31 August 2018

"Funny Moments" 🎒 Minecraft School Renovation W/ Nether Marie

Today Lili dear and I go about creating School for girls season 5! We go on a school campus tour, making puns and jokes all along the way, before revealing our ...

oh you look so blue no I'm not

no this is literally five seconds into comedy turn turn that way Wow let's do a proper intro because I forgot about seventeen hey guys it's rocker stripes in today I'm a school girl that's like Japan or whatever oh hi oh hi entrance look at us we're being so like Japan people we so like you want to take it lol this school it's so beautiful yeah let's do it let's do it too so so you walk in like super one out Freck in but like that's kind of Trish's windows that's kind of dangerous okay see walk in the doors don't walk into the stairs yeah it's very beautiful inviting front entrance as you can tell yeah over over on your right you have a hallway Nover on you left you have a pretty identical hallway is there any identical hallways it's not it's not perfectly identical it's perfect no because there are signs this is one C and on this side it's one beat so it's not identical get rekt oh oh I think it's like I'm a dorm or something over this way it looks like a freaking barn house what the heck yeah I kind of thought this is where we're gonna learn how to ride horses you know we got Brendon Urie Panic at the

Disco the Foxes sisters we have a great story oh shoot it's fine I think it no I'm okay would you like to come see your dorm sweetie darling this is Orion we should by the way this is this is um a dungeon for thanks my dorm no this is the attention up here is your dorm you dumb dumb dumb you Dumbo come in here this is your room my mother was actually falling dude my you know what I only set the school partially on fire okay here's your dorm it's as you can tell very nicely and lit 'add lighted Litton really just doesn't look like a jail cell I don't know I actually I packed my own bed it's custom made it's through the floor there we go there's my bed I brought this this is what I brought with me to school okay I just had this under my skirt okay it's very painful I mean usually people call this bushes and sort of cake just I'm choking on that cactus I brought I mean it would hurt you know my throat and all over here we have the Mona Lisa when really you guys just have the Mona Lisa yeah this is Mona Lisa she's napping right now that's why she doesn't have a face well you just destroyed history

well then yeah I did because I am history these gaming top-of-the-line computers whoa this is like better than the setup I have right now you can see audacity is already running on here like this is a version of audacity I would have never thought I'm just looking at the school burn shut up over over here we have the home and cooking class Wow look at the state-of-the-art kitchen we have here we have the furnace another furnace we have a huge trash can right here no sweetie that's aqua fox 333 most original joke out there omegas sandwich first oh yeah this is of the gender-fluid toilets oh god there's no doors everything's fluid this is worse than American school stall room doors you know those cracks they emphasize too much crack get it both ways cuz ice isn't right the dork and cocaine we don't endorse this rocket stripes so clean Channel you've ruined the gosh name only nice water fountain in this dunking school all right it's it's dry sorry don't it's stone cold there's lava on the floor we don't question that yeah

it's because you it's because of you I blame you why would it be because because you literally set the whole school on fire you don't have proof it's not like she totally put lava and like just watched me die you know no it didn't happen it's not like the recording glitch or you know Kirsten just never started the recording in the first place hey guys it's rocket stripes I'm not recording Lily why are you moving are you haunted Kirsten why are you annoying are you possessed up on the third storey the boys win is for suicide but the third one here this is for learning Kirsten yeah I'm gonna pull you aside for a moment we're trying to renovate my whole school are you prepared for this daunting task as an anime schoolgirl we are here abound I'm always called it's a catgirl when I'm not you're right your cactus girl yeah I'm a cactus girl you ought to get the gist but not tense cuz we all we have those oh my gosh you Lily find your club the soup club we can't have this storm cuz as a door hash try privacy kids don't get raped that joke was on point

you're really sir male about you know what that that joke really sunk you know what you should use this you know so your skin doesn't look like it does all the time loose stretched I don't understand you're always calling your King skin fat that's what I'm talking about that's not my skin that's the fat inside my skin it's not how it works actual skin okay guys so we went ahead and we completed at the dorm room and it's looks it looks pretty great huh No okay so babe so basic especially since I didn't do any of it I shagged accurate no we're going to be doing what are we doing Willie okay she died beauty vlogger or life's life YouTube wait do you have to say what how dare you anyway we're going to be doing a room tour no crisis over style alright sorr whoa minecraft hashtag dorm my goodness you did put fire alarms literally everywhere yeah cuz you're gonna set the place on fire again [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] you know what I have Larry or Tom or Sidney and Jeremy that's what I said thanks for watching budget Groundlings is it things trick Lily out link to description thanks for watching bye bye what's up part 2 coming soon also part 2 not condone also comment if you want the sweet thing series also comment if you want like us to like decorate the whole school and like cry it's a whole school and not normal size building the whole sheesh you know yeah also comment if you want this to be a series of us are doing the school thanks bye also um we're twins not really bye let's do something Mormon hi Dave I believe in girl I believe I believe oh yeah it's Nagori Oh what are you doing victory all the way [Music] dislike the video King unsubscribed it and then go outside and make a sandwich that is my advice to you thank you she's gonna probably keep