11 September 2019

Yard Dog: 8 Hour Service/Inspection

okay we're going to a tower inspection

on Louisiana it's right there we've got all of our meeting of the sheets printed out and there's a whole bunch of other ones they printed off the Verizon and we have our maintenance log right there or I guess the explanation of them all first one on the eight iron session is print maintenance ask where did that tighten hoses and spray paint damaged hoses Rogers gonna help us today okay damage toes is looking for damage toes first ones we go to is the thumb you can see right there we got some damage right there right there a little bit right here and this is a better hose because it's got the wrap on it the point of the spray paint is I don't have any right now okay well normally I would spray spray spray spray spray spray and the reason why is that anytime someone sees you know customer says hey this guy damage we say oh well there's orange spray paint on it that wasn't you all means is that we're keeping an eye on it that we've noticed the damage and we're trying to figure out is it getting worse and how long is it gonna take before it leaked so we're just we're spray painting to let everybody else know that we have already

noticed and it's okay get out all the hoses hoses hoses hoses these hoses down here get broken a lot all right a tower inspection done I'm sorry that one has done the one thing that I ate our inspections done I think can you check that for me right here yeah I check the first two oh we got a like wobble all the hoses over there to see if we knew when we're loose there's a little thing we have any leaks though good take those top ones there all right all right check check refill engine oil and hydraulic oil spy glasses right here it's super dirty there it is I don't think you can see this on the camera okay there we go super really yeah that's okay it's full engine all it's a little low it's alright but it's a little low there's him yep we're gonna add something there and that's the 15 W 40 yes saying Oh yep same way and we're gonna leave this hatch open until we're finished with it that way no customers walk up and grab it and rent it now I'm gonna look at the coolant right now comes a little low we can put some more in there separators good check check

what's next empty water separator water separator is already good cleaner radiator and air filters radiator could be blown out we got some trash in there a little bit camera long focus but you can see you can see that light through there I think you can a little bit right good the ready there that means it's pretty clean look at the air filter yep that needs to clean up okay we're gonna get the air compressor where I clean that and a power push up also you need to check the tracks looking up the techs I usually just kick him I can't tell that one looks like it's alright but you saw it wobble a little bit this sounds pretty good pretty good okay ROG need you to film me doing a power push up the power push it up just all right Jackie's getting on the machine fixing to try a power pushup now mr. blatant to back down and the bucket down in the front he picked himself up off the ground with the blade in the bucket it's got higher push we're gonna do a power pushup it's just to make sure when the customer calls and says hey this thing don't work there

ain't got any power we can say well we did a power push up and everything was fine so let's try to figure out what else is going on I forgot to mention that when you do your push up and you put the does light in front in the bucket in the back and you lift the Machine up in the air that's when you get off the machine and you look at the tracks and see how much their sagging and that's how you know if you need to tighten them or not because I believe on your eight-hour check it says number six right there tighten tracks Rogers asking me about the fan belt tension really just press on it and if it's loose you need to tighten it it's right there but another way to do it is to know how hard the fan is to turn okay that's actually a little loose it's probably a little too easy to turn that fan turn the other way it is a little harder so that's okay yeah see I'm pushing I'm pushing that way and it's kind of difficult so that's okay basically you just want to know that this fan belt has enough tension on it to be moving this pulley in a circle so that the fans spin that's all you're worried about well not stay on the fan

if it is too loose you got to tighten it right how do you tighten it there's a little thing right over here there it is right there all you gotta do is loosen this nut right here and push on it push on the hole that's the alternator just loosen that but that bolt there push the alternator away and it'll tighten this this belt right here that up like you're looking at okay