31 July 2018

Woofy Whoops Funny Dog Wee Board Games by Twin Kids Family Fun TV

Today Twin are playing Woofy Whoops Game from their birthday. It's so funny and exciting. Hope you guys like this video. Thank you for watching and all nice ...


[Applause] and then I don't know how much and then that's five noses then I need to push five patting yeah okay so going to so what we have now we have the camera already on here yes and here we have already some water and here if you see him closely you can see that roofie he ready to make a piece so if you touched him and unlucky you may get the piece to your face you can make a video slow motion yeah how do we need to begin with this who the now we're going to spin whoopee [Music] know how many times I need to push right up I like just only to tap this already oh and you see they can make a video they can make a a slow motion this is a slow motion video from their application [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] I already lost and let me show you want to be long nah it's really fun please don't cry and don't and don't forget to clip it back just good so I think everyone will be happy happy the family just to have a very good turf on for me

it video okay [Applause] [Music]