19 December 2019

#dog walk time

hey guys what's up today well I'm just

gonna be taking my dog on a walk but once I I want to show you something my ELF looks like these two em krabby patty spongebob so first I have to put my shoes on right I gotta put my shoes on [Music] Popie lunch lunch lunch Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] hi guys we gotta go get my dogs from Outback [Music] there's my lady rope little island come on so come on let's go in stop art yeah why done that's what we're gonna part coming in no okay one let's go home up he loved rock stars you're gonna walk let's try to do this one-handed [Music] [Music] [Music] we kept let's go we're going on a walk wailing anything happens y'all know I was videoing whoa whoa boy no sorry look I want to show y'all got something this is where a herd book down and this one is where our goats used to be a snap to

don't know why like no no no no oh my god Margo that's why [Music] Hey [Applause] [Music] hi I'm coming down my road here that card this isn't my horse strength disgusting [Music] don't call though you're not really good harder come on [Music] lang [Music] on this road on this road a lot of kids get kidnapped gives you a hint mom if you look up my boyfriend he doesn't you now but before this he lived in a hotel right now [Music] today for ya besides you my little big boy this is my big big boy this is my big boy I'm gonna get my little big boy three two one reunite reunite hey I never worried you didn't even jump out I lay them out that's all that game you eat it and I'm sorry guys this is my

tack room right now nothing hanging just this stuff alone get it out before my mother put all this stuff on the pond another acre there's a lot of things on my trade him like a baby oh no I tried that job that one in his mouth when they didn't want about it okay wait this is the wrong video [Music] bye guys