16 October 2009

Zelda's Beginning Running Dog Walk

We are toying with the idea of allowing a "true" running dog walk for Zelda. At 7 months old, we are limited to how much we can do with this, but teaching her a ...

all right so to effectively have a

running contact the dog has to be able to maintain a long stride if they shorten their stride to try and make the contact that's when you get a slow running contact and unsure running contact so I don't know yet if I'm going to have a running contact without that but we do want to encourage her to lengthen her stride so I have jump bumps back here it's not she's too young yet to really start jumping I don't want her jumping a lot right now but the jump puppies back here will help her learn her stride now I've got him at four feet right now and we're gonna stretch him out as she goes we'll have to see what is her good distance between jump pops I've just got three of them so that she can bounce between them what girl four and a half feet not a problem excellent jobs so in essence you can see this is the length this board on the ground it's the length of the dog walks ramp the top and both sides they're the same length and so what we're seeing is is that she'll have two strides going up one to two strides across the top and two going down it would be very important that we build that behavior in

her as early as we can so she understands these boards are for striding it's not for prancing not for walking but for striding so I'm gonna just let you see what it looks like this is the length of the top of the dog walk and each of its four good girl and that's the behavior we're gonna want if we truly want to reign in content which I've not sold on yet alright so we're going to take an idea from Wendy Pape Wendy P Wendy Pape has a video on Peters now this is not for the Teeter that I'm going to use her little idea for but what she did was she use these little garden hoops to help the dogs run straight I'll remove these one cell but gets the idea to run straight across the sport but because I work by myself I need something to help me here so she's got her toy that she wants to play with we're gonna plop her up on top of the board do our little restraining thingy good girl can't you help her target down the middle yeah good girl good axle and there was perfect beautiful nice good girl yes yes good girl excellent nice actually Gaza

good girl there we go good girl excellent job yes yes yes excellent job Zelda so that's where we're at with our running dog walk we won't raise it up and tired we don't want to put it up and get off but that will depend on whether or not she has speed and contact and confidence so I need to make sure that during these early stages that I don't do anything to curb her enthusiasm on this particular set of obstacles if we were to go with a three stride meaning she barely jumped the apex and then get one two three at the very bottom she'd have to shorten her stride if she was going fast and so I'm not sure that that is what we want to develop for her dog walk right now she's happy she's having fun and we want to keep it that way so we'll see what happens in about three months when her body is fully developed and that she's able to get on the actual dog walk we'll see what she does when the height causes some some other issues with her stride so but for right now she's having a good time that's all we care about we'll see you in a few months

and see how it goes good job cutie don't eat that bunny too much okay attorney you mommy better be able to throw oh that was a bad throw how is a bad throw yes excellent jobs out that excellent job oh it's so pretty Wow okay do that yes nice