18 April 2017

Zumbini Time - Episode 2

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zooom beanie time is here grab your

bells and let's shake them together [Music] woke up in the morning everything started to boo feel the music join the party I want to sing with you so welcome happy to see you welcome ready [Music] zoom be neat I'm feelin mud it's a lovely tune that's about the sium sailors don't forget your bowels just shake on the beach again a little safe [Music] [Music] [Music] one more time [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Hilly's birthday surprise it's early morning but Helius already up and excited it's her birthday and her mind is full of ideas about all the fun she's going to have today she could see a movie with mommy and daddy or go bowling with Jose TJ and Kalina it's her day and

everyone will surely be there for her Healey hurry Zack sighed looking to her surprise no one is there she then spots mommy coming Healey asks mom with a smile if she knows what day it is today Saturday mom answers her right says Healey but what else laundry day mommy asks what's going on has everyone forgotten Haley's birthday Deeley is getting worried mommy then asks hilly if she could carry some groceries into the house and put them in the living room living room and why is it so dark in here but before hilly can find the light switch a light is turned on surprise the surprise party TJ colino and Jose are all there they've been waiting here all morning decorating the walls and wrapping presents I had no idea Healy tells them and gives them all a hug that moment mommy and daddy come in carrying a birthday cake with candles and everyone sings happy birthday as Healy blows out the candles aren't surprises awesome she thinks to herself looking around and Oran family and friends simply the best are you ready to boogie this is a special one it's the

beanie boogie we're gonna start small but soon everything is gonna be dancing I start with a head all that resulted no hits [Music] [Music] around [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] around the room whoa [Music] find a live class near you at zoombini comm sign up for a zoom Feeny class now and receive an extra value welcome package [Music]