17 April 2017


Brittany's Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOGxB3c5Fqs FatKat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKbhl72QnvTjwRDgXvqTSzg Thank you so much ...

okay the most dreaded video I will ever

make in my life hey little Sammy Chloe um finally with this video that you guys requested so much because you're all terrible just kidding I love you but liberally like on almost every single one of my videos somebody will for like on Instagram or in private messages somebody will ask me my opinion on underage little and I will I thought you guys would get the hit what I would just ignore that question but the only reason why I made this video is because I saw a comment and I think baby girls Nero is that her name I don't know I don't really watch her videos but anyway I saw one of her videos and it was titled like something it was like one of her q and a's I think and it was titled about like underaged littles and there was this one girl who commented and she said that she is 12 years old and alone and I was shook his fuck like what do you mean what does that even mean like what huh without further ado I'm gonna talk about that later but I'm just going to state my opinion so without further ado let's get started oh so I really do not know how to like explain my opinion because I have this

thought and these words but I didn't know how to put them together but I finally found this video that connects crap describes my opinion in the most thorough way possible and I'm going to link the video down in the description and I encourage you to watch it before you watch the rest of the video because I'm not going to say anything really about the video but it is by Brittany Simon and she's the most amazing she's my favorite PDS M BDSM youtuber our videos are fantastic she is so beautiful and I think she's really reliable resource especially on learning about BDSM and things she talks about a whole lot of different things so I really encourage you to check out her Channel and subscribe me right after you watch our videos her video that I post down here but yeah so I'm going to give you a few seconds to pause this video watch this and they come back so now I'm just going to assume that you watch the video hopefully you did because it's amazing but um now I'm sure a lot of you were like oh well I guess that you're just going to bash underaged littles now and all this stuff um no I'm not going to

bash you and if anything I am super jealous of you because you figured out what you're into like long before I did like you're like 15 16 17 and you figured out what you're into you could be spending all that time researching about what you're into and then when you're of legal age finally getting started and when me who figured out what I'm into at 18 years old and meant having to waste time basically learning about it and then fight like finally getting started on it so I don't like get hurt because BDSM and like bbl/d and BDSM anything involved in BDSM really is not something you just jump into like it involves so much for you research and I don't think you guys really understand it because there are so many different ways you could get hurt if you do not do stuff properly even in video G like it really doesn't matter there are many different ways you can get hurt whether it be physically or mentally like it doesn't matter that's why I really encourage you to research before you act on anything I'm not mad at you for being interested in videos because you're just finding out what you're interested in but like really

really research because that is what this time is for like I'm super doze of that and some of you guys will say I've seen a couple of you be like well I don't really see how it's a problem because like I'm not doing anything sexual like I'm not a sexual little I don't want a daddy I I just went to a druggist I just want to wear like a diaper I just want to drink out of a bottle I just want to color I just want to act like a child and I'm like well if you don't want a daddy if you don't want that power change then you're just a producer you're not a little and it's not classified yourself as a little because a little and being a professor are two completely completely different things things and a professor is not a king a dresses and ctod are like over here you know things like a progression can be brought in to genealogy but it's not video gee you don't think so don't say you're into genealogy if you don't want that power change you don't want a daddy you don't want any of that if you just want to a dress that's fine and I have no problem with minors being in a digression because age regression to

sanity so just be sure to label yourself as something that you're not like I'll see a bunch of like and newer people just get excited in all of a sudden just label themselves as guilty and that's not really the case one girl said something she was like well I'm just going to keep calling myself a little because like I'm acting little therefore I'm just gonna call myself a little and I'm like okay this is what I'll say about that little the term little is just short for little girl or little boy in the term daddy dog little girl so if you're not that if you're not in that dynamic if you don't want that dynamic then why are you call yourself that that makes do since then some of you guys will say well okay well my boyfriend and I are both underage so why is it a problem like it's not like I'm doing it with an adult like my daddy is a minor as well so it's not a problem you should mind your own business and this is all have to say about this what does year what does your 15/16 flash 17 flash 18/19 slash 20 year old boyfriend really know about being a dominant or a daddy what what do they know about being what do

they know about being a dominant what do they know about BDSM what do they know about me you ned oh wait your boyfriend this is not an insult but your boyfriend still lives with their parents and their mom still has to tell them to wash the dishes their mom still has to tell them to wake up in the morning to wipe their own ass to go to school like what do you mean like I don't even call my current boyfriend daddy I don't even classify him as my daddy because he's not he's he's very new to the community um and I'm still new to the community like I've only been in the community for like two years like what do I like no but um he's very visible community he doesn't he doesn't technically know like anything very much about being a daddy yet therefore I don't call him my daddy I would like him to be my daddy in the future but he has a lot to learn therefore he's not I don't claim him as my daddy he hasn't reached like the title of being my daddy like he's not so because he's not trained at being a dominant yet therefore he's not my daddy he just my boyfriend and that's fine but some of you guys are like jumping into

it and like instantly like claiming your boyfriend a new daddy went like what what do you mean egde like what does your little teenage boyfriend feel about being a father or daddy or a dalam like what that literally makes no sense um the first study I had he's been in the community for like eight plus years so therefore he knows what he's doing and when I say he's the best idea I've ever had he was literally the best daddy I ever had like he was leeches like um and you're trying to call your little boyfriend who just figured out what media some was like a day ago like it literally makes no sense like what Oh a 12 year old girl who claimed to be a little so I commented back on her and I basically just told her that I was like I think you mean you're engaged regressor because my ex daddy told me this a long time ago and it made so much sense and also a fat counter bike which he just made didn't make a blog channel but he just started posting the more on his blog channel and he's dedicating a lot of it into DDL G now so I really encourage you to go and subscribe to it because he was a great great resource

for new daddies and I really really think that a lot of you can learn a lot from him I learned a lot from it I think he's fantastic so I really encourage you to go check him out and I'm not only his channel in description but anyway he said in one of his videos that you can't be a little if you're still just a kid like you're not a little you're just still little like you're just still a child like therefore you're still going to be interested in child activities like your no no man I'm like what do you mean you're 12 and you were into BDSM like what well okay when I was 12 years old I was in seventh grade yeah I was like in seventh grade so you're not even like halfway done with your basic education and you're saying you're into medius and when I was 12 I probably didn't even start my period yet and you're saying you're into BDSM when I was 12 I wasn't even allowed to be on YouTube yet like I wasn't you're technically not even allowed to be on YouTube yet and you're saying you're as a media sim just just let that soak in for a second I'm just going to let you suck that in I'm trying so hard not to be rude because if I don't need to be I

don't need for it to come off to as rude I'm just being like honest from like someone who's barely adult and adult like I still point myself as a kid because I don't pay my own bills yet like I'm still learning to be a result like I'm a kid I won do I know about the real world like I'm still trying to get on my feet and you're like a lot of you are like well I'm really mature and I bet you are I bet you are very mature for your age but being mature and partaking in stuff like you do not own your body as a minor you do not own your body like your parents or your body does it like I don't think you guys really understand like how serious this is and when you say you're not hurting anybody oh god I hate it like when you say you're not hurting anyone like it's not hurting anyone being an underage a little that really shows how much you really don't know because you're hurting everybody in the entire community who is of age basically up to make a long story short by partaking in something that is illegal for you to do but I know that none you are really going to listen

anyway so I mean you're going to do what you want to do at the end of the day not even 21 Bailey I get even drinking you guys think like I'm a reliable source we're like BDO do that's what's so funny to me like I haven't even been in the community for like over two years yet well over three years there's been two years now hasn't been three years I don't know anyway um but I haven't even been as a community that long and you guys think I'm like this expert at DDOT like no ma'am no ma'am I'm still learning myself I learned something new about this community every day I still haven't even been to my first BDSM dungeon I still haven't even been to my first playdate so like really what do I know and like it takes so much time to really learn about this whole community but I'm not going to drive this too long like I'm just like going here and there and you're in there so I'm just going to end this video here if I hurt your feelings I'm sorry if you want unsubscribe bye I'll see you later or not like I really don't care but you want to drive or like us follow me because I'm making this channel like I made this channel for myself not to

like be you famous or to clean you like I made it for myself so by then see you later yeah so I think that's going to be the end of this video god this may be the most awkward video member Bob anyway if you like this video give it a big thumbs up and if you like me subscribe to me for more videos she'd love to see you and you and I'll see you the next video bye thank god that's over okay