10 January 2018

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ASK FOR SERVICE DOG PAPERS ! Resilience Counseling Center Public Access Issue


hello everybody it is camera where would

see the service pup we see hi good boy today I'm going to be going off on a little rant using because of something that happens this was issued earlier in it was it was very shortly mentioned in a video about my trip to this Dollar Tree with a bunch of kids however I'm resurfacing this issue because a lot of businesses and companies are very very very very uneducated on the ABA laws when it comes to service animals so happy is my service dog he is my service dog in training I am training him myself it's it's very hard I've spent more hours training him then I've spent working my job and it's a lot of work so it's it's not something to be taken lightly like I love him at the same time I've put so many hours into him that he is more a resource than he could ever be a pet because like today I couldn't even go to my Counseling Center because I was too anxious to leave the house without him well really to go will to travel a distance in a car with with children without them and so what I wanted to talk about today is how much people with service dogs need their service animals yes service animals are a commodity and some of us have functioned before having

them but once you have them it takes such a relief off of you it honestly does for use it for example I had so many more panic attacks before I got him even just even just him being there has helped me with my panic attacks because I have something to reflect back onto and hee hee has been trained in taxes to help me he knows deep pressure therapy etc we're working on his alerts right now and he is well behaved the reason our training is going slower is because I stopped retraining because that gears dogs the wrong way in a lot of ways and it wasn't working for him it was actually causing him to misbehave in public because he would get upset that he wasn't getting his treat so instead of performing a task because it was a game or something fun to him he was performing it because he wanted his treat any one of his treat right then and there and so what was happening is he would occasionally bark at me if he didn't get what he wanted write them in there now if you know anything about the ABA laws you know that a service animal that is out of the owners control can you can ask to remove them from a

facility and but here's the thing what happened the incident that led to all of this was I was getting a drink at a water fountain and this was back when we were treat training and he got very upset because he was thirsty and I hadn't given him water in the last 10 20 minutes maybe 30 minutes or so and I was drinking in front of him so he barked at me twice and I immediately corrected him and cut off the behavior this was in the counseling center and his bark isn't a scary bark it's more of a squeak in a bark at this point it's kind of funny because my Nana has a younger dog than him who's smaller who has a deeper bark but he barked twice and I corrected him and he did not and he did not bark again for the entirety of our visit to the Counseling Center I formally apologized to the manager of the Counseling Center and that was the end of it and so the next time we went into the Counseling Center she informed me the next time you bring your dog he to have a certified service dog papers and a certified service dog vest we need to see the papers from his training school and so I tried to explain to her it is illegal to ask for those things

those things do not exist and she proceeded to say to me if he is a service animal then he will have training papers and if you know anything about the ABA laws you'd know that service dogs do not have to have training papers it is illegal to ask for training papers from a service dog unless you are an employer because employers and and even men you're you don't you don't need training papers and a handler can decline training papers and when it comes to employers what you've run off of is you run off of a doctor saying basically a doctor's note saying this dog is going to benefit this person and they have a disability that allows them to require a service animal and that's all you have to provide and so what most businesses will do is they'll run a one to ten week process where they let you bring the dog to work and they see if it affects they see if it affects your work in a positive or negative way and if the dog is properly trained and such and if not they can say hey we you will not allow your dog because it is not well trained etc or it's it's in violation of these things or they can accept your dog and

basically say okay I I believe that the dog has good enough training and such so in fact you can bring this dog into work that is the only exception and to the rule so the problem is is now they're requiring me that I'm not allowed to bring him unless he has a certified service vest and certified training papers now one thing a certified service us what they're asking is that he needs to be a company dog and fun fact company dogs and certified vests mean nothing you do not have to have a company trained dog 88 law allowed fully allows the the person with a disability may train their own service animal to tailor suit them to their needs fun fact Florida is one of the few states that covers service dogs and training and puppies in training and so happy falls into the service dog training since he's kind of getting out of puppyhood he's getting a lot bigger over time but the things this thing still stands the she she said her dog barked the last time you were here so you are not allowed to bring him and I said and I tried to explain to her that I immediately I immediately took control

of the situation and by ABA law it was to mark the problem so here's where we run into the problem is the fact that she's requiring this and sadly it's illegal at the end of the day it's illegal and she isn't informed on the procedure ings for these things good boy good boy come on sit good boy happy and so with me and Happy's training we have done so much training together we have come so far and the fact that she is able to tell us you are not allowed to come to this place till your dog has a service vest and training papers is absolutely ludicrous because frankly it was a one-time experience and it happened two visits ago two visits ago and it was not addressed with me until my last visit so there was an entire visit where no one said anything and he had been coming to the therapy center for the past five to six months it's well not not five to six months um the past six to seven weeks at the very least and I was bringing him every time my siblings would go as well as went on the days when I was scheduled so it's not that they don't know he's well behaved they know he is they're just

looking for an exception because the main office lady doesn't like dogs and that's honestly when it comes down to we've never had any complaints from other patients in fact when he's at the Counseling Center you know what he does he does what a service dog is supposed to do he lays down he lays down and he ignores everyone but me and that's what he's supposed to do that is part of his job he it has to listen to me that is why I'm his handler no one else is his handler he listens to me and he does that so what I'm trying to get across here is because of people wide spreading these ideas that service dogs have to be company trained or service dogs need papers and certified vests none of that is accurate and frankly it's illegal to require this of someone I don't care if you're a building owner or what and today I reread the ad a guidelines and what they're doing is illegal so the resilience Counseling Center really needs to get their stuff in check and till then I will continue posting about them I will continue spreading awareness because frankly what you're doing is an injustice I was not able to

go to my counseling which I've not been able to go to in the first place for the past two months because my counselor has been on vacation I have major depressive disorder I need my counseling sessions they are very pivotal to my mental health and so what you're doing is you are robbing me of my mental health by discriminating against me and my service animal he is not a therapy animal he has not as an emotional service animal an emotional support animal he is a service dog and that's the end of it and what they are doing here is illegal and people need to know this it would be different if he was out of control and not well trained but for instance he has trained enough so I can walk him outside no leash and tell him to go potty and he will go potty he'll watch the cars go by he will not go after them he'll watch dogs and squirrels and cats and stuff and he will not go after any of those and the minute I tell him to come inside he is right there beside me coming back inside no lead at all and so here's the thing I have a dog that is very well behaved he uses the restroom on command and this has been

the only hiccup at the center he barked twice that's the only problem we've ever had with him he barked twice in less than three seconds and because he was upset that he didn't get water in which I immediately corrected him as you can tell I'm getting a bit emotional about this because I was not able I was so anxiety filled with not having him here today I was supposed to go thrift store shopping and I was supposed to go to my appointment but now I had to cancel both because I didn't have him with me and frankly that affects me more than anything he goes everywhere with me I bring him to the courthouse I bring him to my sibling school when I go there I bring him to the store I bring him to the park everywhere I go he goes with me except for when I'm going to work on my night shifts and that's only because I haven't trained him for for working in the store yet and I want to wait till he's just a little bit older before I go to my managers and request permission so my biggest problem is is when this kind of misinformation is spread you have you have public access issues and public a success issues are terrible for someone like me with generalized anxiety and

it's it's not okay it's not okay to sit there and tell someone because your dog made one mistake because your dog made one mistake that you immediately corrected he is not allowed to attend this facility anymore despite the ADEA laws allowing him to I'm sorry if I'm getting on to a ramble but this this has really upset me and frankly this is not something I'm going to stand for and so I will on spreading the word about this Counseling Center till the issue is fixed this is camera werewolf signing off and keep on wagon