08 January 2019

Young cat Old soul - Pamuk and her friends, the dogs

I knew almost nothing about cats until those two came into my life. Volunteering at catteries for a few years helped, but the lessons I've learned from sharing a ...

I found Pamuk one morning as I was

walking one of my dogs abandoned with her sister near a garbage bin it was just a few weeks old I brought them home and raised them both equally I would do the feeding and my dogs would do the cleaning they kept them warm and safe they both grew up considering the dogs to be their family even Apollo who never liked them and who never will since those first days you could tell that they were different Pamuk was never afraid of the dogs in fact whenever she needed something she asked for it taking for granted that the dogs were there to care for her like I was Sonny was attached to me and Pam ook-ook was just attached to the dogs as she grew older her relationship with the dogs grew also it went from seeing them as carers and groomers and living hot water bottles to friends and companions she never gave up on them although the dogs did in way the kittens were not tiny needy smelly and interesting anymore so the dogs started ignoring them more every day but Pamuk never allowed herself to be ignored she kept fighting for a relationship she believed she was entitled to in a subtle discreet way without ever being annoying but without being invisible either today

the girls are about 7 months old and they live in a house of four dogs sunny spends most of the day on my lap or in one of her favorite spots basically everywhere in the house she tolerates the occasional dog company but mainly she stays away from the dogs as if she knows that she has nothing in common with them Pamuk is different it's as if she tries to divide her time in the most democratic way among me her sister and the four dogs there are times within the day when she's a cat there are times when she is my companion there are times when she tries to fit in with the dogs do what they do eats what they eat sleep where they sleep she even waits for her treat at the end of the day just like the dogs - and she learned all that by herself simply by imitating the dog's behaviors and apart from her constant effort to be a member of this weird pack she ended up living with she also tries to have a separate meaningful relationship with each and every one of the four dogs Laura for example mainly because of her size I guess is like a cat mom when

Pamuk is seeking comfort and warmth sleeping by Lauer aside is her first option she imitates Lauer's calm laid-back temper and together they're very good at doing nothing with Pella she's different since panic became more of a cat Pella made it clear that she doesn't want her anywhere near her bed and Pamuk respected that she now greets Bella every morning with a tender hello spends a few minutes playing with pella's constantly wagging tail and that's it the days when those two used to lie together side by side are long gone but palooka isn't allowed that relationship to end she just lets it evolve to wherever it's becoming with my foster dog Lydia palookas more like a healer than friend exhausted and weakened by so many operations she had to undergo Lydia lies there quietly with panic by her side like a hot water bottle that keeps her warm and safe when the surgeon suggested hot compresses for Lydia's huge incision Pamuk did a better job than me in keeping Lydia's belly warm this cat even managed to have some kind of relationship with Apollo who had made it very clear from day one that he doesn't want the cats or anyone else

near him his bed or the space around him but every evening when Apollo has food aggressive waits for his dinner outside on the balcony Tomic stays there with him for half an hour until the food is served and they can both come back in they don't interact they just coexist this is the only time when she can share some moments with Apollo and that's what she does what makes her look so different than her sister has nothing to do with her upbringing or the different experience she's had those girls have been like two peas in a pod since day one Tomic was simply born this way I think she was born with an emotional intelligence that makes her build and sustain relationships with everyone that crosses her path she is able to evaluate every situation adapt to new rules set by others and adjust her emotional self in a way that makes her a winner in every relationship she is involved in no matter how challenging as they say when life gives you lemons make lemonade I was never really able to do that maybe that's why I keep observing pinoke as if she's here to teach me something like all animals are

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