18 February 2017

#leaderaccessories Leader Accessories Pet Dog Car Seat Cover Bucker Hammock Bench

leaderaccessories Leader Accessories Pet Dog Car Seat Cover Bucker Hammock Bench http://a.co/01TyF9z A great seat cover. I will use this to protect my seat ...


hello everyone on the internet my name is Justin bright up and this is another episode of chest and epic amazing reviews ok so here today we have from leader accessories again so you can call toll-free at 877 662 9808 WWE der accessories calm and this is a seat cover and I don't know why it says ultrasonic because I don't know what that means top it is he covered by ultrasonic I mean that really doesn't make sense ok so here we go i mean let me know in the comments if I'm wrong because I just maybe need to read the description on amazon or something besides don't I don't get it ok all right now what we're going to do is going to open this up and I am NOT going to install this today already installed one that's almost exactly like this one is black and there's a it's so cold here it's like 10 degrees outside or less and and the backs back seat is like fro shut the doors are frozen shut and i've already installed quantity black in their 30 in the car right now so what I'll do is I'm going to show you some footage from that video of installing what it looks like to have this in a car but we're going to go ahead and take

this out of here we're going to take pictures of it because I'm required to and we're going to put this put this out I'm to be keeping both of these because we have two cars and all right so here's the sheet cover let's talk about it a little bit because basically you know I didn't really talk that much about how to install these in the last video where I spelled the black one so these right here are I think with a seatbelt go through i could be wrong let's open it up here and see I really need open up they don't have to fold all back up and put in the box store it for now the weather is just not the outside to install the trigger I mean you can but like I said Mike yeah okay so I was right ok so these me fold this back up oh I'm hoping I can hold this back up that would be really nice kiss not ready to play with this right now okay and did to do do do this is not playing nice with me I might have to pull this different way I was going to show you how these works basically now this one is a little different than the other one in my other video and I'll tell you why it covers the top of the seat at the back of the seat and then

the top of the seat but this one as far as I know does not hang down the parenthesis or connect to the head rest on the seat in front but it does connect to the head rest on the back teeth and if you need more information click the link in description video for the product on Amazon and then you'll understand more about this product and how it works and tiring supposed to assault but the seat belts do go through those little holes i was trying to find them again where did they run off to there they are okay it's exactly the bus so these holes here are wear your seatbelt go through from a seat and looks like there's something on the edge to on the edges the splits open if you want but yeah you put this ebook of skibo through here you take the back she put them around the head rest in the back seat on your bench seat and that's right as follows and like I said won't a video showing this includes with Amazon show you but these are really great and I'll tell you why these are so good so this particular one I don't know if they can get stained I imagine it can because it's closest fabric but um the thing is about this is so cool is it you put

these on your seat and then if you got know something heavy or sliding around your back to you worry about hurting back teeth you got see so you know you you might be able to throw a shovel on your back students I heard and it might reconcile your doors but um you could set you know stuff money now this is design / pet that's what they're designed for they're not designed to recommend it for ever uses but I'm telling you that's the reason I like it is buzz you think you know I I Chuck stuff in the backseat I don't worry so much about hurting the bench seat because you know or you get a seat covers already on there something you just put this on top and now you've got something you know that's going to protect your seat and that's what's so nice about this all right so I got it in there basically you want to make sure you've got some head rest of the top of your backseat otherwise what you're going to have to do is pull the seat out or something to find something hook the top on but you see there I just secured it in with the seat belt so I put the seat belt through and because it's got the little velcro

holes there and it goes over the edge of the seat now it doesn't go all the way to the top of the seat I'll tell you that in this car you can see it's below the top there but again I don't have it hooked up there to anything because I can't I just I just can't cause nothing dairy hook to but it's a very good seat cover and I like it because now I can just take groceries or bags or whatever anything and just set it right on there as long as it's not you know some sort of a liquid substance it's going to soak through and I can just put it on there not worry about ruining the seats so thanks for watching the video like comment share and subscribe please click the links in the description the video and share the video and may Jesus bless you