08 June 2011

Winged Wonders of Jungle Island

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our co-inhabitants and today's show featuring jungle island a vibrant animal sanctuary in miami florida USA where visitors can see birds flying about freely and interact up close with a host of other animals the park is the culmination of the dream of Franz share an austrian-born nature lover who opened the nature preserve to the public in December 1936 the park is on 8 hectares of land and supports 1,100 lovely tropical birds and hosts such magnificent beings as African penguins African pygmy goats orangutans turtles and other reptiles and amphibians jungle island is home to 500 species of plants as well now let's meet some of the islands winged wonders of our skies and landscapes with elegant beauty did you guys know there are a thousand different species of birds in the planet no well that's just a species guys although you can see the light blocking and sometimes talking like right here hi hello what have you introduced yourself what's your name for chey this is rigo everyone yeah now I'll 30 fears are hella pairs because it also be found at the side where I my column ability to mimic human speech now some toilets at

once I bria here we have people and to mimic other animals hey aria are you sure everyone that big dog beers city bar okay that's pretty big nod let's try that same big don't do this type of please fiji bar don't forget that please get a pre oh yeah that's pretty cute but you know this is the virtuous going to show you something how about a restore the morning another cool it's known as by not clear vision and that basically means he can look out on either side of his head focus on see several objects the very same time you know but I know any better I'd say creo check if you about the area I think she's pretty wow that's one clever bird the next bird will be introduced to is a blue and gold macaw so Nikki right here we call her a flyer so what she does is she flies around our theater during the shows and and she does a little bit of talking but most of her training is dealing with flying so hello hello oh she like I said mostly does flying but she knows a few words Robert there you go so she knows her boyfriend's name yeah sometimes is funny but those wings up there you go show off those beautiful wings all right she's actually a really

sweet bird she likes to play peek-a-boo uh she is about 30 years old she's uh really athletic she has a lot of muscles up under here because she flies all the time she's actually uh one of our best fliers a lot of our birds stick to a very set pattern and when she flies she actually tries to weave in and out of the trees and she does figure Eight's out in the out in the open area so she has a really good time fun time flying and she was now let's meet a noble African Grey parrot named Martin he founded the clock okay now some people don't know this but most parents taking the upwards of seven eight years old part here about 30 even though it's our culture's bellapierre anyway when we return we'll meet more of the winged wonders living at jungle island in miami florida USA please stay tuned to supreme master television welcome back to animal world our co-inhabitants on today's show we are visiting jungle island in animal sanctuary in miami florida USA the parts birds fly about freely and other animals roam free so that visitors can

experience them up close let's meet more of the islands feathered residents and we have Merlin who is also from Africa he is our hide crow we have an Andean Condor from South America we have a cassowary who is from northern Australia and New Guinea we also have a to from Australia and we have Tsarist crane from Southeast Asia and I African ground hornbill from South Africa so we have a large variety of different birds from all over the world cassowaries are large flightless birds belonging to the ratite family other members of this family include the EMU Rhea ostrich MOA and kiwi you're the closest living relative to the Velociraptor so if you ever saw she might look a little bit familiar now this particular case where me is 135 pounds she stands at over six feet tall when she fully extends her height I can check out that dates the kind of race just like that but that's pretty cool now in while the cats were hooked on the ride full of fruit if we can't find any fruit on the ground reach up into the tree and grab the lure anchor like she showed us just before just like this but that's still too high or out of the reach thing just jump in the air

sometimes clearing six feet just going to fit like apples they're going to watch a pass very eat an apple they swallow it all look did you see that going down that's pretty amazing huh a balanced diet for the birds consists of an abundance of nuts seeds and fresh fruits in addition Ryan gives a special treat to his little feathered friends fruit is their biggest thing I'd say that great the grape is the best thing that ever happened to these guys because it's like nature's candy so they just love grapes and seeds sunflower seeds peanuts and they get a regular dietary pellet every day Bridget gross gene who is the media and public relations officer at Jungle Island now introduces us to Maya a yellow naped Amazon parrot these birds are highly social and enjoy the company of other birds they also form strong bonds with their caregivers their coloring is very distinctive as they are vibrant green with their chests lean slightly lighter green and their tail a light yellowish green their name is derived from a bright yellow patch of feathers on the nape of the neck in the wild yellow naped Amazon's enjoy a varied diet of nuts seeds fruits

berries blossoms and leaf buds one of Maya's favorite foods is peanuts Getty kitty what about its awawa chihuahua i love you i love you i love you hello hello i love you i love you oh she maha maya was born in 1966 and she used to be a show bird in the old part now she's the tired but she still does her spiel every now and again and she's adorable we love Maya Maya what is it hello I know what's your name I am I has your name really Oh what about a cats kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty what about a chihuahua i love you i love you i love you one of the oldest birds of jungle island a cockatoo named pinky is surely everyone's favorite ladies bicycle he did not forget what is it what is it what is it he did not forget how to ride his bicycle at 67 years old he got on and he was faster than your new pinky yes you were false true i love you i love you yes your baby knowing of supreme master ching hai's love for our avian friends bridget gross gene had a special invitation for her I would love her second master to come and visit all the dads I would love to introduce her I know she has a passion for them as I do as we do here we have

500 different types of birds here I'm sure she will enjoy them all yes you are quite right miss gross team supreme master Ching hai does indeed share your passion for birds in fact she has 23 birds and personally cares for feeds and plays with them with the permission of her feathered companions supreme master ching hai has written a number one international best-selling book about them called the birds in my life supreme master Ching hai must have heard your kind invitation even before you said it because she came twice to your beautiful sanctuary supreme master ching hai has graciously allowed us to share some footage from her private collection of her visit to this enchanted place no cheating no G exactly look at the ball Wow very good boy good boy good job alright the professional way we sincerely thank supreme master Ching hai for her permission to share these private videos of her visit to jungle island please tune in for more delightful footage from supreme master ching hai's visit to jungle island on a future program only here on animal world our co-inhabitants miss bridget gross Jean had a final message for our viewers

cribbage good game Saban minutes we would like to convey our gratitude to the staff at Jungle Island for inviting us to visit this wonderful home for our animal friends may all the lovely residents of jungle island be happy and carefree forever gentle viewers we are delighted you joined us today on animal world our co-inhabitants coming up next is enlightening entertainment after noteworthy news mayor spirit soar high above in the sky for more details please visit www TV com /a w