04 October 2016

Winter Pet Care Tips - Interview with Deb Meno

On this segment of Chat with the Experts, Kiel Hauck talks with Deb Meno about how to care for your dog this winter. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: ...


you're listening to chat with the experts brought to you by angie's list on 93 WIBC welcome to chat with the experts brought to you by angie's list I'm Kyle hawk I'll be your host today and here on this show each week we delve into the world of home improvement in lifestyle topics getting you great information from reputable service providers and subject matter experts in their field and last week we got you ready for the fall season with some home improvement tips for autumn and if you're ready to ramp up on your home projects the season this episode is one that you really want to tune into you can find our podcasts and all of the past episodes of the show that we have to offer simply by pulling up itunes on your home computer or the podcast app on your smartphone just so chat with the experts you can hit the subscribe button to stay up to date on every single show that we put out and you can also leave us a review and tell us what you like about the show and of course you can also find our podcast by going to an cheeseless calm and whether you're looking for a contractor for an upcoming remodel you've got planned for fall or

even someone to clean your gutters you can find what you need reviews on service providers in your area it's all free and it's all at angieslist.com to get started all you have to do is click join now and again no cost at all to get reviews on service wise in your area and some really great deals on local service as well check it out at angieslist.com well now that the summer season is over and green gas green grass and sunshine are giving way to changing leaves in shorter days our time outdoors begins to decrease but so does the outdoor time for many of our pets so what should you know is the colder months approach when it comes to your dog's activity level and their overall health and are other ways that you can protect them and prepare them for the coming season well today we are going to talk with Deb me no puppy playground in Indianapolis Deb actually joined us last year on the show to talk about pet boarding and she's back with us today to share about how you can prepare your pet for fall and winter and also share some really great grooming tips with us puppy play Brown got started in 2004 and offers cage free interactive dog playtime and

the clean and safe overnight care and along with overnight boarding they also offer light grooming services including bats nails ears teeth deshedding and a whole lot more Deb welcome back to chat with the experts thanks for having me on Kyle I really appreciate you having me here today yeah yeah we're we're really glad to have you back and as I was telling you earlier the pet shows are some of my favorite ones to do it's such a fun subject I love animals and and i think you know just like most homeowners you have pets it's a very big part of their life and so it's always a fun discussion and as we get started I wanted to talk with you a little bit about puppy playground of course you know last time you're on the show you shared with us about pet boarding and now you know over a decade with puppy playground I know you've seen a lot of growth what's been the most exciting part for you during these past 10 to 12 years sure I would have to say my favorite part are the relationships watching the relationship not only of the pet with its family but then the relationship that we get to have with them as a client and there's so many

puppies who come to us on their very first day and there are 12 week old little fluff balls yeah and we get to watch them grow and mature and become you know adult dogs and it's just so fantastic to watch that process and to help Shepherd the owners through all the trials and tribulations of oh my gosh potty training to now you know they're chewing on my baseboards and to really help be a partner with them to raise a well-behaved and good pup to have in the house with them yeah that's excellent and of course one of the things that's a big part of what you do is you know training and caring for dogs absolutely i'm making sure their activity levels are appropriate for the age and the dog itself and you know what some are winding down i want to talk about some ways that we can help our dogs adjust to the colder months that are coming just now this week in Indianapolis we're starting to feel fall a little bit it's a little chilly in the mornings are there things that you should start thinking about this time of year when it comes to your dogs yeah now's a really great prep time before winter actually happens so one of the things that you

can do is putting your dog on a walk schedule so if you always say go for a walk after dinner that way as the winter weather approaches and it gets a little cooler outside your dogs naturally acclimatizing to the change of weather although this morning I walked up and I had a little shocked as I walked outside with it being 15 degrees cooler than what I expected but if you can kind of keep your dog on a little bit more of a schedule it's not quite as an abrupt adjustment when we do have the chillier days that being said there's a number of other things that you can do as well from keeping their coat brushed out just to make sure that that is using its natural insulation to keep them warm I had a great conversation with a client this morning that has a V shallow puppy and they love to be outside and hiking and this little lady has no coat to protect herself so now's a great time to start teaching her about sweaters and jackets so that when she needs to put one on it's not like dad what the heck is this it feels really weird she's becoming a little bit more used to it yeah had another great conversation with a bernese puppies mom of teaching the

dog to go outside and potty on command okay so that when we have a foot and a half of snow she's not out there for 25 minutes trying to get the dog to potty the zuri kind of learns a little bit more of hey when I say let's go outside and do the business we're ready to do it so that way I'm not freezing myself as well yeah well you know these are all great ideas because in a couple months you know maybe there's snow on the ground maybe it's really cold I'm not going to be an environment where anybody's going to want to spend an extended amount of time outside and you know we're not the only ones that kind of can get stir crazy during the winter months I imagine for dogs it's the same thing and it sounds like some of these scheduling activities are ways to kind of help prepare for that as well exactly making sure that the dog gets enough exercise is important in their mental balance and when you have a dog that's bored that's when you have a dog that can become destructive so even when it does get colder outside there's different ways that you can go through and still keep that activity level and still kind of keep them tired one great

way to do it is just through mental stimulation so a lot of dog owners don't realize that you can burn as much energy with mental stimulation as you can with physical stimulation so if it's too cold to go outside you know instead of just feeding them dinner out of their bowl maybe you guys do minutes of obedience commands or some hide-and-seek games there's also some really great puzzles or treat dispensing toys that instead of gulping down dinner in 10 seconds it's now going to take Baxter 30 minutes of rolling this treat around it gets him a little bit of exercise so he's not just sitting on the couch yeah really great ideas I wanted to ask your thoughts on what you should know about letting your dog outside during really cold conditions because there's a lot of really good things we can do indoors like you just mentioned but are those times and the dogs gonna have to go outside are there any things you should be thinking about in terms of their safety and just the overall care of the dog when they're going out into these conditions sure thing rule of thumb is if it's too cold for you outside it's probably too cold for them

too with the asterisk of you know if you've got a husky or a Malamute you know some of those northern breeds like Akitas that have the big dense coat like those are dogs that are meant to be working outside in winter right those aren't the Jack Russell terriers that you know might be up to their shoulders and snow and one thing to remember too is dog's body temperature is normally a little bit higher than humans for humans the 98.6 but for four dogs it's 101 to 102 so you take a little dog and you put them in you know six degrees or minus 6 degrees that body temperature can drop pretty fast especially if they don't have a whole lot of fuzz to protect them so if it's too cold for you you know be mindful of how long you're having your pup stay outside and especially also for puppies and senior dogs as well they just can't quite cope with it as well you know it's interesting because we hear a lot during the summer about caring for your dog during extreme conditions and we had a show earlier this year song about how important it is to think about your dog when it's really hot out about not leaving him in the car not taking them on extended lot long

walks on the pavement and really hot conditions but it sounds like on the flip side the cold conditions can be just as dangerous I don't feel like you hear about that as much you exactly are right they are just as dangerous and actually Indiana went through and passed some ordinances here recently that went into effect I believe last September that requires pet owners to make sure the dog has access to shelter also the dog has to be brought inside if under 20 degrees outside from the cold perspective or if it's above 90 the dog physically must be brought into a temperature-controlled building and it's great that our lawmakers are protecting our pets and trying to put some of these safeguards in place for their safety as well yeah no question and just like in the summertime you see a dog in that hot car being left alone it's just an it's an awful thing and just as we as people see those sorts of things and we know that something needs to be done there and so it's it's good to be thinking about that on both ends of the spectrum whatever the season is to be taking care of these animals and and caring for them the way we would want to be carried it's

a it's a very very important part of the conversation right now it's time for us to take a short break short break in the action but don't dog us we're going to be back in a few minutes with some grooming tips for your pup especially those hard to wrangle dogs you're not going to want to miss it keep it right here you're listening to chat with the experts brought to you by angie's list at angie's list we believe finding quality service at a fair price should be easy providing access to 10 million verified reviews is just one way that we hope our members find the quality service that they love and to help them feel even more confident about their home services they buy our silver and gold members can also qualify for Angie's guarantees when purchasing certain e-commerce offers on the NGSS com more and get the complete details at angieslist.com today