08 March 2019

Would I get an Autism Assistance Dog?! | Friday Q&A [CC]

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Oh, does anybody else hate that feeling when they've got hair

all over their back and their arms I feel like I'm molting like a bloody cat. bleurgh Hey everyone it's Katy and welcome back to my channel and welcome back to yet another Friday Q&A. This is where I take the questions that you guys have asked me and I answer them in a video. So let's just dive straight into the questions. The first one that I received was: What are your plans for World Autism Awareness Week? I am hoping this year for World Autism Awareness Week to do a video from Monday to Friday, so five videos in a week. I won't be uploading on the weekend because I like having my weekends off. But yeah, that's what I'm hoping but to be honest things have not really gone to plan with World Autism Awareness Week for the last like two years some of you may or may not know that World Autism Awareness Week was really really tough for me last year because cuz Meg died and it was awful trying to push through that and creating videos that were different from my usual content. So I do try my best to make content more fun or to put more out there or to do more things, but it is... it's become a really tough time of year for me and I'm not sure when that's going to get better or if it will ever get better. So yeah, hoping for five. Let's just see how we go. Could you please do more vlogs? and I've been getting this a lot, I'm trying to find ways of incorporating vlogs into the structure without feeling pressured to do vlogs all the time

or having to vlog every single week because vlogging, as much as I love it, I hate it as well because you guys know I don't like that whole kind of I don't like the way that vlogging can sometimes become intrusive and you feel like you have to vlog everything and everything becomes work everything becomes about content creation, but I do love it at the same time I can also understand why people vlog every week because I'm like it's just so much fun. So I'm trying to find ways of like incorporating vlogs into the structure, you guys really enjoyed my last vlog, which was my full working week which was like 30 minutes long and it was just me vlogging my work and I might do that like every month. Would you guys like to see like one week out of every month, the full working week? So you guys can see how different my weeks are you can carry on with the vlogging and we'll just replace a JUST DO IT every month with a vlog. Do you want to see that? Let me know in the comment section if that sounds like a good idea or if you have any other vlog suggestions that you would like to see cuz the other thing that I worry about with vlogs is there are like certain days that I would vlog but they're just gonna be like maybe less than 10 minutes long and it'll be just like a short video would you guys be interested in seeing really really short vlogs of just like a day or something that's happened? Let me know what kind of vlogs you want to see.

What is your favorite stim? I have a couple at the moment that I quite like. They're all to do with my hands. You guys know I still love my thumb twiddling one. I take these fingers and I just like twirl them around my thumb yeah I quite like that. The other one that I'm doing a lot at the moment, which I do really really like is this just so going through fingers and tapping. I have a lot of - most of my stims actually if not all of my stims are to do with my hands clapping, tapping, this, whatever you would call this. But yeah, this is my favourite one at the moment. The one I'm actually doing quite a lot and I sometimes don't realise that I'm doing it and you might see it in these videos every now and again but I, when I'm sat cross-legged like I am now I will move my one leg up and down so you can sometimes see in videos. I've been doing this and when I've been editing and I'm like, oh, I'm definitely stimming at that point. My leg will just bounce and I'll be like shaking a bit. I'll be like bobbing up and down. What is your favourite brand of jigsaw? and this one actually came from my cousin who is the most amazing lady who is currently subtitling and closed captioning all of my videos so big shout out to Emma, thank you so much. Everyone say hi to Emma in the comment section because she's doing an amazing job on this channel

and closed captioning all of these videos. So my favourite brand of jigsaw is not really a brand it is a person because I absolutely love Colin Thompson, and he does some amazing artwork for I think it's Ravensburger that he does most of his artwork for but anything that he's done if you just type in jigsaws Colin Thompson into Google literally all of those jigsaws I pretty much have or I've done or I want to do so those are the types of jigsaws that I am addicted to and if I see I like have to get. Those are my faves. What has been your favourite moment this week? I really like that question. Oh, I really like that! I love looking back and reflecting and finding things to be grateful for and happy for in a week. We do this a lot in Chewigem on the Chewigem sensory support page on Facebook we always reflect back on our week, and we look forward to the weeks coming and we try to get people feeling positive and confident about their achievements and their week ahead so I really like this question. I think my favourite moment this week was walking some rescue dogs. I have a friend who helps run a charity fairly local to us and they take in loads of ex puppy farm puppies and really badly abused dogs and cats that they need to assess and get ready for either being fostered or rehomed and in the meantime they need walking and they haven't got enough volunteers who would walk the dogs. So myself, my mum, and my dad went and we walked

some dogs with a load of other lovely people who were volunteering and we met some really awesome people and some really awesome dogs. So yeah, I think that's probably the highlight of my week. Let me know what yours is in the comment section. Have you considered a Patreon account instead of relying on YouTube for compensation? Yes, we have considered that as a community. I don't want to say that I've considered that because I don't think I would have considered it had you guys not like requested it. So as a community, yes, we have considered this we have discussed this. Done a whole video on my views of Patreon and why I haven't set one up prior to now. I'll leave it in a link for you guys if you want to go and check that out, but it's a really really difficult one for me because I see pretty much constant requests from people wanting to support the channel, wanting me to set up Patreon or some other kind of account that they can support and I feel guilty for not allowing people to support the channel if they want to but I also feel morally not sure about it and I just don't know where I stand on it really, I go back and forth with it a lot. I will see requests and I will think oh I just have to do this and I have to do it and then I'll go back and I'll listen to all the comments and read all the comments of

my Patreon video and see that everyone was so like supportive of the fact that I wasn't setting up a Patreon and I just like I don't know, I really don't know I don't want to do anything that's gonna like divide the community or segregate the community in any way. I'm not sure if it's something that I'm just gonna have to give it a go. Is it time that we have another conversation about Patreon? Are we at a point where we, we should be doing it, I don't know I think I've got in my head if I was gonna do a Patreon how I would do it to ensure that no one feels segregated or divided or that we don't have like a real reward scheme for people who who pledge. I think I figured out a way of doing that like getting the best of both worlds, you know, thanking the people who do support but also not leaving those who don't support behind. I think I found a good middle ground with that but I don't know. I really don't know. Yeah, shall we have a discussion about it, is it time that we bring that up? It's been a year shall we re refresh the Patreon discussion? Let me know in the comments. This is a very interactive Q&A You guys are going to be commenting a lot in this Q&A. What are your views on assistance dogs for autism? Would you ever have one if the opportunity would arise? Good question, I've seen this a lot on my channel recently. Personally my experience with dogs

has always been that they provide me with some some kind of benefit or support in some way and none of them have been trained service dogs so they've provided me with anxiety relief with getting out of the house, with being able to communicate more effectively because people are coming up and seeing a dog and they communicate with me because of the dog and then I kind of break out of my shell and communicate back. Deep pressure therapy, just loads of stuff that dogs just I think naturally provide for me. I feel like having a service dog would be amazing but I think that I would be doing it for the wrong reasons. I'd be doing it because they'd been trained so well, and they had like a bond with me and I could take them everywhere but I feel like any dog that I have can provide that service. So, I don't know it just feels like morally it's not quite right for me because I feel like I can achieve that with any dog and I don't necessarily have to take that dog everywhere with me because I can do things on my own some of the time, I would feel a little bit like I was maybe taking advantage a little bit I think so I'm not sure if it's the right direction for me, but I have seen the effect that service dogs can have on autistic people and their lives. I've seen it with my own eyes children, adults, they are amazing things. We don't deserve dogs as a human race, we really don't. So yeah, I

I don't think it's for me. I don't think it ever will be I just I just want all the dogs. I just want, I want all the pups. Final question for today's video because I do feel like I've rambled today is could you do a video on autism and executive function? Now this is something that I get all the time on my channel so many requests for videos on executive function in lots of different forms. People wanting Q&As, people wanting a proper sit-down video. It is something that is on my to-do list But again, it is such a huge topic that it is so intimidating to try and fit everything into one video. Yeah, I'm never gonna be able to cover everything on executive function I'm really not. So just to make this Q&A even more interactive because you guys clearly haven't commented all of your views enough already what would you guys prefer, would you like a Q&A or a sit-down video? Would you like a general video on executive function or would you like my experiences with executive function? because I'm not, I'm not a massive expert on executive function in all honesty, it's been something that has kind of been on my radar for maybe the last a year or so but I'm still getting to grips with what that actually means, how it affects me so it would be a very honest video about me not knowing everything and me just telling you what I've already learned and how I learned it. So it's not gonna be like a whole factual video unless you want that and I can go on Google and I can go through everything but I don't particularly like doing that. Let me know what you guys want to see because I do feel like I'm depriving you from an executive function video because everybody wants it at the moment

so let me know in the comment section what you guys want to see as well as what your favourite moment of the week was, should we get a Patreon and vlogs, what kind of vlogs do you want to see? Let me know in the comment section all of your lovely info. The other thing that you can pop in the comments is any questions that you may have for me to keep these Q&As going I need all those questions. So hit me with anything that you want to ask me on any topic nothing is off-limits pop it in the comment section, I will see it and answer it in an upcoming Q&A. Let me know if you've enjoyed this video by giving it a big thumbs up and I hope you've had a really really good day and I will see you soon. Bye guys!