13 March 2019

With my friend walking her dog

that's my youtube channel it's right by

I have a special guest I'm staying at her house and we're walking her dog Frank her name is Lexi and I love you part of this channel too yeah so I'm gonna be like the one that is so yeah oh and Joe Frank Oh Frank is such an adorable puppy but we're going to be a lot of video recording him like [Music] [Music] a video recorded in a bathtub there's like two parts of the video like I don't left yeah we're gonna put it in the bathtub yeah go subscribe to her channel so grace Papa can hear in the background you can even see the cloud top beautiful the clouds are like oh my gosh yeah I know right like you want to hear the nature sounds okay now I don't have I haven't started a club thing yeah okay like this is gonna be the video where we start something but like when I get finally a dog poopy today decided water down here do you know the way yeah yeah I haven't been here for a while you guys so I don't remember he's not alive there's something about me holding the camera oh yeah this is where we saw it

well I thought this is Braz one walk over this guy this is where we found it on how long day I remember where we came to pick them up where you think I want to be a bit right now say guys by front about to die we'll cut you guys back so yeah I'll see you guys soon I'm alive I talked to Tom for a little while when we get back to the house so I'm subscribed hit the gray done hit the notification bro this is Ray and keep posted on my videos so I'll see you guys soon hit that bye yeah give us big thumbs up subscribe some more no see you guys soon bye bye