12 January 2019

Zebra Finch Care

hi guys and welcome to the first video

on this channel before we start I really just want to mention that I do have other animals with me so and there might be a bit of background noise so just you know I apologize for that but anyway this video is going to be on basic Finch care just you guys know what you're getting into what you need to buy before you get finches because I know you might not be able to find anything online so this video so the first thing you're going to need is a cage the proper length and like measurements for the cage is 30 inches long by 8 inches wide by 18 inches tall and the reason that is is because finches that's like the bare minimum but you're gonna try and want to get something a little bit bigger but you can't really I don't know the reason you can't and that's what you're gonna want to try and get but yeah the reason you're gonna want that is because finches are one of the most active Birds which is why they have such a short life span so they're gonna need a lot of them to fly around when you're at school or work but it is crucial that you do let them out daily the next thing on my list is actually a nest finches do breed a lot which is like you

know if you want if you put a nest in there they are going to breathe in it you have a male and female but right here I have a I have two males one of them doesn't look like a male just because of the mutation he is but I have confirmed he is a male so that's why I put nests in there cuz I do not want other babies then just can have up to 10 eggs at a time so you're really not going to want to keep the nest in there if you have a male and female unless you're trying to make a business or if it's like a hobby basically you need a lot of time management if you're going to be finches the next thing you're going to need our toys although finches don't like necessarily shred toys like parrots do they do need the enrichment so as you can see I have some toys in there for them I make my own toys mostly just because this toys in the store are way overpriced and you can make you know pretty good quality toys from just stuff around the house the next thing you are going to need is a cuddle bone which I don't have one on hand right now but it's that white thing in the back of the cage I'll try to put one up on the screen when I am editing this but what

this does it is it just acts is another form of calcium for the finches if you're trying to breathe so they don't become egg bound or just something for them to chew on it from their beaks the next thing you are going to need is a good quality food for your finches this is the food I get it's by Higgins it's the vitae seed for finches oh hi Fifi I haven't had really anything bad with it happen yet but you know you want a really good quality finch mix that they stayed healthy the next thing you're going to need is food and water dishes these are some I have right now but yeah you're gonna need something to keep the food and water in and sometimes if you don't have a bath for them they can even bathe in this but I recommend getting a bath which I'll cover later just so that doesn't wait out the bars and everything I actually took this one out this used to be their water thing that's a kept bathing in it and I didn't want the bars rust so they just have their bath now the next thing I really recommend is a bird bath you get these pretty cheap although some can be expensive this is one the cheaper ones I

have for my parakeets the finches have theirs on the cage but finches my finches bathe every day and it's really they really need a bath in order to stay healthy and clean and at mostly any other video online that you watch will tell you you need a bath just it's it's good enrichment for them knowing that finches really can't hear anything apart like parrots I recommend getting vitamins just for some extra extra vitamin that your finches might not be getting from their food or if you don't feed them vegetables wrecked regularly this is a really good supplement for it so you're going to want to keep another dish in there just for some grit another thing I don't know if I mentioned is that it is never good to keep your Finch alone just because they're meant to be with any other species other than another Finch unlike parrots or any other kind of bird they really just not it's not good for them although they might become more tame they just it's just going to become lonely and depressed and it's just really better if you keep them in pairs or a flock but yeah I am going to have links to stuff that pet stores you read

it for them down below by category like I did with this video and I hope you liked the first video on how to care for a Finch um if you did please subscribe so you can see more videos like this and yeah thank you for watching