12 March 2019

"Otter" A Briard at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

The Briard is an ancient breed of France and for centuries has been sheep herding dog, guardian of flock and home, and all-around farm dog. Reported to be ...


we're at the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club dog show that started in 1877 and is the second longest continuously running sporting event behind a Kentucky Derby which started in 1875 it predates the automobile radio television and aeroplanes founded in the shadow of the Civil War members felt that a dog show would bring New Yorkers together today there are over 2,800 purebred dogs here all vying for that Best in Show award so now let's take a walk around and meet some of the owners and breeders and some of these purebred pups we're with otter and first off what type of dog is it this is a Briard and tell me about the Briard so the Briard is a French herding dog and they are basically a heart wrapped in fur and and tell me its function they actually were bred to herd sheep but then they also are a good guard dog as well and during World War one and they actually used them to help find fallen soldiers tell me about that story about werewolves run and fallen soldiers well they said that breeds are so sensitive and this was a saying that I read that if a soldier was you know I'm not doing well and a Briard walked by him that he

knew he wasn't he was a goner because they're so sensitive to how people are that you know when he walked by he knew he wasn't worth risk you know saving because he had to find somebody who it was worth it I mean it sounds kind of morbid but that's just trying to tell you how sensitive a Briard is to people no it's its eyes seem to be covered a little that's a good question and I've been asking myself I think it actually is to kind of surprise the sheep when they can't tell which way they're looking or going and so the cheap always have to be on guard to know what they're thinking and doing you know I've heard that like if a burglar comes in and they can't see their eyes to ground that dogs are looking at them they can't tell which end they're looking at to you know and now how old what was at her honor he just turned three yep and has he done any show he does we we live in Alaska so we don't get to come out of state Alaska yes but we don't get to come out of state very often but what we have done he's done really well he is the youngest male Briard in history right now to are in the United States to win a Best in

Show at twenty-one sold so he's done pretty good for himself I take it then you had to fly here correct yeah how was the airline um it's it's been interesting just because of the wetter weather going on in Seattle right now so trying to get in and out of Seattle has been a difficulty so we've had to fly a little bit longer we had to go out through LA to get back up here so but they it's probably a little nerve-wracking right with the compression and it is yeah it on the noise you know was especially like you know we don't realize it because we're up in a pressured cabin with the sound and everything but down and below you know and the wheels come down it gets pretty loud for them you know and so you can be worried about how that affects their hearing and stuff like that filling children like with any hurting dog though they need to be raised and trained to you know to understand how come children move fast and stuff and that's not something they need to heard yeah a lot of grooming yes we weekly about three hours every week he gets baths every other week you know coming from Alaska

people think that you know he would just love it up there yes he does like the cold but the snow is our enemy because it likes to glob onto them in big chunks you know and it's dry we have a very dry climate in Alaska so it makes it harder on the coat as well and I'm crystal heart reporting from the Westminster Kennel Club dog show hope you've enjoyed the show and thanks for watching [Music]