21 July 2016


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hey littles it's me Chloe I'm back with

a new video and see I'm back with a new video I'm not even going to lie on on the worst I'm having the worst creators blog right now um I'm not really sure why at all and it's really hot I don't know why I'm wearing my hoodie I'm having like the worst your creators blog right now I really don't know why um a lot of you guys have given me ideas so I have them here my noggin but I'm trying to figure out like how to put them together and it just sucks so I am filming but the most random video ever because I hate leaving you guys alone and I'm actually wanted to do this for a while I hope you can't see like this Walmart bag right here but oh again I'm in my sister's room this is actually like my main filming space now since she's in college um I'm too lazy to like cover this part up up her bed I usually try to film around it and like this part of her closet but oh well I really don't care Oh before I start the video I just want to thank you guys so much for freaking 600 subscribers like what in the world holy cow holy cow dude why why you guys like me at all like why I'm just the most nonchalant person of the most chill

person ever so I'm just like I'm not interesting though I really don't understand what is happening right now but I'm so so thankful for you guys like I swear every time I say this once I hit like another hundred subscribers and just fucking blows my mind for real like I really don't get it why you guys want to subscribe to me why you want to watch my videos why you like my videos why you like me in general but it really makes me so happy that you guys enjoy me and my content and I'm just so freakin thankful um I want to do probably like a Q and a if I ever I'd say probably like a thousand I think that would be the most appropriate time to do I think 600 is kind of random to do a Q&A so I say probably about a thousand I'll do a Q&A so look out for that and probably a year okay not a year whatever I don't know I don't know how old time flies what will happen I don't know the feature but um yeah so thank you guys so much at work for 600 so today the real point of this video is since I don't I'm having a terrible creators block if you guys could comment down below actually if you have any video ideas for me that'd be

pretty nifty but anyway the real point of this video is um since I've having my creators block I have actually been thinking about doing this for a while I'm going to give my ex ah the one that I broke up with I made the breakup video about who I've talked about in the previous videos before about him being 8 years older than me and us being in an interracial relationship and a theology relationship and all like that stuff I'm going to give him a call he literally knows nothing about this at all um actually I'm not sure if he'll answer the phone at all so if he doesn't answer this whole video will pretty much be turned to shit and I will have to delete this whole footage and just cry basically ISM I think I said it was my videos that he's very opinionated and he he can talk forever once you get him started on a specific topic that he's really vocal about he's a very vocal person in general very opinionated very blunt um and I always just wanted to share him to you guys I actually filmed a video with him before that was going to post on my channel um but the footage ended up being about an hour it was an hour long amount of footage and I was

close on how to cut it down and how I was gonna do it so I just trashed it because basically everything that we were talking about was everywhere and I just didn't know how to organize it and if you guys would like it at all um so I might post that in the future um it was a bout I don't even remember what it was about it was just a lot of opinionated stuff about DDL D to put it into short that's what it was well um if you guys ever really want to see that like a knife cut version of that cuz I don't fuckin feel like cutting that um maybe I'll post it one day I haven't talked to him um in about two weeks I I talked to him anon - on a normal basis um like we're friends uh he doesn't take care of me per se but he definitely keeps an eye on me um Craig I know you're probably going to watch this and be like what the fuck why are you calling me now oh so when you didn't try to text me back like a couple weeks ago I mean like two or three days ago I'm sorry I was at summer camp and I I saw it I was like oh I'll text it later when I'm not busy and I forgot so this is makeup for that okay I'm wasting fucking time let's do this hello hello

hey hey how are you you're okay what are you doing oh I am just hidden chilling basically I was playing Oh as I play I was playing Super Smash Bros not too long ago no I suck I'm terrible oh I didn't tell you that I was at summer camp and on oh yeah yeah that's I wanted to text you back about one time I just forgot - my bad ah I'm sorry I saw it I was like oh I'll text you backward and I'm not busy and then I forgot and AH you're mad at me are you at a good time sure uh high school kids are very interesting to say the least what high school kids are very interesting to say the least yeah hey so all the counselors were like introducing themselves at the beginning and they were like um I had counselor was like state your name classification where you're from and your favorite TV show we're like okay so people were just saying their stuff and then their favorite TV show and like kids would just be like whatever and then and then I went up there and I was like hey I'm Chloe I'm from Dallas I'm a sophomore and to all my anime friends out there um my favorite show is Full Metal Alchemist

and I thought it would be like two kids who do what the show was literally like all 200 and whatever kids that were there screamed it was the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life I was like oh my gosh she's not this serious but okay um and so basically throughout the whole camp kids would walk up to me we like you you like anime yeah it is more cool to be a weeaboo now so Fred how is it so sad being a weeaboo as being a free-minded I was a weeaboo once in my life stop making fun of me where you were aware yeah no I don't think I was aware I would say in seventh grade I was not aware that I was weeaboo I didn't really think of me being weird I just thought I was very um into Japanese culture there's nothing wrong with being a weeaboo when you are aware of how weird it is and just embrace that as more of your personality uh-huh but what point is it wrong to be a weeaboo it's it's wrong to be blind about it and do not realize that it's that beard oh no see I didn't realize it was that weird yeah like after I was out of money abou stage so I guess I don't matter anymore okay yeah pretty much I was one of those like

Kyle ie you're such a vodka kind of weeaboo I know three words of Japanese so I would use them as often as possible that was pretty much me and my friend I only have one friend in seventh grade and then we saw Pocky and a Walmart and we like freaked the fuck out and we were acting like it was the best shit on the planet went honestly it didn't taste that good at all it's really not that good oh okay it's not terrible but it's not like oh yeah this is the best thing ever but it's just because it was Japanese so we freaked out oh yeah little weeaboo brains just orgasms over pretty much no my my we abou brain orgasmed over anime characters so what have you done today all day do you say driving you're drinking Oh both just--all your drunk why you're buzzed for what what what drinking what water you say you're a little drunk no I would be illegal you're trying to cover yourself up huh no not dinner you're not no drink okay hold on Oh call you back in a second okay hey fight Hey uh well that was the end of that ha ha hopefully he doesn't kill me for that um

this video is so pointless why am i filming this at all I really don't know um probably because my mind creak it does block so help me with ideas we love be very nice but um yeah that was my ex yay he's single and ready to mingle I'm just kidding I I told him I throw them out there one day um that is a phone in the office that's lovely ok so I'm just gonna end this video so if you liked this video give it a big thumbs up and if you like me subscribe to me for my port meth and the more videos I'd love to see you again I will see you guys in the next video bye