12 August 2019

#walking my dog 🐕

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I'm sorry guy that camera just died on

us so we have to get a new one so I'm we're back worth the we were still outside mm-hmm we were just so we were out side and then we went back in the house to get into camera they cut that one down I'm more charge on it right now so we can you bet tomorrow and there is our baby brother at the window we're not going to show you well we're going to show you our baby brother right now so let's show you him okay she didn't yet either a brother he's behind the screen so we're gonna go back over there because all right we're still walking her dog coochie damn dope yeah or P D number two or one yeah she only P but worth like I did our brother we're gonna take her out for a long time Oh mom someone text me but I'm not gonna answer it cuz I'm not gonna hang up on you guys someone texts me on my phone Oh [Music] Oh the mosquito didn't you see that little mosquito on you you know on my sister guys I'm gonna show you the grass cut this grass look kind of beautiful in Kandahar are these doing this are you singing that okay that's enough slow which is outside guess I'm wearing a dress hey Mari where

is it going okay we're not gonna hurt you Marcus we don't know where he goes he goes to the basketball court we think like he's going to dress okay we're gonna go wow he did - yes he's go he's stopping her from the mirror I see if he can come on play basketball with him what fine come you said he hoped that you know the what oh my gosh you didn't go to a mentor a ring hey Mari that's not a mayor's house I hope he knows that she didn't use the bathroom so so we're back in the half well 20 I'm Paul to show this so I am positive but now we're back in the house see my big brother [Music] she's still trying to another talk cuz he's one I just got that from putting the baby up back okay