we get to put him on video forever no matter what happens you know buddy shadow fam, anyway let's go see what they're going to say you alright shads? so, we sent to the vets anyway I told them everything I was like honest as well and I said you know I've been sort of procrastinating cause I didn't want to lose him, and I said to them the problems that he's been having and all of that bits and pieces as well and they gave me some steroids for him and some special shampoo and I've got to go back in 10 days and they do a reassessment cause I did tell them that he's been on steroids many many times before and it's not really helped but again probably like me the vet wants to preserve shadow if there's any possibility so you know who am I to argue with that cause obviously you know I want him to to live as well!!! but not at the cost of his unhappiness though

so lets see how he progresses over the next 10 days and then in 10 days times I can always share with you guys the outcome again so we're going to head home now anyway on a brighter note and go live chat with you guys mostly for the ones who are watching this So I wanted to say just that, I was having a think about, you know the length of the youtube video as well as the content and stuff you know I've just been having some real deep discussions with donna with regards to this and I've come of some really cool ideas that I think you are going to enjoy going forward to make it you know, I know you want to see daily live events like that, but I would be cool you know to do some really cool fun stuff and I've got some really good ideas that I'm just starting to put in play now so you can enjoy some of the videos going forward. I promise you So I did say Monday diet and then there was a little bit of a freezer issue where some of the stuff slightly defrosted, so we had to eat some of the cinnamon rolls so then I gave up on the diet Monday so then we had to say diet Tuesday yay, so we brought pizza. from Dominos it's bad isn't it? Ellie are you enjoying your dominos? I'm enjoying my dominos, it's so good!!! I'm just sat here thinking of some crazy ideas there's so many ideas are ridiculous but yeah I'm enjoying my, it's low fat LOW FAT garlic dipped dominos pizza it's good guys it's good isn't it? it's not healthy so this is the extent of my children now so you know eating while watching

their tabs I'm playing (Ellie) What are you playing? how are you playing at the same time you're eating? you have greasy hands this hand isn't greasy (Ellie) What are you playing then? what are you playing? What's that face? (Shows games of war) What does that say? I don't know, you're playing a advert, it's an advert what are you watching? Miley what you watching? Funnel vision (JB mom) Funnel vision? it's this one when they go ice sledding (Miley) We need to go Ice sledding!!! on robot, should we make robots and go ice sledding? yeah? or lasers? we should fly on lasers and jet packs, Miley can you make a jet packs? really? No I can (Ellie) How do you make a jet pack tell me!!! How do you make a jet pack? how do you make a jet pack? get metal (Ellie) Put fire inside it (Ellie) fire inside the metal? OK OK and what else? and then you put a like (Ellie) what's in the middle (Ellie)

of like the tyres (Ellie) what the middle of tyres? yes (Ellie) Like air? (JB Dad) yes it looks like a fan (Ellie) fans? like those things (Ellie) you put those at the bottom (Ellie) fans? (JB Mom) oh fans ok!!! oh she's talking about fan fan fans and then you put like a button in front of you (Ellie) and then you press it and (Ellie) then you fly in the air (Ellie) *Ellie's very very happy* so with hot lava metal fire inside the metal and fan what about some fuel any fuel, or are we good to go? Is that like a side thing? I'll take it or leave it, it's fine if anyone builds a jet pack using Ellie's schematics, Please let me know if you're still alive afterwards So there you go, fans, metal, fire and, What else was it? fuel if you want, fuel is optional though I told you about dinosaurs before though didn't I? every where you look there's dinosaurs poop in the ground No bones (Ellie) Dinosaur poop? (JB Dad) No bones (Ellie) *They argue about bones or poop are everywhere* dinosaur bones? Miley do you know about dinosaur bones?

*Miley nods her head* where are there? they used to live in England (Ellie) They used to live in England? (Oh, that's creepy) where do they live now? they died because of earthquakes so they died because of earthquakes? yes (Ellie) Really *Chris doesn't trust her* because of the ground (Ellie) Oh are OK, because of the ground. What's an earthquake? it's like when the floor shakes and then it all cracks (Ellie) Good girl (JB Dad) Then you fall down a hall (Ellie) You fall down a hole? *JB mom laughs* everyone falls down the hole? No, like dinosaurs. That's why they die. (Ellie) So they're all down holes? and then people ruled the world (Ellie) Do you still think the dinosaurs are down the hole? yes they are (Ellie) What they're alive then? But they're dead, they're still alive because of their bones. (Ellie) *Ellie laughs* *Chris laughs (very creepy)* you heard it here first guys Ellies going to be on the discovery channel Dinosaurs live in holes but not really, just their bones because their not alive anymore (Ellie) interestingly, the more I delve into it I was like looking at Youtube videos, in regards to vlogging and making it better.

I'm just recording on my phone right now, that is just standard Iphone 7 plus and it's not great really for doing vlogs on I can imagine like you know sideways, I can see myself which is great but the picture quality even though you might think its great compared to obviously to a lot of vlogging cameras out there it is a bit grainy and sort of amatuerish so I decided to sort of kick it up to the next notch I've gone and ordered A GX7 canon mark 2 as well as all the 4k filming and all those kind of things. So I hope you get all that 4k screens ready for this but obviously if you don't have that, it will just downgrade it on your screen but it's going to be crisp I also got a go pro 5 coming as well you know the Hero 5 like the latest one it's like 4k as well We are literally going all out for this I'm going to be recording from every possible angle Getting every possible shot. Every possible exciting thing and doing everything I possibly can to make this vlog a success and I hope you enjoy it as we go through the ride added benefit of being there from like the start when it was like errrrrrrrrrr and then like wow look at where they're going so I hope that it's going to be awesome!!! I've got some great ideas as I said earlier I'm just looking into it but I want to be able to record these great ideas in a great fashion

and I'm also looking at one of those drones as well because I want a decent aerial shot Since I got the Hero 5 from go pro coming I'm going to get the Karma Drone as well. Just waiting that to come out because they had a technical problem and that is coming out soon so when this stuff comes some stuff is supposed to be being coming tonight I"m going to go live I'll vlog opening it and we can check it out together it's going to be awesome guys!!! it's going to be great!!! SOOOOOO!!! The doorbell went and I think I fell out of my chair and then I get all excited, because I know what it is it's the revolution guys!!! it's the revolution the revolution is here guys!!! OH YES!!! *Chris is so happy* *CHRIS SINGS THE STAR WARS SONG* HERO 5 guys, Black Check it out!!!Waterproof, voice control, stabilisation, 4K!!! Guys, some of our youtube are going to come at you Touch screen back guysssssss!!!! Oh yeah!!! Oh Yeah!!! Even this is going to be better then the Iphone, because there's screens where I can see whats happening Guys I'm super excited for this!!! doesn't need a extra case

so I literally plugged it all in, played with it... Did my man thing and didn't read the instructions cause it's pretty self explanatory It's going to be epic and I can't wait till tomorrow when I'm going to film my first youtube with my Go pro