29 June 2016


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oh I cannot get a good angle at all I

keep having a duck down so you can see me but this do oh crap hey little sis me Chloe back with a new video and after this video I want to talk about the differences between didi ology and 8-way because um for the past couple of months I've been noticing a few things from a few littles or littles as I hate to put it that way because I don't want to call people not littles who think they're littles or whatever but this has kind of been bothering me and I kind of wanted to make this video for a while so and I'm not in frame disclaimer before I really start this video um I just want to say I'm not a DDL G or BDSM or H play expert I this is just what I've learned from people and from my own research and some so if I say something that's wrong or something you go ahead and correct me I don't care um because I love learning new things about anything and if you have anything to add on to what I say in this video I'd love to hear that below so without further ado I guess we'll go ahead and start this video so as everybody knows DD LG has really been on the rise for the past couple of months and you know it's a good thing I'm really happy that

people are discovering DD LG um and finding out what they're into and stuff but um along with the perks that comes with the DD LG community getting bigger they're also some non perks or whatnot and this has to pretty much do with people not really understanding DD LG as a subcategory and or thinking that they are a little but they're actually not a little and they're probably an edge player and I will get into this right now so um I've seen a few comments um in the past couple months of people who say things like hi I'm it's a DD LG but I don't really want a daddy I don't really like the BDSM aspect of deedy ology but I really do like having a bottle and I love acting like a child and I love being like a child and all that good stuff and I'm just kind of like whoa sweepy then you're not a little you're just an age player so I guess I'll go ahead and start with my definition of what DD LG is um basically DD LG is in my what I know and what I've seen and what I've experienced DD LG is a softer version of master and slave um it's a more cuddly version a more caring version a more

nurturing version of master enslave um and obviously the whole BDSM aspect of DD LG comes from the power exchange from the daddy and the little so um yeah it's not all just about diapers and bottles and stuffies and all that stuff there's a lot extra that comes with that now if you don't like that power exchange you don't like having somebody tell you what to do and having to rely fully on them solely on them like all that good stuff you don't like being owned you don't like being their property you don't like any of that then you're probably not into D d LG you're probably just an H play and there's nothing wrong with H play there's nothing wrong with just being an H player H play it's great um I personally less into age play and more into DD ology do you have to be into age play to be in the DDL G no you know yeah surprisingly no you know um and vice-versa you don't have to be into d d LG to be into age play or like DD LG to be an eight-way vice-versa i don't know which one is at first but yeah everything is so wide ranged when it comes to BDSM DD ology h play a b dl anything like that so I just want to throw that out there and also another

comment that I've seen I've seen a lot of people say things like um I'm a little but I'm a brat because I don't like obey to my daddy's rules I don't like my daddy's rules so I just disobeyed them so I'm a brat I'm like well let me just throw the definition of what I know of what a brat is so a brat is somebody who purposely disobeys their daddy or their mommy's rules so they can get punished like solely to get punished because they enjoy being punished so if you don't like getting punished if you don't like getting spanked if you don't like getting whipped if you don't like any of those punishments that come along with DD ology or the power exchange of DD ology or any of that then you're most likely not a brat you're just not ended idealogy I hate to say that I'm not like a doctor here it's something like oh you're not into DD ology I know exactly what you are like I don't know I just feel like a lot of people don't research enough about DD ology they just get really really excited that they found it and they found something that they're interested in and they just instantly think they're into DDL G but they're

possibly into just eight play solely and alone but um they don't really like to be owned by somebody or somebody's property and something and that stuff comes along with DD ology you know it's not just stuff these and all that fun stuff like I mentioned earlier um I think the whole rise of like DD ology and this stuff I'm not sure why it's happening I mean I'm happy that it's happening but I just feel like a lot of people really need to research a lot more into it um because sadly it's making art I hate to say this is making our community sort of kind of look bad because of people who don't really understand DD LD and it kind of sucks you know getting about reputation from people who don't really understand the subcategory and I'm not saying that's the only reason why we have a bad reputation but I mean that's the mean that's the main problem that I see is happening and I have to keep explaining to people who keep calling me a pedophile and gross because I um because I encourage rape culture which is what like what the fuck how does rape culture and idealogy like come together that two totally different things but

whatever didi ology is really having like the same effect that when like fifty Shades of Grey the book and the movie came out you know all these girls instantly just thought wow my favorite hair on my face instantly just thought that they were into BDSM and the whole BDSM community just got pissed off because there was just a bunch of girls who didn't know what they were doing and that can be really really dangerous it's been like especially if you don't know what you're doing and you're just just throwing yourself out there I just really hate to see one of you guys get hurt um I mean the same chain reaction as you know what I did this wing that's happening with didi LG Oh will it simmer down yes it will when will it simmer down I have no idea um but I just really encourage you guys to really research about DDL G and age play and all of these things and figure out what you are before you start acting on what you feel because I would really really hate to see one of you guys get hurt um that's the last thing I want you guys to ever to happen to you um so yeah I just want wanted to throw that out there and like I said I've not a DDL G BDSM or H play

expert this is just what I know what I've learned and yeah so um I guess that's gonna be the end of this video if you liked it and give it a thumbs up and if you like me subscribe to me for more videos I'd love to see you again and uh yeah so I'll see you later bye um what is this video about again