24 October 2015

**URGENT!** CATS (27) for ADOPTION @ North Platte Animal Shelter ~ 10-23-2015

Available for adoption at the North Platte Animal Shelter. They are open 1-5 Mon-Fri and 11-1 Sat and Closed Sun. 1402 N. Sycamore in North Platte, NE, ...

okay the shelter is full of cats and

kittens again okay sleepy why you keep it easy this is the most cats i think i've seen all year so consider adoption and remember that positive partners has a $25 spay and neuter campaign right now until I'll get October thirty-first so if you have any cats that need fixed you call them 650 seven to nine seven and they will give you an ID number you called the vet with that and you can get them spayed or neutered for twenty-five dollars it's that easy and that quick you know the animals in here a huge result of overpopulation not spaying and neutering none of these guys want to be here it's nice as it is they don't I mean this is not where they want to be so make sure to get your cats fixed they're not old enough or something like that call em they can get you a voucher so I mean there's absolutely no reason not to get your kitty cats fixed that kittens are adorable and they're fun but it's just not enough homes for mall and they all deserve one so now enough enough preach end that's good how do I just hit my knee buddy all right look at this big guy you're like a la can wait tiger lion

Chuckie sharpies just a baby six months old super playful super wants out Simon is new and I really like him he's gorgeous and just kind of shy right now little scared but he's sweet and if you just look at his eyes they're so beautiful it's very sweet loco Trish she's not Loco at all she's very sweet it was laying in that tiny little milk yeah and she's very cool she's considered a dilute calico she's got tan on her chin and on her chest and on her feet she looks like a russian blue at first glance but with that it's all Mountain tan it would be GP bite primarily blue but dilute calico these guys just went on the news they're calling them Mickey Minnie and goofy Carmen she's very sweet she's another one of my favorites they're all my favorite but she is so sweet oops I was looking at her I didn't realize I wasn't video she's just so sweet and so nice Robin Robin came here as a pregnant mom went to foster had her babies did her mom we duties and then she's back in the shelter so that kind of goes full circle circle to not enough homes spaying and neutering you know

commitment if you're gonna adopt I mean it's important to think about your financial situation in your home situation if you rent and you're going to be moving and you know it's possible your new place won't allow pets you know it's best just to wait until you're just a hundred percent sure that you can give them a forever home I know things come up and things happen more kittens their little piglets they love their canned food kincaid your canned food what oh boy oh my goodness tipsy she's new one she the middle aged so oh look at that tongue she see that tugging you know he was sound asleep orchha so she's gonna be a little less active she's gonna need a little less you know stimulation and daily play versus the kittens or Sharky they're gonna need a lot of interaction and fun things to do oh and my dear sucks my sweet socks hi hi my sweet girl you eating meat okay so every cave is full and then there is a stray side to the shelter that people don't see there are cats over there you know the only the only option is to send a farm homes in you know these cats are all endorsed they weren't loving indoor

families so consider them kitsy socks princess kittens Robin Carmen logo Minnie Mickey goofy Shecky Simon mocha Java stropping tika yeah but look at his cheeks my hair off of his cheeks um mama cedar and pine enable these three and Prince so come adopt and take advantage of that positive partners campaign you know if you ever need financial assistance you can call them at any time but this is something that is a huge reduced rate so call them $25 get it done it's healthier for your cat reduces cancer reduces a Gretchen behavioral problems and it stops overpopulation so have a good weekend